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wardrobe alternatives

7 beautiful wardrobe alternatives for every home

Would you rather have a revolving door wardrobe or sliding door wardrobe, or would you rather have several clothes rails or compartments and drawers in your wardrobe? Does everything sound boring to you? No problem, there is so much more than the classic wardrobe. Are you wondering: What wardrobe alternatives are there? 

We have collected the 7 most beautiful alternatives to the classic wardrobe for you, so that you only have to choose one. From large, spacious walk-in closet solutions for perfect order, to combinations of cupboards and chests of drawers with plenty of storage space, to open clothes rails that you can place freely in the room, whether in the bedroom or dressing room. Have fun discovering!

wardrobe alternatives

From straightforward, simple models to playful versions, you can choose between a wide variety of clothes rails that you can adapt to the style of your bedroom or dressing room. As an alternative to the wardrobe, the clothes rail is the cheapest option where your things are quickly at hand. However, it also offers less space than many wardrobes. It is therefore worth combining several clothes rails. For example, you can install wall shelves on which sweaters etc. can lie, while the rest are placed on two clothes rails next to them. Or you can combine the rod with a chest of drawers, a shelf, a narrow cupboard, a high or sideboard.

A cupboard is too boring, a shelf would be too open and too messy? Well, then take both. With this modern cabinet solution you have a transparent area behind glass doors . You can use this for decoration, but also very well for accessories or a mix of both. Everything that is openly visible can be presented as an eye-catcher. However, what should be stored behind cupboard doors can be stored in the wardrobe. A clever solution and stylish wardrobe alternative that wonderfully combines useful storage space and atmospheric furnishings.

wardrobe alternatives

Modular wardrobes are the wardrobe alternative that best combines the desire for creative freedom and closed order. If you can’t get used to open storage solutions, but also don’t want to use standard cabinets and standard sizes and standard features, then put together your modular cabinet yourself.

wardrobe alternatives

If you’re now thinking: I don’t have the space for that – even a small area 1.80 meters long and 1.80 meters wide can serve as a walk-in wardrobe alternative. Discover our inspiration for a small dressing room as well as other ideas for a walk-in closet!

wardrobe alternatives

Incorporate your clothing into your decorations and furnishings. Especially if you have a sense of fashion and real eye-catcher pieces, then you don’t have to hide them behind cupboard doors. For example, you can use open shelves, add a clothes rail or use a wardrobe body without doors.

Everything that doesn’t have to or shouldn’t be visible can disappear in drawers, such as underwear or sportswear etc. You can hang the rest and display it beautifully.

wardrobe alternatives

This wardrobe alternative is particularly suitable if you have a dent in the bedroom. Then you can use this wonderfully to clamp a clothes rail in between and place a chest of drawers underneath. You really can’t make better use of an existing niche in the room. If you want to create even more storage space, install shelves or just hooks directly on the wall. You ultimately let all of this disappear behind a curtain.

The combination of clothes rail and chest of drawers also works free-standing. For example, you can separate a corner of your room like an open dressing room. Add a large mirror and a carpet that visually sets the dressing area apart from the rest of the room and voila, your self-assembled wardrobe alternative is ready.

wardrobe alternatives

The bed with storage space will not completely replace your wardrobe, but it can wonderfully complement one of the wardrobe alternatives already mentioned. Because you won’t be storing much of the stuff you wear on a daily or weekly basis here. Instead, you store clothes and accessories here that you use less frequently. The bed with storage space is ideal for this.

By storing clothes under the bed, whether in drawers or under a folding slatted frame, you gain a lot of new space and storage space. For the items that you want to wear all the time, a graceful clothes rail or a delicate chest of drawers that doesn’t take up much space in the bedroom might be enough for you.

Both. If you have enough space in your bedroom, then you don’t have to choose, it’s best to choose both. If you can only find space for one option, then your lifestyle and wardrobe will probably decide which furniture you can move into.

Advantages of a wardrobe: A wardrobe does not necessarily offer more storage space. But your clothes can hang in a closet. So if you like to have your things within easy reach and in view, then you probably need a solution with a clothes rail.

Advantages of a chest of drawers: A chest of drawers can hold a surprising amount of clothing. If, on the other hand, you are already sorting your clothes into finished outfits and are not very inconsistent in your styling, then you will get along wonderfully with a chest of drawers. Wardrobes are also available as modules, but chests of drawers usually offer a little more freedom in interior design and furnishings.

Tip: You can combine a clothes rail or shelf with chests of drawers. You can also lean a standing mirror on or next to it.

You see, it doesn’t always have to be the classic wardrobe with two doors and an integrated mirror. There are so many beautiful wardrobe alternatives that are practical and stylish at the same time. We hope you were able to find your favorite here, we hope you have fun planning and setting it up!

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