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green living room

5 important reasons why you should decorate your living room in green

Soothing, refreshing and liberating – where is the best place to recharge your batteries and really clear your head? Exactly, in nature! You can bring exactly this feeling home with a living room in green. For example, with a green sofa, a wall color in shades of green or with fine decorative elements in your new favorite color. We’ll tell you here what effect green has in your living room, what colors go with it and give you great inspiration for your own four walls. Get inspired!

Green is a color that we associate with life and nature. It is known for its invigorating and harmonizing effects. Since the color green consists of yellow and blue, it impresses with a wide variety of different shades – from lime green, sage, khaki to fir green. The feeling of security also makes the sound perfect for the bedroom, children’s room or bathroom. You can also find out what influence they and other colors have on your body and your well-being in our article on color psychology.

What color goes with green? Depending on which color you combine green with, the color can appear very different. What is striking is that it really allows for a multitude of combinations. We’ll now tell you our favorites for the living room:

  • Natural combination: For a calming and natural ambience in a green living room, it is best to choose an olive or reed shade. Mix these with elements in beige, warm wooden furniture and natural fabrics to create an incredibly relaxed atmosphere
  • Modern and stylish: Neutral colors such as gray and white accentuate a green sofa or green accessories particularly well – the room looks fresh and elegant. In particular, cooler shades of green with a high proportion of blue, such as mint or sage, harmonize with light gray or white
  • Cool mix: The situation is similar with blue. The cold tone also harmonizes perfectly with icier green tones. A sofa in mint, for example, is presented in a very modern way with cushions and decorative elements in different shades of blue
  • Warm colors: Shades of green with a high proportion of yellow, such as hunter green, go well with warm tones such as beige or curry. So much natural power gives every living room an inviting and warm atmosphere
  • Metallic highlights: It looks the same with gold – the warm metallic tone is a great addition to any living room in green. To ensure that the overall impression does not appear too overwhelming, delicate accessories such as a lamp or vase in gold are the perfect choice when furnishing. A gold-colored floor lamp in front of a khaki-colored wall – simply gorgeous!

Nature shows us how diverse the range of possible shades of green is. The color green cannot therefore be clearly described as cold or warm. Their effect is always a question of the exact mixture. By combining cold blue with warm yellow, the green varies depending on the mixing ratio.

A blue-tinged green appears cooler, whereas a yellow-tinged green radiates cozy warmth. Therefore, depending on your personal taste and the type of room, a different shade of green is suitable for the wall. We’ll tell you our favorite green wall colors:

Sage green

A noble sage green is particularly suitable for the furnishing and design of your living room. The mix of green and gray gives the color a delicate and gentle touch. Sage green creates a pleasant atmosphere both as a wall color and as a furniture color and, above all, makes even small rooms appear larger.  

Light green

A very light green, often veering towards yellow, is particularly life-affirming and radiant. With this tone you can conjure up the fresh feeling of nature perfectly in the living room. A light green is also ideal as a pattern wallpaper, for example in a tropical style – you can hardly get more of an urban jungle feeling.


Khaki is an absolute classic. Depending on the light, it appears in a completely different shade. A mixture of olive, green-yellow and a touch of brown makes khaki so popular in interiors. The muted tone is particularly popular as a wall color, thanks to its relaxing and reserved effect.


One of the trendy tones on Instagram and Co. is and remains mint. The delicate tone appears more greenish or bluish, depending on the mixture. But it always has a cool note that makes it so refreshing and modern . Whether in a boho style, purist with black and white or with pastel – mint is wonderfully versatile as a wall color!

Dark forest green

A dark forest green is a clever eye-catcher on the living room wall. Against the rich tone, unique wooden furniture, including antiques, comes into its own. A wonderful ensemble with golden accents that exudes a lot of elegance. Perfect for a large living room!

Boho, Scandi or rather industrial? No matter what style you have, one thing is clear: green looks wonderful with all styles. Sometimes very soft, dark or natural – the nuance is crucial here.

  • In the Scandi style, for example, calm tones such as gray, white and beige play a role. A cool, muted green perfectly underlines this modern yet cozy touch. For example, mint or sage with white decorative elements and light wooden furniture look very refreshing
  • Casual and so informal – the boho style exudes naturalness and warmth. Accordingly, you can also choose green for the living room here. Khaki or olive set the tone here. The natural materials and wild patterns are simply fantastic! And one thing shouldn’t be missing here: plants. The urban jungle spirit is an integral part of the boho style and perfectly picks up on the green in your living room
  • Untreated wood, lots of metal and glass – the industrial style is one of the trend topics. For an urban feeling and an inviting overall impression, dark, rich green tones are the best choice. Petrol or fir green harmonize well with the somewhat rough look and breathe more liveliness into it
  • The glamor look is characterized by shiny surfaces in gold, fine materials and dark jewel tones. A petrol-colored velvet sofa and a deep green wall paired with gold decorative pieces – wow! Art Deco at its finest

Homely, lively and incredibly refreshing – we clearly give these living rooms the green light. With our products you can easily restyle them. Get inspired by the following five looks – for your living room in green

Look 1: Dark green couch for a modern, elegant living room

green living room design ideas
green living room design ideas

This sofa in dark green is an absolutely timeless eye-catcher. Together with the soft gray carpet, the result is a very modern look that is still not lacking in coziness. Simple works of art on the wall are the icing on the cake.

Look 2: The feel-good living room in light green

green living room design ideas

This look doesn’t just make the animal roommates happy! We are also completely in love with the casual light green wall color. Combined with bright home accessories and wooden furniture, the result is an ambience that makes you feel good. Small accessories in boho style and lots of green plants play their part.

Look 3: Sage green and gray as a real dream combination

green living room design ideas
green living room design ideas

Few colors go together as well as cool sage green and casual gray! The trendy shade of green is simply heavenly, especially as a wall color . Together with a few wooden elements and lots of home textiles, the cozy factor in the living room is not lost.

Look 4: Elegant restraint in the green living room

green living room design ideas
green living room design ideas

Simple, modern and simply very elegant: This living room in green is suitable for all minimalists who find black and white too boring in the long run! The natural color also brings a touch of nature into the room, which gives the overall picture more warmth.

Look 5: Playful living room in pink and dark green

green living room design ideas

If you like it a little more colorful, you can combine green with soft pink or yellow in the living room. This creates a playful and at the same time modern space in which you can let off steam creatively. How about, for example, a few unusual patterns as eye-catchers?

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