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7 Genius Kitchen Design Ideas

Whether it’s a light dinner or an opulent dinner: with the appropriate kitchen equipment you can do it all! Cooking is also very trendy! Recipe books, cooking apps and blogs are booming and consumers are placing more and more importance on the origin and production of their food. Cooking is not just part of eating. Cooking is a passion and hobby for many! From beginners to cooking professionals: with the right tips, furnishing kitchen will be a great pleasure!

The kitchen is no longer “just” the place where we prepare meals and eat them quickly on the bench! Kitchens have become just as much a status symbol as other rooms and are used much more as a multifunctional space than before. Beautiful kitchens are more in demand than ever!

Do you dream of a cozy kitchenliving room with plenty of space for friends and family? Or is a modern kitchen design where you can experiment culinary to your heart’s content just right for you? Or are you looking for tips to make even a small kitchen look big? Depending on your requirements, the kitchen design should be tailored to this, as should the layout and furnishings in other rooms in your home. Click through our articles and find inspiration for designing your personal dream kitchen.

The optimal kitchen design, should normally serve you well for several years. Whether it’s a small single kitchen or a cozy fitted kitchen for the whole family: we’ll introduce you to our must-have features that you should consider when setting up your kitchen! Let’s go:

  1. Do you use your kitchen alone or with several people? Single, couple or a whole family? Everyone should find the environment in the kitchen that is optimal for them. Therefore, there is the right kitchen for every occasion. The more people, the more space is needed.
  2. Create an individual “mood board” from personal ideas, sketches, photos and other snippets of ideas when setting up your kitchen. This can be extremely helpful in further planning or design.
  3. Pay particular attention to a good workflow and ergonomics when cooking. Short distances, the right height of the kitchen countertop, a logical sequence of different work steps and clever storage ideas set the tone here.
  4. Even though open kitchens are currently in vogue, you should consider whether you would prefer to separate food smells and noises from the living area when working in the kitchen.
  5. While natural materials such as wood or stone surfaces have timeless class, colored kitchen fronts can create lively highlights. As a rule, the fronts of fitted kitchens can be replaced later and therefore offer a certain degree of design freedom when it comes to kitchen furnishings. But the devices should fit.
  6. The use and respective effect of different light sources plays an important role when setting up your new kitchen. Which lighting elements should produce which type of light where? You can read everything about lighting in our article.
  7. Kitchen fittings, kitchen units, worktops, electrical appliances such as stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators – now get specific with your kitchen planning. And would you also like a microwave?

Extra tip: How about some color? But which colors work best? We also reveal how to paint the kitchen and give tips on wall color and wall design.

kitchen design ideas

Of course, we also advise you on different styles. In addition to the classic white version, black kitchens or gray kitchens are also trendy.

Do you have little space? Then how about a pantry kitchen? We also advise you on single kitchens. You can get general tips on small kitchens in our article. In large kitchens, however, all options are open to you. Here you are free to choose which elements and colors you like best.

You can find out everything about kitchen accessories in our article! You should also consider accessories such as pans, pots, kitchen knives etc. for cooking and baking. You can read everything about the basic equipment in our article!

We can also advise you on decorative furniture such as the dish cabinet for storing your dishes! Always remember to add one or two kitchen shelves so that you have enough storage space. The kitchen decoration then completes the look of your kitchen – how about pictures for the kitchen, for example? We can also only recommend carpets in the kitchen.

Is your kitchen ready? Wonderful, then we have a few more kitchen design tips for you. Click in and get inspired. Your TUKA team!

Regardless of whether it is furniture or accessories – you can find suitable products online at TUKA!

If you would like individual advice, we recommend a kitchen planner! Some kitchen manufacturers now also offer virtual reality, with which you can experience your new kitchen online. A 3D kitchen planner is the best alternative for anyone who prefers to do the first steps on a PC.


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