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living room with wood

Naturally cozy: These are the most 7 beautiful living room ideas with wood!

Do you also love the feeling of walking in the forest and discovering different trees? Numerous studies have now shown that such a walk in the forest is particularly healthy and reduces stress. How practical that you can easily bring this closeness to nature, warmth and coziness into your living room! Because with wooden furniture, decorative accessories, wooden floors or even walls you can bring the forest effect home. Convinced? Then let yourself be inspired by our numerous living room ideas with wood!

Whether wooden floorboards, wall panels, ceiling cladding, solid wooden furniture or wooden decorative elements: the natural material definitely enhances your home. But there are other reasons that speak for the wooden living room:

1. Relax perfectly

Wood has a calming and stress-reducing effect. Your wooden living room will become an oasis of comfort and peace.

2. Ideal room climate

Real wood continues to breathe even when processed into living room furniture. This means that it absorbs excess moisture from the air and slowly releases it again. Wooden elements create a naturally healthy indoor climate in the living room.

3. The right tree for every taste

Wood is a particularly versatile material. You can play with different types of wood, colors and grains. You will therefore find the right wood and the right wooden furniture for every living style and every living room.

4. Antibacterial

Some types of wood have a natural antibacterial effect. Bacteria practically have no chance on surfaces made of maple, beech, spruce, poplar and especially pine! This is a real advantage, especially in households with children and animals.

5. Allergy friendly

Solid wood furniture is not electrostatic. This means that pollen and dust are not attracted like other materials. So allergy sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief!

6. Easy cleaning

Solid wood furniture is particularly easy to care for and easy to clean. You can simply wipe your floor, table or lowboard at any time (just not too wet). You should only treat the surfaces with oil about once a year.

7. Durable material

Wood is timeless and also durable. With the right care, you can actually live with your solid wood furniture for a lifetime. Wood never goes out of fashion.

In order to integrate wood and therefore more nature into your living room, you don’t have to renovate and lay a new floor straight away. It doesn’t always have to be the rustic chalet style. Because wood can also flow very subtly into your preferred living style.

The best way to do this is with high-quality and modern wooden furniture. For example, there is the solid wooden table , which looks great in any living-dining room. Or you can bring a coffee table , a bench or a wooden shelf into the room. If you want to slowly get to grips with the popular natural material, you can use lamps, accessories or other decorative elements.

In addition to the cabin look, wood can also come in a modern, cool or even luxurious style . Because with the different types of wood, grains and colors, there really is something for everyone. So let yourself be inspired by our ideas for your living room with wood !

Natural materials such as wood, but also rattan, stone, cotton, linen, leather and clay are typical of the country house style. Just like craftsmanship: turned wooden furniture brings real country charm to your living room. Antiques, heirlooms and flea market treasures fit into the country house living room just as much as new wooden furniture with a vintage look. Rely on playful details such as cassette doors on the cupboard or decorative milling on the chest of drawers.

Typical types of wood for the country house style are spruce and pine , each in a natural tone or painted white. But oak or wild oak are also often used. Characteristic furniture for the country house style is often reminiscent of old farm furniture. But you can still combine them with modern, timeless pieces.

Scandi style in three words? Bright, simple and natural! A classic Scandinavian living room is characterized by light wood and straight lines. Simple solid wood furniture made of pine, beech or oak brings the hygge feeling optimally into your living room.

Slanted foot solutions give the pieces of furniture a visual lightness. You can also combine wooden chairs, armchairs, tables and chests of drawers with other natural materials such as fur , cotton, linen, stone or ceramic . A special feature of Scandi chic is the color combination of white and light wood . This means that the living room exudes naturalness and comfort, but also remains fresh and modern.

Timeless solid wood furniture, such as beech and core beech , brings luxury into your living room. The pieces are particularly beautiful with clear shapes and visible curved grain. Also pay attention to harmonious handles, beautiful foot solutions and, above all , high-quality, durable materials . Then wood goes perfectly with a tidy style that you will enjoy for a long time!

