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living room ideas

20 Beautiful Living Room Ideas that will inspire you!

The living room is the most important room in our home and is the center of being together. This is where you can relax after a stressful day at work, put your feet up, watch your favorite series or receive guests. That’s why the furnishings in the living room are particularly important. But how do you make the room modern, cozy, stylish and functional at the same time? Discover our living room ideas for beautiful living rooms and be inspired by the different colors, furnishing styles and images!

Choosing the right colors and combinations is crucial for a beautiful living room that suits your taste. This is how you create the atmosphere you want to create in the room. Colors trigger different moods when viewed . We’ll show you timeless classics and stylish color trends for your new favorite room!

Tip: Discover different color worlds to set up by color and find out, for example, which color goes with blue, green, gray or orange.

warm color living room ideas

Warm colors such as brown, gold and terracotta as well as noble materials in gold make the living room cozy. The number of pieces of furniture can be a little smaller. Stylishly showcase a cozy sofa in a soft beige with delicate brown tones . Light furniture made of glass looks particularly beautiful. In order not to overload the room, the walls should be kept in a simple white or delicate beige.

living room black

Do you love a minimalist look and industrial style? Then black and white combinations are just right for your home. Furniture in white harmonizes perfectly with individual accents in black – preferably made of black metal. These contrasts loosen up the ambience. If the mix of black and white is too harsh for you, you can also mix cream, gray or wood tones.

living room ideas

A living room in gray looks timeless and elegant. To create a harmonious ambience, you can combine different shades of gray with each other. Use black and white as an accent decoration. Silver highlights, such as a mirrored coffee table, also bring liveliness to the room. If the look is too tone-on-tone for you, you can add a splash of color to the room with fresh flowers . You can find out which colors go perfectly with gray in our article!

living room ideas

Who says a light sofa looks too sterile? With the right decorative accessories, the white color looks calm and yet cozy. For an elegant ambience, it is best to combine high-quality materials such as marble or travertine , for example in the form of a coffee table. Even small details in gold are a real eye-catcher in the white living room!

living room ideas

Courage for color! Make a cool statement in your living room with furniture, accessories or the color of the walls. Blue velvet cushions look particularly glamorous. Gold or silver decoration completes the look. To ensure that the blue living room does not become too dark, you should ensure there is enough light . You can find out which questions fit blue in our article!

living room ideas

Green in the living room has an invigorating and calming effect at the same time. The ideal color for this room! It’s best to choose a dark shade of green that can be easily combined with other colors. You can find out which colors go best with green in our article!

living room ideas

A living room dream in pink – makes the hearts of romantics beat faster immediately. However, in combination with gray, the feminine tone doesn’t look too kitschy. Carefully selected decoration in gold ensures a round overall picture. So that it doesn’t get too playful, the wall can stay white!

There are many furnishing styles. There is something for every taste! But how do you find the perfect living style for yourself? We have put together our top favorites for you. The best thing: you can combine different living styles at any time. Get inspired!

living room ideas

Living ideas with clear shapes? Fans of Nordic straightforwardness will get their money’s worth. A minimalist living room in a modern Scandi look combines functionality with coziness. For even more coziness, you can add a comfortable armchair to your sofa. A wooden coffee table brings warmth into the room. Light also plays a central role here: rooms with large, high windows are perfect.

An absolute trend piece for your living room is a marble-look coffee table! The models are much lighter than the delicate natural stone and are simply perfect for a modern-style interior. Many interior fans are totally enthusiastic about this classic furnishing style and also use it to furnish their bedrooms, kitchens or children’s rooms. In large rooms, such reduced furnishings naturally look even more elegant.

living room ideas

A living room with a boho look is a cozy retreat in soft earth tones and natural materials . Wool, leather and jute in particular are essential materials for the style. A comfortable sofa is a real must-have. The casual boho look is rounded off with stylish dried flower decorations, carpets and textiles. Furnish, decorate, feel good!

living room ideas

The natural country house style is based primarily on friendly colors, wooden furniture and playful patterns such as flowers or checks. This rustic oasis of well-being conjures up a charming atmosphere, so that you immediately feel like you are in a cozy cottage .

A modern living-dining room scores above all with its spaciousness. This is ensured by a simple furnishing style that still looks cozy thanks to green plants and natural materials. Accents in dark green as well as abstract art or decoration are also particularly stylish .

In addition to the right style and beautiful colors, the materials also play an important role in the coziness and feel-good atmosphere in your living room. We have put together our favorites for you:

Natural materials : In the trendy boho look, but also for many other furnishing styles, natural materials are the be-all and end-all. Because jute, cotton, linen and the like immediately conjure up a relaxed atmosphere in which you can really relax.

Solid wood : Solid wood brings warmth to any room. If you are committed to sustainability, furniture made from local wood is a real must. Wooden shelves, tables, sideboards, etc. are an enrichment for rustic living rooms. Soft colors such as gray or beige as well as earth tones such as green and brown go best with this. Candles, lanterns and floor lamps provide the right lighting.

Cozy textiles : Nothing is cozier than pillows and blankets! Done correctly, the cozy material also fits perfectly into a beautiful, modern living room. Small faux fur rugs, cozy decorative pillows and plaids and even stools with bouclé covers are best suited for this.

Depending on whether you have a large or small living room , there are a few special features to consider. For example, you should pay attention to brightness in small rooms, while dark wall colors ensure coziness in large rooms. We have put together further tips for you here:

Small but nice! Especially when there is little space, you should always make sure to keep things tidy. Multifunctional furniture and furniture with storage space are also essential. You can find many more tips and tricks for furnishing a small apartment or a 1-room apartment in our articles!

Do you have a lot of space available? Great! Then you also have lots of options for designing your living room. The only important thing is that the room doesn’t look too bare and empty . Your furniture can therefore be slightly larger and placed in the middle of the room. Darker colors are also a nice idea to make the large living room modern and cozy.

Well, in what style will you furnish and design your living room? We hope we could inspire you! Have fun shopping, furnishing and styling your home!

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