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bathroom furnishing ideas

Bathroom Furniture: 7 Great Ideas

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our home. Because this is where we start our day. But in most houses and apartments, the bathroom is often neglected. Our interior experts have the most beautiful bathroom ideas for you. You’ll see that setting up the bathroom is actually really fun. With beautiful bathroom furniture, a new wall color, pleasant lighting and beautiful accessories, it becomes homely.

In our guide you will find numerous inspirations for bathroom worlds and a beautiful bathroom design. No matter whether it is a small bathroom , a luxurious oasis or the bathroom in the rented apartment. A wonderful and creative design can be successfully implemented in any room. Get inspired and create your personal wellness oasis with imaginative bathroom ideas!

In addition to the right planning and bathroom design with furniture and sanitary facilities, decoration is also important. Because it is the bathroom accessories that create the right mood and a homely flair.

Bathroom Furnishing Ideas 1: Bathroom design with textiles

You can add a colorful accent with bathroom textiles. Towels, bath mats, curtains and the shower curtain are now welcome to be presented. Gone are the days when towels were just stored in drawers.

Coordinating colors and decorative items that can be found on the towels, bath mats and curtains are ideal here. This is how you create harmony in your bathroom design. Plants also provide a feel-good factor in the bathroom.

Bathroom Furnishing Ideas 2: Smart home technology and music

We listen to music in the living room, kitchen and bedroom, so why not in the bathroom too? Whether to wake up in the morning or to relax – music in the bathroom is a top-class upgrade! No matter whether you rely on an integrated system or a simple bathroom radio for your bathroom design. The main thing is that the electrical devices are waterproof and produce a wonderful sound! Smart Home makes it possible to control faucets, showers or lights digitally.

Bathroom Furnishing Ideas 3: Close your eyes, open your nose: Scents in the bathroom

Fragrances for your bathroom are worth investing in because they transform the room into a wonderfully smelling oasis. Fragrant candles, scented oils or air fresheners become more and more stylish over time and can be easily integrated into the bathroom design. Have you perhaps thought of fresh flowers and blossoms? Not only do they allow a light scent to waft through the room, they are the ultimate visual boost of freshness!

Bathroom Furnishing Ideas 4: Pleasant light in the bathroom

And lighting also plays a central role in bathroom planning. You can use spotlights to create beautiful lighting accents, and candles create subtle lighting. However, the light on the mirror should be brighter and stronger so that you can see yourself clearly. When decorating your bathroom, think, for example, of light strips that you attach directly next to the mirror.

Bathroom Furnishing Ideas 5: Storage and storage space

To keep your dream bathroom tidy, you should also think about storage space when planning the bathroom. This way you can find everything more quickly. And if you rely on a beautiful design, you don’t have to worry about losing the wellness effect. Professional bathroom planners rely on appropriate storage space in cupboards and drawers when furnishing. But you can also create storage space in your bathroom with small baskets and storage containers. And a nice side effect: the storage baskets also look great as decoration in the bathroom!

Bathroom Furnishing Ideas 6: Design the bathroom with decorations

In addition to textiles, you can also add a nice accent with small decorative elements. To ensure that everything matches in color, you should also take these into account when planning. Especially if you want to furnish the room in a very specific style. Decorative objects made of wood, for example, are recommended for country house style . Wooden stools are at the forefront of the trend. At TUKA you will find an exclusive selection of beautiful bathroom stools !

The materials have an enormous effect on the effect of the decoration in the bathroom. For a glamorous design, bathroom planners recommend decorative objects in gold or silver. This is how you create a luxurious touch!

Bathroom Furnishing Ideas 7: The design of floors & walls

Are you perhaps even aiming for a complete bathroom renovation? Then you should also think about the design of the floors and walls. Bathrooms with natural stone or marble are particularly popular at the moment. But of course it has to fit into the rest of the furnishings. Designs with wood can also look very cozy. Small tiles in bright colors look particularly good in Mediterranean bathrooms. If you want something particularly unusual, you can also cover the wall with beautiful wallpaper. That brings atmosphere into the room!

Not everyone is handy and even true hobby craftsmen should leave the bathroom installations to a professional bathroom planner. When planning, they consider where cables are located or need to be laid. For a free-standing bathtub, extra pipes often have to be laid that run in the floor.

Whether it’s a large wellness oasis or a small room in a rented apartment – modern bathrooms don’t have to remain an unfulfilled wish. This bathroom design is characterized by clear shapes and subtle non-colors. Gray, anthracite and white set the tone here.

A timeless trend in bathroom furnishings are elements made of stone, slate and marble. Don’t want to re-tile your bathroom? This look can also be easily integrated into any bathroom with tile stickers. Choose the stickers in the trendy look and use them to cover your bathroom tiles. Or are you planning a complete renovation of your bathroom? How about stone bathroom fittings? These are not modern, but also easy to maintain.

Matching lighting accents ensure modernity in the bathroom. LED spots are well suited for this. Above the bathtub, in the shower or near the sinks – you decide where you want to set highlights with the spots.

Your bathroom furniture also influences your design in the room. For a modern look, you should go for straight lines and muted tones. Single-color surfaces are timeless and skilfully showcase your minimalist look .

bathroom furnishing ideas
bathroom furniture
  • Make space: Do you have a bidet but don’t use it? Then you can have it expanded to create more space in your bathroom.
  • Avoid clutter: Rearrange your bathroom. Thanks to a tidy structure, everything has its own place. This avoids mess!
  • Safety First: Non-slip bath mats and grab bars in the bathtub ensure more safety in the bathroom.
  • Save energy: Use water-saving sanitary facilities. You will hardly notice a difference when bathing and showering, but you will definitely notice a difference in your wallet.

Shower, bathtub, washbasin, fittings, tiles. All of these things are built into a bathroom in a rental apartment and cannot be easily replaced. Most of the time you just have to accept it as it is. Despite these fixed elements, you can beautify the bathroom without risking trouble with the landlord.

Are the tiles too boring for you or not your taste? Then just spice it up! The bathroom idea is easy to implement with large wall tattoos or with a subtle decorative film on individual tiles. The advantage: When you move out, they can be removed quickly and without leaving any residue.

Bring color into play! With different tones you can give your bathroom a new and fresh look. If you don’t feel like using the brush, you can decorate your bathroom with colorful towels and a matching shower curtain. This way you can create a new atmosphere in no time.

Are you dissatisfied with the toilet seat or shower head? Just swap them out! Buy the models that suit your taste and appeal to you. Tip: Keep the old toilet seat and the old shower head so that you can quickly reinstall them when you move out.

Get inspired and design your dream bathroom and bathroom furniture in which you can feel comfortable! Maybe a luxury bathroom is something for you? Whats your favorite bathroom furniture? Discover bathroom furnishing ideas on TUKA.

Bottom line with bathroom furniture? Knowing what’s best for your bathroom is all about knowing what’s best for your needs. Choose TUKA for bathroom furniture.

You will see that bathroom design is not as difficult as you might think!


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