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Best Bedroom Furniture Ideas in 2024

Did you know that a person sleeps on average 23 years of his life? Wow! That’s an incredible amount of time. Reason enough to pay special attention to bedroom furniture. Because this room is a place of peace and relaxation for us. Here we recover from a strenuous day and gather new strength. And we can even do something to promote our sleep ! With the right furniture, accessories and lighting, we have a significant influence on the room ambience.

You are now asking yourself: How should I furnish my bedroom ? What is the best bedroom furniture for my bedroom? Is furnishing bedroom easy ? You don’t know what to pay attention to? No problem! Then you are exactly right with us. Our interior experts will give you the best tips and ideas about bedroom furniture!

Some like modern furnishings, others love it romantic. In our articles you will find a whole range of different ideas for your bedroom design . For fans of glamor style, we recommend high-quality materials such as velvet and silk when furnishing bedroom. Elaborately decorated furniture and chandeliers are also real must-haves here. A bedroom like in 1001 Nights? With seat cushions, colorful candles and sequin cushions, this dream comes true. It’s best to discover our different bedroom styles for yourself. You will find best bedroom furnitures on TUKA.

The design has been chosen? Our furnishing experts will now tell you which bedroom furniture, accessories and decorations should definitely not be missing from your bedroom.

Who doesn’t know it: too high, too narrow, too small. Choosing bedroom furniture to suit its dimensions is not that easy. Have you ever heard of the golden ratio ? This is a mathematical division ratio that brings harmony to your bedroom. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a math genius to use the system. In principle, all you need to understand is that the shorter route relates to the longer route, just as the longer route relates to the entire undivided route.

Of course, we have other top tips for every room size :

  • Low bedroom ceiling : Choose tall furniture to visually add height to the room.
  • Very high ceilings : To make it look a little more cozy, you can use paint and wallpaper to make the room smaller.
  • Large bedroom : Simply choose the furniture and decorations one size larger and experiment with materials and colors.
  • Small bedroom : Order is essential here. Rely on practical furniture with storage space and flexibility! Get inspired by the living ideas for furnishing a small bedroom or discover our tips for the small bedroom !
  • Bedroom with a sloping ceiling: There are some challenges in the attic. However, they can be solved very easily! Go for light colors and low beds.

Tip : If you have a particularly big budget for designing your bedroom, you can have furniture made to measure! You will find best bedroom furnitures on TUKA.

Colors play an important role in every living space especially when youre furnishing your bedroom. They have a great influence on our well-being and the effect of the room . We will introduce you to our favorites in one article:

  • White is simple, white is modern. It is a beautiful basis for interior design and leaves plenty of room for interpretation.
  • Blue is a very cool color. Nevertheless, the color has a very relaxing effect and you can set beautiful accents with blue pillows or a sky blue blanket, for example.
  • Beige is wonderful as a calm wall color in the bedroom. It can be combined with other colors as desired.
  • Shades of green represent nature and strength. Perfect for the bedroom, a room where you gather energy for the next day.
  • Brown creates a cozy and natural atmosphere. It can be perfectly combined with other earth tones.
  • Yellow is the color of inspiration. Perfect for the bedroom, where you can process the experiences of the day and let your thoughts run free.
  • Gray fits perfectly into any modern bedroom – whether minimalist or combined with other colors.
  • Black is the star in every large bedroom! The dark non-color creates an elegant look.

Reading tip: Discover the most beautiful inspiration for bedroom furniture colors and bedroom furniture ideas here !

So how can we furnish our bedroom so that it has a positive influence on our sleeping habits? I want best bedroom furnitures on my bedroom. Let’s start with the bed. Because this is of course the focal point in the bedroom. So we clarify which type of bed is the right one, but also what should be taken into account when it comes to design and bedding. We devote ourselves entirely to the question: What does my bed have to look like so that I can really feel comfortable and relax?

Find the right bed

Bedroom furniture is important, the very first question you should ask yourself before buying is the size of the bed. Single bed or double bed ? The size of the room should dictate the type and size of the bed. Do you only have a small bedroom ? A bed with a bed box in which you can store things practically and neatly is ideal here. Alternative: Pretty storage boxes. The bed should not be built too low so that you can easily hide the boxes underneath. Would you like a four-poster bed ? Then you should measure the height of your room beforehand so that the posts don’t hit the ceiling or block the ceiling lighting.

