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coffee table decoration

Coffee table decoration: Our 25 most beautiful ideas

Are you looking for beautiful ideas on how to decorate your coffee table? Then you are exactly right with us! Coffee tables are some of our favorite pieces of furniture. Whether for coffee in the afternoon or as a purely decorative object, a coffee table is simply a versatile piece of furniture. If you don’t know where to put the coffee cup or the book – put it on the tabletop! Get inspired by our coffee table decoration ideas. Find out which colors and materials mix well with each other and how much decoration actually makes sense for the coffee table!

The most popular decorative accessories are:

  • Vases
  • Candles
  • Peel
  • Trays
  • Decorative books, so-called coffee table books.

The opulent illustrated books not only have a lot to offer inside, but also look super stylish. Two or three coffee table books that you stack on the table give your living room an elegant flair. In the TUKA online shop you will find a nice selection of decorative coffee table books!

At the same time, small decorative accessories that you skillfully mix with other objects also look very nice on the coffee table. Let your creativity flow! Depending on your mood, you can adapt and change the decoration on the table.

coffee table decoration
coffee table decoration
  • Metal
  • Plant
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Marble

An exciting mix of materials looks very stylish! Shiny metal tones are still very popular right now. In combination with natural materials such as evergreen branches, pampas grass or feathers, copper tones, for example, look very elegant. Glass lanterns are particularly attractive here. Feel free to combine things made of glass, wood and metal. You’ll see what a lovely effect this creates. Marble looks super elegant as a tray, candle holder or even bowl.

However, be careful not to mix too many colors at once. Otherwise it can quickly become restless. Two to three colors in different shades are ideal. Color contrasts in black and white or pink and gray also look very elegant.

coffee table decoration
coffee table decoration

Whether tea light holders, coffee table books or a stack of your favorite magazines: coffee tables need decoration! To make them a key piece in the room, we have the perfect inspiration for you. In the video we show you the perfect layout.

Are you looking for seasonal living ideas? Then decorate the table top with flowers of the respective season. We have a few useful tips & tricks on how you can make your coffee table more beautiful:

coffee table decoration
coffee table decoration

In spring and summer the coffee tables can be colorful. For example, a coffee table made of metal with glass vases and colored flowers looks stylish.

A white marble table top, on the other hand, definitely needs a little more color. Here we recommend a colorful vase. Decorated with white flowers, it becomes a highlight in the room. A scented candle and a room fragrance ensure a pleasant scent. In terms of color, however, they remain in the background.

Do you still need tips for your tables in autumn and winter? With beautiful decorations you can create a pleasant atmosphere in the living room. In autumn we really love dried flowers like pampas grass. The practical dried flower doesn’t even need to be watered. In winter, a few branches and twigs can be decorated on the table. Also nice in autumn: decorative pumpkins!

The basic rule when decorating your coffee table is: set clear accents! Especially if you don’t have a lot of space and have a smaller coffee table, you should keep the decoration to a minimum. A small bowl, a golden tray or a beautiful plate with matching decorations and a candle looks simply fabulous on even the smallest coffee table.

Adjust the number of decorations to the size of your coffee table!

So that you can use your coffee table as a practical piece of furniture at the same time, an overloaded decoration is not recommended. However, if your coffee table is large enough, you can have fun with it. Play with the different heights of your decorative objects. This is particularly useful for vases and creates dimensions. 

coffee table decoration
coffee table decoration
  • Instead of just sitting on one table, you can also use an arrangement of three small round side tables. You can arrange these as you wish. Set different accents!
  • Use the space! Magazines and beautiful books in particular can also be stylishly stacked under the table. Stylish decorative cushions or a round pouf can also be placed underneath the side table.
  • Make sure your coffee table decoration matches the rest of the living room! This creates a harmonious overall picture.
  • A bowl or even a tray is ideal for quickly setting the scene for your coffee table in just a few simple steps.
  • Candles are an absolute evergreen! The flickering light creates a cozy atmosphere.
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