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large living room decoration tips

9 ideas, inspiration and best tips: Furnish a large living room comfortably

Not only does a small living room present you with challenges, a large room also often seems uncomfortable. The space with furniture and accessories is not always used perfectly. Coziness is considered the most important factor in a large living room! And to ensure that this is not neglected in your home, our interior experts will give you helpful tips and great styling ideas for your interior. Get inspired!

When setting up a large living room, you often have the feeling that you have all kinds of freedom because, after all, there is enough space. However, that is only half the truth. Even when setting up a large living room, a well thought-out concept is required that ensures a harmonious overall picture. Just like the small living room, a large room can quickly seem overloaded or not being used optimally.

A cozy seating area is an absolute must in a large living room! Use large furniture. The living room sofa acts as a key piece and should be the focus of the furnishings. If you are one of the lucky ones and have a lot of space, then use it! A comfortable corner sofa or a sofa area is ideal for this. A wall unit or a large sideboard for multimedia are also a must. You can complete the furnishings with a large coffee table or several side tables. The ambience is rounded off with a fluffy carpet . This should be around 25 centimeters wider than your sofa on the left and right.

Don’t be too minimalistic with the decoration in large rooms. Because small home accessories can quickly get visually lost in a large living room – just like those that stand alone! So group your decorations – for example on trays! A living room sideboard is also ideal for this.

Create a separate area for reading and relaxing as an equivalent to the sofa corner. A comfortable armchair that you can simply sink into after a long day at work is perfect for this. Splendid! Lots of pillows, wool plaids and sheepskin also look very cozy and invite you to cuddle up. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can still add warmth to your home with lots of candles.

Would you like to visually separate individual areas in your large living room, such as a dining area, a reading corner or a home office, from the room? Here you have a few options to give your large living room structure. Not only carpets can separate individual areas from each other and create islands, room dividers are also perfect for separating areas. Whether it’s screens, shelves or large plants – different dividers can be used depending on the interior and size of the living room.

When it comes to decoration, the walls are often neglected. These can be stylishly staged using simple means. Pictures always work! In the large living room, the motifs including the frame should match the rest of the ambience and not be too small. Large pictures that you arrange in groups on the wall look particularly good.

So that your large living room doesn’t seem too cool, you should bring a touch of warmth into your four walls with the right furnishing style. Certain styles automatically radiate more comfort. The natural boho chic or the Scandinavian look are particularly popular in the living room. If you like something a little more classic, you can set up your living room in a country house style. All of these styles rely on a lot of natural materials such as wood. No matter which furnishings you ultimately choose, you have to like it and fit in with the rest of the ambience. With our large selection you are sure to find the right style for your large living room.

Do you like light walls? To ensure that the large living room exudes a cozy atmosphere, you should choose beige instead of white. If your large living room is more elongated, we recommend painting the narrow sides dark. This gives the room more depth and ensures a harmonious overall picture. 

Tip: Only paint your walls up to a certain height! This makes the ceilings appear visually higher.

Not only the decoration, but also the light is an important aspect to ensure coziness. A large living room can even accommodate up to five light bulbs. Focus primarily on indirect light sources. A ceiling lamp, wall lights, a floor lamp or arc lamp and 1-2 table lamps are a minimum here!

large living room furniture
large living room

If you have a lot of space, you can integrate a dining area into the living room. Even if you also have a dining area in the kitchen-living room, it is a good alternative if you want to receive guests comfortably. It’s best to choose a carpet island with a round dining table, which looks cozy and inviting and can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people.

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