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13 Beautiful Decoration Ideas and Products: Decorate your apartment

Once furnished, the right decoration gives our home its individual charm, comfort and style. However, you shouldn’t just start decorating right now. There are actually some differences from room to room that you should take into account when decorating your apartment. After all, the decoration should be shown to its best advantage throughout your entire apartment. We will therefore tell you what is fundamentally important when decorating your four walls and have the most beautiful decoration ideas for you!

Decoration should not only look beautiful, but also be functional. First, you should think about styles, colors, textures, and patterns that will complement the rest of your furniture.

Choosing the right colors for your apartment is extremely important. They are crucial for emotions and moods. You can also add your appropriate color using creative wall design techniques. Wall decorations such as pictures, mirrors or wall clocks complement the look.

There are of course plenty of decoration styles such as Scandinavian style, minimalist style, vintage style or modern style. It is important to choose the decoration in style that matches the furniture, as already mentioned above. You can discover the current decoration trends in our article!

Our decoration ideas for the apartment:

  • Vases
  • Curtains
  • Decorative trays
  • Coffee table books
  • Candles and candlesticks
  • Murals
  • Mirror
  • Peel
  • Textiles such as pillows
  • Decorative storage solutions such as baskets

If you can’t decide on a specific decoration, then simply decorate your apartment by room. This gives you the advantage that you can design each room individually and get the best out of every four walls. To ensure that the look within your home still creates a harmonious overall picture, there should be a common thread running through every room. This can be a style, a color or even a special material.

The decoration in the living room should above all be cozy and practical. Because this room is used in so many different ways than any other room. Whether for fun game evenings, romantic togetherness or as a chat area with your best friend. In addition to the key pieces, such as the sofa and coffee table, it is above all the decoration that gives the room character and charm. Flowers, personal pictures, fluffy pillows and blankets belong in every living room. Curtains, on the other hand, provide privacy, protect against excessive sunlight and make the room appear more attractive.

Peace and relaxation! The bedroom serves as a place where dreams should have more space than stress and hectic pace. The decoration should also be accordingly. Stylish bed linen, decorative pillows and a bedspread skilfully round off the look of your bedroom. A bedside table serves particularly well as a practical storage space and can also be easily decorated with flowers, a table lamp or scented candles. If you’re not a fan of nightstands, you can leave them out and stack cool coffee table books instead. Looks stylish and can also be used as a decorative shelf.

Children love colorful and wild living! Therefore, your very personal kingdom should meet these requirements. Create a true children’s paradise with colorful bunting, soft carpets, bright wall colors and lots of toys. What no child’s room should be without: an XXL night lamp in the trendy Miffy look. So that the decoration doesn’t look too overwhelming, you should limit yourself to two to three colors. But you can combine these with each other in different nuances. Of course, crafting is also allowed!

Since the bathroom is used more practically, the decoration in the bathroom is often neglected here. With appropriate bathroom textiles, scented candles and pretty woven baskets, you can conjure up a completely new look in just a few seconds. Small wall shelves made of wood or metal also offer storage space that you can use with stylish storage baskets for your small items. Towels and bath mats that harmonize with each other complete the decoration in your bathroom.

Just like the bathroom, the kitchen is sometimes lost when it comes to decoration. Although a few things can be ideally displayed there: a beautiful fruit bowl, a pretty flower vase or even crockery as decoration in a display case .

The entrance area is the business card of your apartment. Impress your guests with a stylish knack for decoration in just these few square meters. In the video, our interior experts tell you how to create pretty highlights and give you five tips for decorating your hallway.

You can decorate according to the room, but you don’t have to! Some decorations are also ideal for multiple rooms. Above all, table decoration is the supreme discipline and a particularly important decorative element in the dining room or living room. Our interior experts will give you great tips and tricks on how you can decorate your apartment atmospherically.

When it comes to decoration, the dining table is often forgotten. Stop it! The table decoration is just as important for a harmonious overall picture as the decoration on the chest of drawers or on the wall. Especially if you have a large table, a nice decoration is a great idea. Give your dining area a harmonious ambience in just a few simple steps. Textiles such as table runners, placemats or a tablecloth are ideal for this. Candles provide warmth and coziness and are a must, especially in the dark season. 

