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12 Great Study Room Ideas

No matter whether for tax returns or for working a job: a working and studying remotely from home is becoming more and more common in our homes. Are you also self-employed or are you currently planning to furnish your own home office ? 

Or maybe you just want to bring a breath of fresh air into your office? A new beginning is always good – even if it is “just” your office equipment. In our articles you will find lots of useful information and tips on the topic of “study room ideas”. And you will see that with a tidy workplace you are much more productive and efficient!

Discover new trends and current news about style topics that will inspire you. Be inspired by our style experts and designers and benefit from generous discounts on exclusive themed sales.

Our most beautiful design ideas for the study room: The office, even if it is in your own home, should be a place where you can work in peace. But it should also be a real retreat for you where you can simply organize your thoughts. Choosing the right furniture and decoration is essential for the feel-good climate and the ambience in the room. With our furnishing study room ideas, implementation becomes child’s play. This way you can combine living and working!

Before you start setting up and decorating , you should make a rough plan. How big is your study room? Do you want to use the room alone or with several people? What style should the room be furnished in? Just sit down for a quiet moment and let your thoughts take control. Plus: It’s best to plan your study in a room where you have enough peace and quiet.

Office equipment can be chic and trendy and also represent your business acumen. Let’s start with the basics. In addition to a sufficiently large desk , you need a comfortable office chair and storage space in the form of shelves, chests of drawers or office cabinets . If you don’t have enough space, you can, for example, convert newspaper holders and hang them on the wall. 

It is important that the furniture is optimally tailored to you and your posture and can be adjusted to your height. We also recommend that you pay attention to quality when furnishing your study. The office furniture should not only look beautiful, but above all be stable and durable. You may also need a printer if, for example, you want to store documents or invoices in folders.

You should then ask yourself whether you want to receive customers or business partners in your office, for example. Then you should provide additional seating options in the form of armchairs, chairs or poufs. A wardrobe is also essential.

Tip: If you just want to give your office a stylish upgrade, think carefully about what office furniture you need or want to replace. A high-quality office chair, a stylish armchair – you can often achieve a big effect with small changes. At TUKA you can find beautiful office furniture at great prices! Also discover the selection of exclusive laptop tables!

In order to be able to work properly, you also need the right light at your study room. Too bright or too little light can quickly become stressful and lead to headaches. Studies have shown that we are most productive in daylight. This is because our biorhythm depends on sunlight. If you don’t have a free window, you can also use a daylight lamp to help. However, the daylight lamp should not be used at night, otherwise it will disrupt our biorhythm.

An absolute must-have is of course a desk lamp. If you wish, you can add a floor lamp or arc lamp in addition to your ceiling lamp. The need for lights obviously depends on the size of your room.

study room 
study room ideas

The spatial effect becomes particularly beautiful if you coordinate the colors of the office furnishings. And the choice of wall color also has a significant influence on the overall effect of the room. Dark wooden furniture gives the home office a rustic charm. Light colors often make rooms appear larger. Above all, make sure that you don’t clutter up your work space too much or mix things up too wildly. Because that could possibly distract you from work, and we definitely don’t want that. Be inspired by the tips for the right color scheme for the office in our article!

Think about what you need to be able to work in an organized manner. Writing pads, pens, file folders, Post-Its and whatever else you need. By the way: Office supplies not only have to be functional, but also stylish. The pen cup on the desk can be a designer piece, the adhesive tape dispenser can be unique, and the golden letter opener can also be beautifully presented.

The study room only becomes perfect with beautiful accessories. For example, put up a few plants. They are nice to look at and also ensure an improved indoor climate. You can give your workplace a personal touch with pictures, postcards or photos. Posters with motivational sayings in particular provide additional motivation. Rely on beautiful individual pieces such as beautiful porcelain storage boxes.

Storage space is important at work so that everything doesn’t end up in utter chaos. Cabinets and shelves are therefore indispensable and store books, documents, folders and files. Stored behind the cupboard doors, fronts or in crates and boxes , everything looks much tidier. If you occasionally research books or magazines for your work, a bookshelf is also ideal. In addition, it looks beautifully decorated and looks like an additional decorative accessory.

Extra tip: Keep the cables tidy too! Cable trays, cable ducts or cable boxes help here.

Often you not only use the study room for work, but also use it as a guest room. So that friends and family can stay comfortably here. So also think about a comfortable sofa bed if there is enough space in the room. And also benefit from the sofa! If you work a lot, you should relax every now and then. If you need a creative break from thinking, you can relax briefly on the sofa or take a short power nap. Then we continue with new ideas and strength!

We think the feel-good factor plays one of the most important roles when working. Ultimately, the indoor climate has a significant influence on our performance and ability to concentrate. Ventilation and green plants are just as important as humidity and air quality. 22°C is generally recommended as the optimal room temperature and the humidity should be between 30 and 60% .

Our tip: In order to improve the air quality, you should ventilate regularly. Incidentally, shock ventilation is much more efficient than leaving the window tilted all day long.

The old teachers recommend always choosing a seat with a wall behind you. Makes sense. You probably also know the feeling from your internship days, where you might have had to occupy the unpopular spot in the hallway. We just feel uncomfortable when someone can look over our shoulder. There are also room divider ideas with shelves or a screen. Sufficient light is also an absolute must for good work. Therefore, it is best to place your desk in front of a window. Daylight should never shine from behind – otherwise you will be easily blinded while working.

You probably know that too. It feels like you’ve only just gotten to work and it’s dark again. We usually spend a full eight hours a day at our workplace. It is obvious that this can have a negative impact on your health. The reasons for this are too little exercise and, above all, incorrect posture when sitting. By following our ergonomic tips, you can adapt your working atmosphere to your needs. The most important tips at a glance:

  • The desk should be at least 80 cm deep, 160 cm wide and 18-30 cm high.
  • Adjust your office chair so that your arms rest horizontally on the desk. Also make sure there is enough legroom under the table.
  • Your screen should be sufficiently large (approx. 24 inches).

Tip: A standing desk is a good option for anyone with back problems. Models that can be flexibly moved up and down are best.

Working effectively and meeting all obligations requires a suitable environment. So the decor and the atmosphere are very important. Thinking about bills and tax expenses is the least fun. But with successful decoration, these tasks become more enjoyable. We’ll show you the most beautiful options for your office furnishings:

  • Country house: A domestic atmosphere and cozy flair moves into the study with the country house style. The focus here is a robust desk made of solid wood. A secretary fits wonderfully into rural areas. A high wooden shelf for books and folders can decorate the wall here and a fur rug creates a cozy feel-good atmosphere. Fresh flowers in a vase on the desk add a beautiful splash of color and bring out the natural charm of the room.
  • Industrial style: If you prefer a somewhat cleaner working atmosphere, you can design the office in an industrial living style. The steel desk in silver or black is illuminated by a floodlight as a lamp, which directs all concentration to the work surface. White walls can be decorated with a large black board, where you can conveniently leave useful notes.
  • Glamor chic: Why not combine work with a little glamour? Shiny silver or gold shelves can create a wonderful combination with a white desk. Home accessories such as poufs or seat cushions on the floor create a cozy atmosphere. Framed pictures on the wall are highlighted by stucco and silver frames. The carpet can serve as a colorful highlight on the floor and thus provide the right amount of warmth in the study room. 

We hope our design ideas for your study room can help and inspire you. Do you only have a small study room in the house or even just a corner in the living room or bedroom? Then we have a reading tip for you. We have written our own article on the topic of setting up a small study room or office room. And we also have a shopping tip for you! In the TUKA you will find a separate page with all the products for a cool home office or study room ! Everybody will love your study room!


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