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Best Shopping Guide: How to find the right living room sofa for 2024

The sofa is the absolute centerpiece in the living room. No wonder! This is where you can relax after a stressful day at work, laze around on the weekend and chat with friends, feast and raise a glass or two. Yes, a sofa set like this in the living room is a nice spot in your own home. Often, starting with the sofa, the entire room is immersed in a harmonious style in which the sofa takes center stage.

So that you can find the right sofa for your living room, our interior experts will tell you what you should definitely pay attention to when buying. We will also give you tips for the correct placement and you can quickly find your new living room sofa using our checklist!

The current bestseller at TUKA is definitely the Sofa Posh. This modular sofa is available in different sizes and shapes, colors and materials, so there is guaranteed to be something to suit every taste. Posh is characterized by its modern shape and the comfort provided by the depth of the seat. But Sofa Cloud also has the same advantages to offer – just see which one fits better in your apartment!

On the one hand, sofas with organic shapes are modern – the kidney shape like our Funk model is also very popular. Otherwise, minimalist sofas are trendy. These have the advantage that you are guaranteed to like them for a long time.

The most striking difference: the sofa always has two armrests, while the couch has one or none at all. The sofa is also often slightly larger and suitable for more people and can also include a sleep function.

Not every sofa fits in every living room – unfortunately! If space is very limited, it is impractical if you want to accommodate a huge living area in a small living room. As an island for everyday life, you should choose the sofa not only based on its appearance and comfort, but also based on the space it offers. In order to choose the right seating set for the living room, you should inspect the room and your needs! Once you’ve done that, you can start looking for the right sunbathing lawn!

Tip: Do you want your sofa in the bay window? Then choose one that has the same shape as the bay window. If it is round, the sofa should also have a curved backrest.

sofa posh living room
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Sectional Posh (5-seater) in off-white

Small living room equals small sofa? Not necessarily. A corner sofa also makes effective use of the space. Make sure the sofa has feet, this will make it appear lighter. In order not to block the path in the small living room through the corner sofa, you can invest in small side tables that can be pushed into each other. If you have enough space in a large living room and would like another seat in addition to the corner sofa, then a stool or armchair is a good idea.

But: Don’t choose the armchair that matches (from the same line) the sofa. This seems boring very quickly. It is better to buy an armchair that visually harmonizes with the corner sofa, but is also very effective on its own.

When a corner sofa, when a 3-seater? A corner sofa makes the best possible use of the space. If you have a free corner and not a lot of space, it is definitely recommended.

Are you one of the lucky ones who can look forward to a large living room? There’s a lot you can do when it comes to the sofa! Make the most of the space with a large couch. A modern sofa set or an entire living area is ideal here. If you like it a little more “mixed and matched”, choose a large ottoman or a three-four seater as a single sofa and combine it with armchairs and/or stools from another model series.

You can visually demarcate the corner with a carpet – this ensures coziness and gives the room a homely flair! If the sofa is placed in the middle, it can also serve as a room divider, for example to delimit the dining area.

When setting up a small living room, you should either integrate the sofa bed or a small sofa. Small but nice is the motto here! Because in terms of design it can stand out even more. Also suitable: A modular sofa that you can arrange and transform! This means you can set up your living space flexibly and even if you move to a larger apartment, you can easily adapt it. A small modular ottoman is also suitable here.

Amy L Shape Modular Sofa Bed
Amy L Shape Modular Sofa Bed
Amy L Shape Modular Sofa Bed

Do you often have guests or a 1-room apartment? Then you should think about a sofa bed. This option is ideal, especially if there is no extra guest room.

The best: Our new sofa bed model Amy proves that modern “icons” design is also compatible with functionality. On top of that, there is a matching armchair from the series that is also impressive for those with particularly little space.

A model made of fabric in gray, cream or beige is timeless and you can hardly go wrong with it. But you can then score points with an unusual form. These extraordinary options are available for anyone who wants to use the sofa material to create a highlight in the room. Velvet sets an elegant accent in the room and is particularly cuddly and soft. It looks more feminine and elegant. Corduroy, on the other hand, is a robust material and has a more masculine and cool effect. Check Sofa Oasis here.

  • Budget: Before you look for a new sofa, you should decide how much you want to spend on the new piece of furniture. How to find the perfect sofa for your budget.
  • Space: So that you know how big the sofa can be, it is important to measure the room or space for the new living room sofa carefully beforehand. If you live in a small apartment, perhaps only a two-seater is suitable. For larger rooms, a comfortable corner sofa or two sofas facing each other are ideal.
  • Usage: Is the sofa really just for sitting or should it also function as a bed for overnight guests? Will it stay like this forever or should it be modular?
  • Sofa shape: corner sofa, round sofa, sofa without armrests, sofa beds and, and, and. Does the preferred shape really fit into your room? Do another check.
  • Family nest: Large living room and children? A living area is ideal so that everyone has space.
  • Lounge Area: Do you like inviting friends? Then choose two sofas facing each other to create a relaxed atmosphere. If you have space, you can combine it with small armchairs or poufs. This makes it even more sociable! 
  • TV oasis: Do you usually just watch TV on the sofa? An L-shaped corner sofa with an attached chaise longue offers you enough space to stretch out and make yourself comfortable. 
  • Cuddly zone: Do you not only use your living room sofa to relax comfortably during the day, but also to sleep on it? Then a sofa with a sleeping function is a practical and stylish way to combine the two. 
  • The selection of the right shape should be tailored to both your personal preferences and the spatial conditions. If you want to make the most of niches, choose a comfortable L-shaped sofa. Such sofa shapes can also function well as room dividers.
  • Also choose sofa materials and colors according to your needs. Upholstered furniture with white fabric upholstery is very popular, but dirt can be seen more quickly. The color of the sofa plays an important role in the living area. You can’t go wrong with a timeless, gray sofa – but you can achieve the bigger wow effect with a colored sofa as an eye-catcher. Do you have a dog or cat? A sofa made of leather or imitation leather is easier to care for than a fabric sofa, but is still popular for sharpening claws. More sensible: Alcantara. It feels like suede but is extremely scratch-resistant.
  • Do you like it cozy, but don’t want to forego aesthetics and design? Then a sofa in a trendy Scandinavian style is the perfect sofa for you! The futon sofa bed with a frame made of solid pine wood is particularly trendy.
  • For a rustic interior style, a large leather sofa is the perfect addition. An English country house style in the living room or a rough industrial look can be effectively completed with a Chesterfield sofa.
  • On the other hand, a fabric sofa with a cover in light tones goes well with a French country house style. This also looks fabulous with decorative pillows including floral patterns. If you like something a little more feminine, a velvet sofa can also be perfectly integrated into the living room.
  • Wall or central: Placed next to a wall is the classic version. Now the trend is the free-standing sofa. Whether as a room divider or as the central point of the living room, try this trend too! This makes the room appear more spacious.
  • Seating options: If you want your living room sofa to extend into the room, you should consider how you want to sit. Take a floor plan of the room and draw the different options.
  • Diagonal: A sofa also looks very pretty diagonally in front of a corner in a correspondingly large living room. With this variant you should just make sure to leave enough space between the sofa and the corner.
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