Colorful flowers not only provide the necessary freshness on the festive table in spring. Of course, a dining table can also be beautifully presented seasonally. Small decorative pumpkins are popular accessories in autumn. In winter, however, fragrant pine branches and nuts are great. and in summer you can breathe a pure holiday feeling into your table decorations with palm leaves and colorful glasses.

Green houseplants or fresh flower bouquets are not only pretty to look at, they also look pretty good as decoration anywhere in the home. This is mainly because the plants give the room freshness and liveliness. Some green plants not only look beautiful, but also ensure a better indoor climate. If you don’t have enough space for green plants, you can stylishly let your new roommates dangle from the ceiling in a hanging basket. And you can then arrange the colorful spring bouquet in a matching vase on a dresser or coffee table. Find out in the video how you can elegantly decorate your apartment with all kinds of flower vases.

Light is particularly important for a cozy atmosphere. To ensure that your four walls become a comfortable place of peace and relaxation, candles and indirect light sources are highly recommended. Fairy lights that provide a touch of illumination are particularly beautiful in the bedroom and living room. Candles, on the other hand, are simply wonderful in the bathroom. If you don’t have a fireplace but want to add a romantic touch to your living room, decorate your dresser or console with a sea of ​​candles. Now just snuggle up on the sofa and enjoy the warm comfort.

Classic, modern or elegant? When it comes to Christmas decorations, we ask ourselves the same question every year. How do we decorate the apartment so that the Christmas spirit can unfold? The living room in particular is often decorated seasonally with fir branches, fairy lights, Christmas motifs and Christmas tree balls. But the table decorations in the dining room should definitely not be neglected either. As soon as Christmas is around the corner, do you need a little inspiration for your festive table? 

A gallery wall is not only a good way to present your favorite photos, but also makes an excellent decoration on the wall. To ensure that the look appears elegant and modern, you should make sure that the individual motifs are arranged symmetrically. If you want to place your pictures in the picture frame casually on the chest of drawers and lean them against the wall, an individual arrangement is also perfect.

Can your couch use a little more pizzazz? Then visually enhance the good piece with various decorative pillows. A color family, different patterns and sizes combined and good distribution are half the battle. Then loosen up the look with plain-colored cushions – your professional sofa styling is done!

Decorating your apartment: our tips

There are endless decorations for your own four walls, but you also need a knack for it! If you want to spruce up your rooms without a decoration concept, a lot can go wrong. Our living experts will give you helpful tips and tell you the best rules for a beautiful home.

  • It’s all in the mix! Always decorate in odd numbers , as this looks particularly harmonious.
  • For a harmonious overall picture, you should stick to the skyline concept . You can arrange your decorations on the chest of drawers  or decorate the shelf at different heights.
  • Use the decoration to skilfully pick up the color world of the furnishings or your furniture and thus underline the ambience.
  • No decoration without suitable lighting . Various lighting elements are part of the decoration concept, as are fresh flowers and cushions.
  • Create contrasts by mixing light and dark shades together. You can also combine different materials that might not necessarily go together at first glance. Because overall you give your room the necessary charm.
  • Pictures on the wall are great decoration, but they can quickly look confusing. Therefore, think about a suitable collage arrangement in advance and mark it accordingly.
  • To ensure harmony in your four walls, you should pay attention to the color composition. Mix a maximum of three colors together, otherwise the look will quickly appear overloaded.
  • Use individual elements of the decoration more often. This can then be continued as a common thread throughout the entire apartment.
  • Less is more! One special eye-catcher per room is enough.
  • Decorate according to the melon rule. This states that home accessories should not be smaller than a melon .

Check color ideas here.

Basically, when it comes to decorating your home, everything revolves around the golden mean. Here it is important to find the balance and thus a good mix of colors, shapes and dimensions. To ensure that your decoration is convincing across the board, you should definitely avoid these mistakes:

  • Decorate too much or too little
  • Using too many or too few colors
  • Use only dark colors
  • Do not use lighting decoratively
  • Focus on quantity instead of quality

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Our tips for decorating your apartment have convinced you and you want to give your four walls a new look? Then you will find a nice selection of home accessories in our online shop . Simply click through our range from the comfort of your sofa and secure your new favorite pieces. Have fun browsing, shopping and decorating!


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