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blue living room ideas

Best 5 tips: This is what you should know before furnishing your living room in blue

A fresh look with a maritime flair: The living room in blue not only creates a stylish ambience in your own four walls, but also gives you a wonderful feeling of lightness. Whether as a contrasting wall color or as an eye-catcher for furniture or decoration – blue changes your home and leaves a refreshing touch. Would you like to add a personal touch to your living area with blue? Our interior experts will tell you how you can use the color blue correctly in the living room. Get inspired by the five most important tips and living ideas!

In the classic circle of color theory, blue is one of the three primary colors, along with yellow and red. It is also considered a cold color here. But not all blue is the same. Because by mixing with other nuances you can create different shades of blue.

Basically, in color psychology, blue is said to have an emotionally balancing and calming effect. Perfect for your living room or bedroom! The color is also said to promote your concentration. A room designed in blue is often perceived as quite cool and refreshing. This is also the reason why people like to use the color combination blue and white, especially in southern countries .

blue living room ideas
blue living room ideas

As already mentioned, you can create different shades of blue by mixing different colors. Thanks to its many nuances, blue is particularly versatile in the living room. From a delicate sky blue to a radiant azure blue to a bright royal blue – furnishing with blue is individual and varied.

A strong petrol color is currently very popular. This is a mixture of blue and green, which makes a statement in your living area, especially as a wall color.

Whether you choose a light or dark blue is of course primarily a question of your personal taste. However, not all shades of blue are suitable for every living room. Dark blue should ideally be found in rooms that are bright, open and offer a lot of space. For smaller living rooms, however, light blue tones are much more suitable as they do not visually make the room smaller.

With decorations and furniture such as a sofa or armchair in blue, you can create an impressive living room in the popular color. If you would like something a little more expressive, you can also paint a wall in blue. Either way, the living room in blue is a place of relaxation. Create a calm base with accessories and selected pieces of furniture in different shades of blue.

Tip: Delicate shades of blue with a high proportion of white are particularly beautiful. These brighten up the living room and at the same time give the room a sensual atmosphere.

blue living room ideas
blue living room ideas

Since furnishing the living room in blue often creates a cool atmosphere, you should also decorate the room with other colors. The following combinations are particularly suitable:

  • Various shades of red or yellow, for example, provide more warmth .
  • Grey, white, pink and beige, together with blue, also create a great color duo for your home and make a blue living room look elegant.
  • Bring the feeling of summer into your home with delicate blue and yellow tones .
  • When it comes to home accessories , gold-colored objects in particular harmonize very well with blue.

Reading tip: Find out here in the color guide which colors go particularly well with blue!

To give a living room in blue the perfect finishing touch and an individual touch, you can enhance the room with different materials . The highlight: The color blue feels right at home in numerous living styles, which means you can put your own stamp on the interior . Below we will introduce you to five interior design styles in which blue is particularly effective.

Modern interior with blue sofa

Create a modern look by equipping your blue living room with white furniture and light cream tones . If you plan to use an intense blue , then you should use this color more sparingly. For example for a single wall, the sofa or selected decoration.

Glamorous Art Deco style in the living room

Materials such as velvet are simply excellent for elegant furnishings in a blue living room. Add an additional eye-catcher with silver and gold-colored accessories. Even a light blue wall immediately exudes the glamorous style of Art Deco!

Scandi look: combine blue with wood and natural materials

To ensure that a blue living room does not appear too cool, but rather warm and cozy, you can warm the room with furniture made of wood and other natural materials such as coarse jute, hemp or sisal. This creates a casual Scandi look in no time at all that makes you feel good.

Cozy boho look in the blue living room

A blue living room in boho chic is definitely a stylish eye-catcher. Since the look relies more on natural materials , the blue here doesn’t seem cool at all. Feel free to mix shades of green, beige or brown with a variety of shades of blue. A few plants add the finishing touch to the look.

Mediterranean dream living room in beige and blue

The color blue is absolutely essential for a Mediterranean living room ! Combined with light tones such as white and beige, the result is a very friendly and fresh look. Also use relaxed natural materials to bring that holiday feeling into your home.

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