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bedroom decoration ideas

9 Beautiful Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Dream big! Isn’t it great when the place to dream is spacious? All the necessary furniture can easily be accommodated and you have the freedom to set up a reading corner or a small work area. But a large room can quickly seem uncomfortable.

Our bedroom is supposed to be particularly cozy, after all, we spend about a third of our lives here! We have therefore put together nine tips for you. With these ideas for furnishing a large bedroom, you can create more comfort and style in no time!

One of the most common mistakes when decorating a large bedroom is placing all the furniture along the walls. This makes sense in small rooms to save space and create more visual space. But in an already large room, the effect is rather arbitrary and uncomfortable. This is how you can use the entire space :

Create a center with a bed placed in the middle. For beds without a head, you should only move the head side against a wall.

Break visual lines with dividing elements such as large plants or furniture and let them protrude into the room.

Define individual zones with specific functions such as sleeping, reading or dressing. A beautiful armchair can also be an eye-catcher in the middle of the room!

The easiest way to divide a large bedroom is to use a room divider . This can be an airy shelf without a back wall or a classic screen. The advantage of the shelf is that you create additional storage space and can even accommodate beautiful decorations. A screen, on the other hand, can be changed quickly and flexibly.

When setting up a large bedroom you have the chance to define different areas. On the one hand this is about the function and on the other hand it is about the look. Here are our best tips for designing the zones:

The sleeping area clearly has priority. Above all, this should appear cozy and inviting. For example, place a fluffy carpet around your bed.

Since there is enough space, you can arrange the dressing area smartly and create a special niche with a corner wardrobe and a large mirror. A beautiful clothes rail with styling favorites also looks very cool in a large bedroom.

comfortable armchair with a suitable light source invites you to relax before going to bed. A large bookshelf can also be placed in the reading corner of the bedroom.

If you want, you can also set up a workspace . A narrow console and a stylish swivel chair come into their own here. However, pay attention to order so that your night’s sleep is not disturbed.

A large room can also accommodate large furniture. Our ideas for the large bedroom therefore rely on generously sized beds and opulent upholstery. You can also go higher – how about a modern four-poster bed, for example ? Small, delicate furniture, on the other hand, could easily seem lost in a large bedroom.

However, with all the ways to furnish a large bedroom, the room can quickly look thrown together . This especially happens when the different areas are decorated in different styles. The room becomes a harmonious whole if you use connecting elements.

This can be a specific style that is recognizable in all areas – for example the boho look with lots of natural materials or a modern luxury style with gold-colored metal and velvet. But harmony can also be created through a color that sets the tone in all areas. Feel free to play with different shades and textures.

Dark tones absorb light, but they also create a very special charisma. In a small room, a dark wall can quickly appear oppressive, but in a large room it can create depth. In addition, dark tones can create a “cave feeling,” which can even promote sleep. So feel free to try dark colors like anthracite, forest green or petrol!

Blankets, pillows & carpets: Cozy roommates move into the large bedroom with textiles. The more, the comfier! (Artificial) fur can enhance this effect even further. You can find even more beautiful furnishing ideas and the best tips in our article on cozy bedrooms.

Bare walls don’t look very comfortable in a large room. Depending on the furnishing style, large art prints or wall objects can draw the eye and add decorative accents. Or you can choose a stylish picture rail that you can flexibly redesign over and over again.

In a large room, one ceiling light is usually not enough to adequately illuminate all areas. Except maybe it’s really very bright – and that’s anything but comfortable. Unlike in the kitchen or bathroom, the light in the bedroom should be rather soft. It is therefore better to choose several light sources with warm light. Also set decorative highlights in the different areas with beautiful lamps. Depending on your needs, you can use table lamps, floor lamps or even a small decorative light object .

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