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decoration tips for older homes

10 Genius Decoration Tips & Ideas for Older Homes

For many interior lovers, older homes are the epitome of a dream apartment. High ceilings, beautiful parquet floors and stucco on the ceiling: the charming apartments are a popular treasure among real estate. But what is the best way to furnish an old homes? The possibilities are almost endless – classic elements fit in just as well as a modern living style. That’s why we’ll show you the 10 most beautiful ideas and best tips that will make furnishing older homes really easy. Transform your home into an interior dream now!

Older homes are usually characterized by spacious, high rooms with a ceiling height of around four meters as well as decorations such as stucco, double doors and large windows that bring a lot of brightness into the rooms. Another typical feature is the old wooden planks used as floor coverings.

High ceilings and large windows also ensure that the rooms are flooded with light. Older homes also often have their advantages in terms of location. There is no legal regulation as to the year of construction from which a house is considered an old building. As a rule, however, properties that were built before 1949 are referred to as old buildings. However, even buildings that are 60-70 years old can hardly be described as “new buildings”.

The most common defects in old apartments include outdated building technology, inadequate heat and sound insulation, damp basements and exterior walls and leaky roofs. In addition, old lead water pipes, hazardous materials and unsafe power cables cannot meet today’s standards.

Typically, those buildings that have specific features that are no longer used in new buildings are referred to as old buildings. These include, for example, certain wooden beams, a room height of more than three meters, stucco decorations, floorboards or masonry walls. The walls are often particularly characteristic and can be up to five meters high. However, for reasons of energy efficiency, these elements are rarely implemented these days. Tenancy law also refers to all buildings built up to 1949 as old buildings.

If you want to furnish an apartment in an old building, there are a few things to consider beforehand. Despite the diverse design options, some of the special features are of course also a challenge. There can often be problems when attaching shelves, pictures or large wall decorations. The reason for this is the low load-bearing capacity, which makes some old building ideas a little more complicated to implement.

The solution : If you want to install heavy shelves, you can stabilize the wall with an additional wall. Another option is to stick pictures on the wall instead of drilling holes.

The floor plan of the popular apartments can also pose a challenge when furnishing. Awkwardly cut corners and niches sometimes make it difficult to place a piece of furniture. In most cases, these inaccessible areas can still be put to practical use with a little creativity. For example, fit a shelf into a niche and create storage space for books or other decorative items. This not only means you make optimal use of the space, but you also have a unique piece in your home that is tailored to your wishes and requirements.

Many old apartments have the advantage of large windows, which ensure rooms are flooded with light. Take advantage of this huge advantage! You should avoid dark, heavy curtains, at least in the living room. It’s better to go for light, light fabrics. The older homes offer the ideal environment for houseplants with which you can decorate your home stylishly.

Of course, some old apartments can also be rather dark. In this case, you should help with artificial light. Indirect light from floor lamps, table lamps and candles ensures an absolute feel-good atmosphere. You should also use light wall colors to bring more light into the old building.

Do you have high ceilings and beautiful stucco on the walls? Then you should definitely use this! Rely on large-format photographs or paintings or on a stylish picture wall. This gives your home the charm of an elegant art gallery. Or how about a homemade textured painting? This is particularly trendy at the moment and fits perfectly with the old building charm!

Extra tip: If the building structure does not allow hanging the pictures, you can also place them on the floor or on a chest of drawers.

Older homes can only have white walls? Absolutely not! You have a really easy time, especially in bright apartments. Here you can let off steam creatively and also use unusual colors. How about a dark aubergine tone? Or you can choose elegant wallpapers with patterns that are a real eye-catcher when decorating an old building. Just make sure to only paint one wall, especially if the wall colors are dark.

Pretty unique! Anyone who wants a classic old building ambience and doesn’t want to miss out on the modern touch will feel at home with the American-inspired townhouse chic. The living style combines fresh colors, elegant design classics and modern details such as patterns and decorations to create a surprisingly contemporary mix of styles.

In the living room, we recommend a sprawling sofa in classic tones such as light gray, beige or cream. Place an abstract acrylic painting or a high-quality art print above it to integrate a modern element into the room. Timeless materials such as dark wood or travertine also look great here.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to incorporate bright colors into your interior when furnishing and decorating an old apartment. The mix results in a contemporary interpretation!

If you are furnishing an old building apartment and are still looking for inspiration for the right living style, then you have come to the right place. We have put together a few of our favorites for you that harmonize particularly well with old buildings. You will be surprised at how well a mix of styles is suitable for furnishing these beautiful apartments.

Glamorous living style

A real glam look is perfect for old building chic! Add high-quality materials such as velvet, dark wood and metals. You are also welcome to use feminine colors such as cream or pink. Combined with the high ceilings and a dark parquet floor, an absolutely royal ambience is created.

Mid-century chic

Midcentury chic goes so well with decorating an old building because it also emphasizes a different decade. Thanks to modern shapes and bright colors, it still forms a sophisticated contrast to the classic old building. This skilful mix of styles creates a harmonious atmosphere with design character.

Scandi style

The Scandinavians rely on minimalist design, light colors and natural materials. This style of living is particularly suitable for decorating old buildings, as it remains discreetly in the background. With the Nordic interior you offer enough space to emphasize the high ceilings, the elaborate stucco and the characteristic herringbone parquet. A wonderful combination!

Do you love the classic and charming ambience of older homes, but live in a rather simple new building? We’ll show you how to combine both styles! With a few clever tips and tricks, you can transform your new apartment into a home with old-style chic:

  1. Stucco decorative elements for the ceilings and walls: Who would have thought that? Stucco can be easily integrated into a new apartment. The decoration of ceilings and walls is characteristic of opulent old apartments and can be replicated using stucco moldings made of Styrofoam. I’m sure no one will notice the difference. It is best to use special system adhesive to attach the stucco without damaging the material.
  2. Laying floorboards: Lay classic parquet to recreate the floorboards of an old apartment. Our tip: Choose a herringbone floor to emphasize the flair.
  3. Vintage wooden doors: Most new buildings have plain doors. If you don’t want to replace all the doors when setting up, there are other clever ways to recreate the look of an old apartment. Whether with Styrofoam frames, door tattoos in the so-called cassette look or shabby chic chalk paint: This is how you give the doors of your new apartment a popular vintage charm.

A real highlight for every old building apartment: timeless, elegant designer pieces such as a leather armchair or a high-quality vase. This perfectly reflects the elegant charm of the old building. Otherwise, you can decorate with restraint. Because less is simply more here! So consciously choose stylish individual pieces. This is also entirely in the spirit of sustainability.

A real classic for furnishing an old apartment: Art Nouveau! You too can rely on the stylish vintage furniture and decorative objects that give your home a playful look. So feel free to browse around in grandma’s basement, on online portals for used furniture or at the flea market. This turns your four walls into a particularly individual feel-good place!

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