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bedroom with sloping ceiling

The sky is the limit! Attic apartments have numerous advantages, for example the great view that the highest apartment in the house often has to offer or no neighbors above you. In addition, attic apartments are often even brighter than apartments on the lower floors. The price for this luxury, however, is sloping ceilings, which can be a challenge when furnishing. But in the bedroom you can make ideal use of sloping ceilings to sleep directly under the stars. We’ll show you how to get the most out of this space. Get inspired!

Depending on the angle and size of the room, sloping ceilings can be a challenge when it comes to furnishing and design. The sloping wall reduces the distance to the ceiling and prevents large pieces of furniture, such as the wardrobe, from finding space. But don’t worry, you can also create a functional and stylish bedroom with a sloping ceiling! We have prepared 10 tips and the most beautiful products for you so that you can design your dream bedroom.

It is particularly important to ensure airy space in rooms with a few square meters. With bright colors you bring exactly this into your bedroom. This applies to the walls as well as to furniture and textiles. Dark wall colors can make the room appear smaller, while colored sloping ceilings create an oppressive atmosphere. In addition, as an attic resident, you are familiar with the heat under the roof in midsummer – sunlight is reflected better by light colors and the rooms do not heat up as much.

Windows are often set into sloping roofs. Use this to place your bed underneath! On the one hand, this saves space on walls without slopes so that larger furniture can be placed there. On the other hand, you can lie down to sleep under the starry sky and be right next to the source of fresh air – wonderful!

Storage space and sloping ceilings are not the most promising combination. Often a large wardrobe doesn’t even fit under the sloping walls. Here it is actually worth taking a closer look at the ruler: custom-made chests of drawers and cupboards under a slant offer plenty of space for everything you need. Alternatively, narrow modular furniture of different heights, which starts at knee height, is ideal. They can be arranged to save space and fit precisely .

Cluttered rooms absorb a lot of light, especially because these rooms usually only have a few windows. This can make such a dark room seem smaller and flatter. That’s why a well-thought-out lighting concept is key! Due to the mostly low ceiling height, lights that are mounted directly under the ceiling are particularly suitable here , as hanging lamps pose a risk of impact. Indirect lighting at different heights and areas makes the room appear more spacious and friendly – floor and table lamps are ideal here.

An always valuable tip is to leave open spaces in the room. These make the room appear visually more spacious. The same applies to delicate and small furniture. The dimensions of the furnishings and space make the difference here and also create new possibilities for furnishing.

Every room can benefit from effectively used wall decorations. Accented areas draw the eye and emphasize different corners in the bedroom. Depending on your furnishing style, you can use boho elements such as dream catchers or macramé or pictures, wall shelves and decorative objects.

You know best which bed model suits you and your sleeping habits best. However, when choosing a bedroom with a sloping ceiling, you should rather choose flat models if the bed is to be under the sloping ceiling. Futon-style beds are therefore ideal, but box spring beds are not, simply because of their height. If you choose a bed of normal height, choose versions with integrated storage space. In any case, you should measure the height of the headboard and make sure that it fits under the slope.

Tip : You can use wide pillows as an alternative to the headboard.

sloping ceiling

If you want colored walls in the bedroom with a sloping ceiling, then nothing stands in the way – provided the room is not too narrow or small. The colored wall should ideally be one of the high walls . The areas under the knee and the sloping edges are not suitable for wall design with color, as this makes the room lose its spaciousness. However, if your room is large enough, you can create a cozy corner with a colored slant .

sloping ceiling

What many people particularly appreciate about a bedroom with a sloping ceiling is the coziness. You can support them when setting up with furniture and decorative elements made from natural materials . Different types of wood, rattan or textiles made from linen and cotton work particularly well. The icing on the cake is plants, bouquets of flowers or branches in vases.

An extra that works just as well in other small rooms such as the living room, kitchen or bathroom are mirrors. They reflect light, making the room appear brighter and therefore larger. Mirrors with organic shapes and beautiful frames have a very decorative effect. You are now asking yourself: mirror in the bedroom? YES! Find out in our article whether mirrors are good or bad for sleep and get inspired by the most beautiful models for the bedroom.

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