As far as design is concerned, the wooden bed , the upholstered bed and the box spring bed are particularly popular. But waterbeds are also becoming increasingly popular. Here is an overview of the respective advantages:

  • Wooden bed : Natural, breathable, free of harmful substances, stable, versatile and beautiful in look and feel.
  • Upholstered bed : Inviting, soft and gentle.
  • Box spring bed : Luxurious, adapts to your individual needs, makes it easier to get in and out of bed.
  • Waterbed : comfort, warmth and cleanliness.
  • Storage bed : The space in our apartment is usually limited. How practical if our bed offers some space! For example, you can store duvets, pillows and throws under the storage bed.

Decide entirely according to your ideas. The way you feel about sleep really is very individual.

Tip : For new parents, we recommend a baby bed in the bedroom. Because experts recommend putting the baby in its own bed. Whether it’s a cot, cradle or a practical travel bed – this promotes your sleep and that of your offspring.

Position the bed correctly

Are you wondering how best to arrange the bed? Quick fix: It’s best to face the wall and as far away from the door as possible! Usually beds are positioned against the wall, opposite the door. So that you can relax optimally, the bed should harmonize with the room. If it is too small or too large, it can quickly affect the atmosphere of the room. Important: To ensure a free feeling, the bed should have some distance from the walls on the left and right . Make sure that drawers as well as bedroom and wardrobe doors can be opened easily.

Bed and storage space?

A bed with storage space is definitely practical. However, make sure you keep things tidy under the bed . Otherwise it could have a negative impact on your sleep. Tip: How about, for example, a nice bed bench that you place in front of the bed; you can also put things here.

The mattress

“How you make your bed is how you lie!” But which mattress is the best? Natural latex, cold foam or with a spring core ? That depends entirely on your personal feeling. By the way, the mattresses are included with a box spring bed. Here you just decide on the appropriate degree of hardness and the topper.

Reading tip : You can find out which mattress is right for you in our mattress guide !

The slatted frame

The slatted frame is also an important point when furnishing your bedroom. Unless of course you own a box spring bed, then you don’t need one. Did you know that there is also an electric slatted frame ? This is very comfortable and the headrest can be flexibly adjusted using a remote control.

bedroom furniture

Once you have found the right spot for your bed, you can move on to the other pieces of furniture . Tip: Work through these in order. First larger bedroom furniture, such as the wardrobe, then the chest of drawers, followed by the bedside table, shelves, armchairs, etc. Attention: Do not overload your bedroom. The cleaner it is furnished, the more peacefully you will sleep there.

A must: the bedside table

Note the height here. It is advantageous if the bedside table is the same height as your bed. This means you can easily store things there. No room for a bedside table? Then choose a small shelf next to the bed. Same function, just more original.

Bench or chest?

A bench at the foot of the bed serves as a practical storage area for clothes. Tip: A chest can also be used as a bench or storage space. At the same time, it offers  practical storage space inside. The bench or chest should be either as wide as the bed or shorter so that the overall picture looks harmonious.

Storage space with chests of drawers etc.

Order is particularly important so that you can find peace in your bedroom . Bed linen, clothing and jewelry should therefore not just be left lying around, but should be sorted neatly. Smaller items find their place in decorative baskets, for example . The best place to store your personal jewelry collection is in chests of drawers or jewelry boxes.

Place wardrobe

A wardrobe is also an absolute must in the bedroom if you want it to be nice and tidy. After all, we don’t want clothes lying around randomly in the room. And after all, not everyone has the luxury of a walk-in closet .

A seat: sofa and armchair in the bedroom?

Do you need an additional place to sleep for any overnight guests? How about a sofa bed ? This looks pretty and is very easy to take off. We think a sofa with a sleeping function is perfect for anyone who has the space!

But an armchair can also bring more comfort to the bedroom . Here you can, for example, prepare your outfit for the next day! A pretty seat also underlines the calm atmosphere of your bedroom. Whether it’s a designer armchair, a valuable heirloom or a sophisticated wooden chair from the flea market – seating creates a relaxed atmosphere.

On top: the dressing table

For those who have enough space, a dressing table adds a touch of class and elegance to the interior. Some dressing tables , especially the modern ones, can also be used as a desk.

Is all the bedroom furniture in place? Then now it’s time to set up a cozy bedroom ! You definitely need the right textiles for this. Here are our tips:


When it comes to furnishing bedroom, we can’t ignore the bed linen. Material and color also have an influence on the look of the bedroom. It’s best to match your bed linen to your bedroom design. The colors should therefore best match the rest of the color nuances in the room. When choosing the material, you should pay attention to whether it is warm or cold.

