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The Best Guide to Choosing Furniture Colors in 2024

From monochrome furnishings to Villa: every interior fan has their favorite colors. Thanks to the endless selection of colors and possible combinations, there are no limits to creativity! We at TUKA also love playing with different tones in our furnishings. In order to be able to share our secret tricks with you, our interior experts have summarized everything about colors for you.

Basically, white is the basis and the easiest way to combine it with any color. The neutral tone can calm a colorful interior and bring calm to the room.

For example, rich green and bright blue can be made to shine on a black base. For a wider range of colors, a cool yellow or the mixed color turquoise can also lead to impressive combinations.

Red , yellow and orange are strong, warm colors. For an extra dose of freshness, the tones can be combined with light colors such as cream or metallic. An extravagant choice would be the color blocking favorite of bright pink and strong orange.

Gray , beige and black are the neutral classics in interior design. The muted tones can easily be combined with each other to create a monochrome effect. Small splashes of color in the form of decorative cushions, wall pictures or vases in your favorite color set skilful accents. You can find out more about neutral colors in our article!

Purple , lilac or strong wine red are mixed colors of red and blue. Depending on the proportion of the two complementary colors and the addition of white, a wide variety of nuances are created. Of course, the basic colors can be added to the interior design to create a bold overall look. However, make sure to use an economical dosage that does not overload the facility.


The well-known color theory can serve as a helpful guide for decorating with colors. This not only makes it possible to quickly determine which colors harmonize, but also to identify the color components of each tone and the correct combination. We have summarized the two most important terms in color theory for you. So you can start professionally planning the color concept of your new project right away.

The primary colors are the three tones yellow, blue and red. All other colors can be mixed from them, so they can be described as the basis of the entire color spectrum .

The term complementary colors, on the other hand, describes those two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. A mixture of both tones results in a neutral gray tone. The most well-known example of this is the complementary pair of blue and yellow.

Now that you have brushed up on the basics of the color world, the styling can begin. But which color goes with which room?

In the bedroom and living room, calming and muted colors are usually the best choice. In addition to the classics such as cream, white and gray in the living room, accents can be set with tones such as light blue, pink or light lilac.

You can also integrate bold splashes of color into your home. Sociable rooms such as the kitchen are well suited for this. If you don’t want to make a permanent change, like a new wall color, you can also work with smaller decorative items. You can integrate subtle splashes of color into the room with decorative cushions, vases or wall pictures. However, these can also be replaced in no time at will or according to the season. This creates a completely new feeling of space.

For more suggestions, tips and ideas, feel free to browse through our articles here on TUKA. Find out here which colors go together and how you can tastefully integrate your favorite color into your home. Have fun while reading!


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