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cozy living room

12 cool ideas for your cozy living room: furnish and feel good!

The living room is clearly the center of our home. The focus here is on sociable evenings with family and friends, but also on relaxing hours. So that you can really switch off and relax here, you need a cozy atmosphere. If you’re now wondering how you can make your living room more comfortable, you’ve come to the right place! Because we’ll give you simple ideas and show you beautiful products with which you can make your home cozy in no time.

A sofa rarely stands alone! It is better if it is accompanied by an armchair and a coffee table. The furniture looks particularly comfortable when arranged in groups. So nothing seems lost and no corner remains bare. Especially with large sofas, it is a good idea to place them in the center rather than against a wall. This is particularly useful in old building apartments that have less wall space due to large windows and more doors. Rearranging furniture is a simple trick that will make you feel more comfortable.

Choosing the right color for your living room can be a complicated matter. For relaxing hours on the couch, we recommend warm colors such as shades of beige, brown, red and orange. Strong colors such as green, blue and berry tones are suitable as accent tones. Ideally, two to three main colors dominate, which you use in the living room with decorations and furniture.

Would you like to set up a cozy living room? Then it’s time to go back to the basics! Because nature offers us lots of materials with which we can make our home comfortable. For a feeling of warmth and coziness, it’s best to choose living room furniture made of wood. Materials such as jute, wool, raffia, cotton or linen are also wonderfully suitable.

Cuddling time is the best time of the day! We prefer to spend the last few hours snuggled up on the sofa. Whether alone with a cup of tea and your favorite series or as a couple snuggled up in a wool blanket with your favorite person. Your personal lounge will be a highlight, especially with decorative pillows and blankets . It’s best to use cozy materials and a harmonious look. Another practical feature of home textiles: pillows and blankets can be redecorated depending on your mood.

Nothing makes a living room more comfortable than comfortable seating. That’s why they’re at the top of the shopping list when furnishing. Choose cozy armchairs and sofas made from soft materials. Our favorites also include stylish corner sofas that invite you to relax at any time. Perfect for this: comfortable stools or poufs to rest your legs on!

Nothing makes it easier to create coziness than with the right home textiles and carpets. Above all, a fluffy carpet under your feet is pleasant and therefore a real must-have. It is important that you choose the right size. You can find out how to choose the right carpet in our article. If in doubt, choose the larger version , as a rug that is too small often looks out of place. From a purely visual perspective, you are spoiled for choice: whether graphic patterns, fur rugs or simple short pile – your taste and furnishing style decides!

The ceiling light quickly provides enough light in every room. However, it is often not suitable for creating a cozy atmosphere. Because bright festive lighting makes it difficult to relax and unwind. It is better to rely on several indirect light sources that you distribute throughout your living room. Table and floor lamps as well as fairy lights are absolutely essential when furnishing the living room. Therefore, be sure to use several living room lamps.

It sounds extremely simple, but it is an effective trick for making your interior more comfortable: atmospheric lighting! Candlelight creates a homely feeling in the living room. So it’s high time to take the tea lights out of the drawers and decorate them in beautiful candle holders. Indirect light is the highlight for a cozy living room. However, make sure that you never leave flickering candles burning unattended!

To be honest: bare walls are anything but comfortable! That’s why you should focus on an individual wall design, especially in the living room. The room is also the perfect place to reveal a little of your personality. You can achieve this with photos of your family, your friends or your last dream vacation. The living room becomes a stylish gallery in no time! If you are more interested in art, you can bring individuality and cosiness into your living room with beautiful prints or canvas prints.

A cozy living room should do one thing above all else: relax! Body, mind and soul can relax here after a long day at work. Scented candles or room fragrances not only give your home a beautiful atmosphere, but also make your interior shine. So decorate so that you do something good for yourself! Beautiful coffee table books, vases or magazine holders are always a nice idea.

Do you have a rather small living room and are you wondering how you can make it more comfortable? It’s simple: keep the room tidy and tidy. Opaque storage options such as sideboards or dressers , but also poufs and stools with storage space are your everyday heroes. There is also additional storage space in the form of baskets or boxes in which you can store small items. Of course, you are welcome to keep your open shelf: it serves as a place for beautiful decorations!

cozy living room

If you want to furnish your cozy living room comfortably, you should make sure that it is bright and airy, especially in small rooms. Not only should you not overcrowd the small living room, but you should also keep the walls in a light, friendly tone. White, beige or light gray are a perfect choice as they give the room more brightness, making it appear larger. For larger living rooms, however, you can also use dark accents .

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