The pillows

As for pillows, we need a lot of them. Pillows, neck pillows, decorative pillows – we just can’t get enough! They are not only cuddly soft, but also decorative on the bed. In addition to size and style, you should also pay particular attention to the filling. Depending on whether you choose down, foam or natural fibers , the feeling of lying down will be different. When it comes to decorative pillows, the design is what counts most. You can experiment with bright colors here.

Bedding and blankets

Remember that you will need different bedding depending on the season. In summer it can be a little easier than in the cold season. Down, foam or virgin wool? You decide based on your feeling. By the way, year-round bedding is particularly practical. You can use these all year round!

Blankets are also a must in a cozy bedroom! Our tip: woolen blankets and plaids ! A bedspread is also suitable for making the bedroom appear tidy during the day. How practical, you can easily cover up slightly wrinkled bed linen! You should wash the duvets every now and then and replace them depending on the season.

Reading tip : Discover even more tips for a cozy bedroom furniture and other bedroom furniture ideas!

The curtains and roller blinds

So that we can sleep peacefully, we should also pay attention to the lighting conditions in the bedroom. In general, you sleep better in a dark bedroom. You can protect your bedroom from sunlight with roller blinds, or curtainsBy the way, we introduce you to the most beautiful curtain trends for a modern bedroom furniture in our guide!

The carpets

Especially in winter, there is nothing nicer than a fluffy carpet in front of your bed! The bedroom not only becomes more comfortable with textiles, but also a real eye-catcher. Be sure to discover our 10 most beautiful ideas for the bedroom carpet !

The be-all and end-all for small rooms: the right lighting. You can visually enlarge the room with a pretty ceiling light. Warm light creates a cozy atmosphere. Particularly stylish: a pendant light next to the bed. Visually and technically a plus! Lighting is really important when youre furnishing bedroom.

We recommend a more reserved light, especially in the bedroom. So indirect lighting is the key word here. It’s best not only to install a light directly above the bed, but also to use bedside lamps . If you have a particularly large bedroom, you should make sure that the ceiling light is installed slightly away from the bed. In our article you will find out everything you need to know about the perfect bedroom lighting !

The bedroom is probably the most intimate room in our home. Comfort plays an important role here. But personal items such as photos of family and friends also find a place here.

In order for us to feel really comfortable, we especially need soft materials . So decorate your bed with soft pillows and blankets.

The wall design

Beautiful and inspiring pictures enrich the ambience in the bedroom. But beautiful decorative objects can also become an absolute highlight on the wall . We have the best ideas for your wall design !

Decorate bedside table

Bedside tables are of course particularly practical because we can put our books or other useful items here. To maintain symmetry , you should choose two identical bedside lamps. This has a calming and harmonious effect on the room.

Plants as natural decoration

Plants are also ideal for the bedroom. So discover our 5 most beautiful species!

  • Reduce technology: To avoid disrupting your sleep hygiene, you should have as little technology as possible in the bedroom. That means no cables etc.!
  • Pay attention to air quality: The room temperature in the bedroom should be comparatively cool. The air shouldn’t be too dry!
  • Hang a mirror: According to Feng Shui, a mirror is not suitable for the bedroom. But if you don’t want to miss out on the effect, you should at least place it correctly on the wall!

Choose the correct bedroom furniture with TUKA.

The living space is getting smaller and smaller. Not everyone has the luxury of having a separate living room and bedroom. Therefore, more flexible solutions are needed. Our furnishing experts are of course at the forefront here too. The living-bedroom is absolutely trendy. Let us inspire you! We have tips for perfect room dividers for you and reveal how you can even easily integrate bedroom furniture like a desk into your bedroom.

So that’s a lot of information. We will summarize the most important points for you in an overview:

  1. Consistency : Decide on a bedroom design and style.
  2. Proportions : Choose furniture to suit the space.
  3. Colors : Think carefully about the ambience you want to create in the room.
  4. Furniture : Bed, bedside tables and wardrobes are essential. If you have more space, you can add a sofa, armchair or bench.
  5. Decoration : Keep things tidy. There should be enough storage space.
  6. Sleep quality : Feng Shui or personal feeling. Decide for yourself whether you want to have technology devices or your home office in the bedroom.

We hope we could inspire you. We would be happy to advise you on furnishing the entire house !

Do you need more bedroom furniture ideas? Explore our Advices page to find more bedroom furniture ideas.

Find the best bedroom furnitures on our online shop TUKA.


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