Solid wood looks ideal in this furnishing idea with a calm color concept and similarly high-quality materials. For example, you can create a basic mood of gray, white, black and beige with accents of rich red, blue or green. Decorative pillows are ideal for this. You can combine tried-and-tested classics such as a leather armchair or a dining table made of solid wood with timeless statement pieces – for example a coffee table made of glass or a solid sideboard.

The industrial style thrives on rough, rugged and coarse surface textures. Rough metal, stone and wood feel create the natural charm of the living style. Furniture with a straight design made of natural wood is best combined with cool steel or bare stone.

Details such as screws, pipes or gears are intentionally left visible. Many solid wood furniture is also made of wild oak and also has a used look . What characterizes this cool style is, on the one hand, the naturalness and, on the other hand, the simple design.

Wood from floor to ceiling: What do you have to think about now? A sauna? The ski hut? Understandable – but the all-wood look is now getting an update. Because the wooden living room can also shine with modern elegance ! To do this, you should follow a simple trick: combine wooden floors, wall panels and ceilings with lots of glass as well as furniture with a reduced design, high-quality materials and clear lines.

In order for the natural beauty of the material to be optimally showcased, wood needs light and space . So if your apartment is made entirely of wood, you should make sure there is enough daylight or well-distributed lighting. Let a wooden wall unit appear simple instead of hanging, covering or blocking it up. The look goes better with minimalist and calm furnishings .

If you complement white with the wood look , you really can’t go wrong. The combination always seems fresh and friendly. If you’re brave, choose furniture in bright red or intense green. Or you can even mix different shades and types of wood together. However, this requires some sensitivity: pay attention to a harmonious overall picture and not overload the room with too many wood tones.

2fotoNo matter what style of living you live in, what type of wood you like best and what colors you combine: with wooden decorations you can round off your look perfectly. Even if you don’t want to replace the floor or all of the furniture right away, natural wooden accents make the small but subtle difference. Because they bring a subtle coziness to every room.

On the wall, a clock, picture frame, picture rail or wooden wall decoration are real eye-catchers. Here too you are spoiled for choice: you can go for the classic combination of white with wood tones, or you can place the wooden decorations on a colored wall.

Another way to bring more nature into your living room: small wooden side furniture. Wooden panels, bowls, candle holders or figurines also look particularly beautiful on tables, sideboards, chests of drawers or coffee tables. Combine these with vases, lanterns for candles and accessories made from natural materials such as stone, clay or cork. Super cozy!

Solid wood furniture is timeless and long-lasting – provided it is properly cared for. Then you can even pass them on for generations! To ensure that your wood care is successful, we have prepared the best tips for you here:

  • Protect : If you place sharp-edged, hot or wet objects on the wooden surface without protection, you have to expect blemishes and stains. So treat your wooden pieces of jewelry carefully and treat them with oil, wax or varnish.
  • Cleaning : Harsh and abrasive cleaning agents leave visible damage. With a dry duster, however, you can get rid of loose dirt quickly and gently. It is best to wipe up liquids or larger dirt immediately. You can also treat light stains with a little neutral soap. Then wipe the wood dry.
  • Water stains : Apply beeswax to the stain, blow dry briefly and then buff.
  • Dents : If you find dents in the wood despite all the care you take, you can repair minor damage yourself. Place a damp linen cloth on a dent and run a warm iron over it. Heat and moisture cause the wood fibers to swell slightly again.
  • Scratches: You can simply polish away fine scratches. Oiled or waxed furniture should be treated with a soft cloth and a little oil or wax. Depending on the depth and size of the scratch, you can also work with a sanding sponge. The finer the damage on the surface, the finer the sanding sponge. To smooth out particularly deep scratches, you may need to sand the entire surface.
  • Oiling : You should oil heavily used pieces such as dining tables up to three times a year. On the other hand, you don’t have to treat a shelf or cupboard made of solid wood as often. The oil serves as protection against moisture and allows the natural structure of the wood to emerge more intensively.
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