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creativve curtain ideas

Creative curtain ideas for living rooms etc. in 2024

Some say windows are the eyes of a house. However, to protect yourself from prying eyes, we need a beautiful and functional window covering. Curtains are particularly popular. There is a wide range of beautiful designs made from different materials. Colorful, white, patterned, checked or cream – everything is possible. The variants are so diverse that we can hardly list them all here. In our guide to curtains you will find out what you should pay attention to when buying. Get inspired by our creative curtain ideas!

Beautiful curtains and drapes offer a beautiful and easy way to create a feel-good atmosphere in any room. They can immediately add flair and also take the cold out of the room. There is hardly any home textile that can more easily create visual and living changes. As a nice addition, the various rods, eyelets, holders or other mounting options can then perfectly showcase the curtains.

Whether blackout, opaque or translucent: beautiful curtains are versatile. Several variants can also be combined so that the ideal window decoration can be created for every room. For example, you could choose extra-long curtains or short, modern living room curtains that look particularly good on a narrow window front.

Have you always wondered what the small but subtle difference actually is between curtains and drapes? Or are they actually one and the same? We have the answer: The material or the thickness of the fabric is crucial!Curtains: Transparent, semi-transparent fabrics that are mainly used to beautify the room and therefore offer little privacy.Curtains: Opaque fabrics that protect from views and light and are therefore primarily used to darken rooms such as the bedroom.

Consider whether your curtains should be in the background or bring color into the room. Depending on the situation, you can choose monochrome or colorful versions. Think about installing the curtains. Curtain rod or a curtain rail? Depending on the situation, you need different attachment options. Transparent or with privacy protection? Depending on your preference, you can choose light curtains that act as additional decoration in the room. Or you can choose opaque curtains that give you a little more privacy.

Ready-made curtains certainly have the advantage that they are usually cheaper and you don’t have to wait for them. They can also be easily adjusted in length either by yourself or by a tailor. Custom-made curtains are more individual, fit perfectly into the room and correspond 100% to your taste. Based on these points, the decision can be better weighed up.

creative curtain ideas
creative curtain ideas

It’s best to choose the curtains and drapes according to your taste, intended use or furnishing style. Here are some popular examples:

  • Sliding curtains
  • Loop scarf
  • Kitchen curtains
  • Sliding curtains
  • Decorative scarves
  • Transparent curtains
  • Patterned curtains
  • Country house style curtains
  • Scandi style curtains

Which model you ultimately choose is entirely up to you. Think about which room and with which function you are looking for a curtain.

The living room is probably the most important room – this is where we spend the most time! This makes it all the more important to choose the right curtains for optimal comfort. Here come our curtains living room ideas:

creative curtain ideas

Curtains living room ideas are particularly versatile. Because in the living room the darkening is more in the background. Here they are primarily used as decoration. When curtains and furniture are color coordinated, this contributes to a particularly beautiful feeling of space.

Pieces of furniture are only really showcased with the right decoration. This also includes curtains for large windows, luxury curtains, designer curtains or even a chic decorative curtain. Curtains with flowers in a romantic style go wonderfully with shabby chic interiors. We recommend stylish country house curtains in a light beige for pretty wooden furniture.

Do you love it minimalistic? The highlight: simple furniture and muted colors. Dark gray blackout curtains create a nice contrast to furniture and textiles that are otherwise in light tones.

Should it be elegant and classic? White, shiny decorative curtains fit perfectly into the interior and set an elegant accent. Also nice: fine stripes in the curtains!

Exclusive curtains with lace and ruffles or transparent curtains are welcome in a vintage look. A loop curtain or transparent curtains also contribute to a playful flair. Extraordinary curtains with silver threads or gold applications are very elegant. These are particularly effective when combined with other ornate decorations, such as a chandelier or candlesticks. Colorful models provide a welcome splash of color in the home and create a homely atmosphere.

creative curtain ideas
creative curtain ideas

Which material you choose is on the one hand a matter of taste, but on the other hand it also depends on the intended function and the room in which the curtains are to be hung. For example, different fabrics and materials are suitable for children’s room curtains than for the bathroom or kitchen. If you want a particularly strong opacity, it is an advantage to choose long and heavy curtains. They look beautiful and also offer optimal privacy protection. How about curtains made of opulent velvet, for example? If you can’t decide, mix light curtains with heavy curtains. This leaves nothing to be desired!

White is too boring and cool for you, but you don’t like color in front of your windows either? Curtains in beige or gray are the perfect interim solution. And they complement any interior design style perfectly.

Useful wherever curtains are primarily decorative, but also where they are not intended to be permanently covered: tassel tiebacks are a nice idea to “tame” curtains.

Living can be so beautiful! Especially if you can combine the art of living and the art of living – like the Bohemians! In order to be able to furnish yourself in boho style, you of course also need matching curtains that underline the cozy living ambience. Examples here would primarily be found in unusual fabrics with wild, exotic patterns. Otherwise, you can also opt for light models with a linen look. Or: Why not use our DIY macrame curtain as a living room curtain idea? For this you need:

  • A 1.2 m long wooden pole
  • 24 ropes of 5 m each
  • A scissors

1 ) basic framework

Place 2 ropes over the pole and secure them together with a double knot on the pole. Make this pair knot a total of 12 times.

2 ) knotting

Start by knotting the macrame to create a diamond pattern.

3 ) hanging

Now hang the curtain and cut the ends at floor level.

What is important in this style of living is that everything – furniture, curtains or other accessories – appears casual and light.

Curtains should not be missing in any home! Make rooms really comfortable. The only important thing is that you find a suitable style for every room:

creative curtain ideas
creative curtain ideas

The most important thing in the sleeping area is the correct darkening. We therefore particularly recommend opaque curtains, especially in colors that have a calming effect, such as dark blue, warm violet or classic white.

Creative curtain idea for the bedroom: If you want, you can also use curtains as a canopy. This means you can give your bedroom a cozy and personal touch in just a few simple steps. You can then tie these to small hooks that you attach to the wall. Curtains in white are particularly good for this . This makes you feel like you’re sleeping under clouds.

creative curtain ideas
creative curtain ideas
creative curtain ideas

Here the curtains can of course be colorful and fun – the children’s superheroes look good. Examples can be comic characters, fairytale princesses or even small animals. With motifs like these, everything is just fun – a childlike, cheerful design! But if the rest of the children’s room is exciting, simple curtains also work well. Otherwise it would get too restless!

creative curtain ideas

We also want to feel comfortable in the kitchen and not feel like we are constantly being watched. Translucent, light curtains are particularly suitable here, as they protect against unwanted glances but still allow enough light into the room. At the same time, they also serve as sun protection and prevent you from being blinded when preparing food or the room from heating up too much.

creative curtain ideas

Small windows can easily be made a little larger with curtains. The trick: attach these on both sides next to the frame. Plus: For more light, choose bright versions made of thin fabric! The alternatives here are Roman blinds or pleated blinds.

Before you buy beautiful curtains, you should think about the hanging system. For example, think about how long the curtains should be and whether the respective model is even suitable for a curtain rail or a curtain rail. You should pay attention to correct attachment, especially with wide models . Do you have a bay window? Beautiful curtains are a must here too, but attaching them is a little more complicated!

  • Round rods: These are available in different materials, colors and diameters and even single or multi-barreled. They are suitable for blinds, loop and eyelet curtains. So if you choose a curtain with eyelets, you also need the right curtain rods.
  • Clamp rod: With these rods, assembly is child’s play. No drilling necessary!
  • Curtain Tracks: These are available with up to 5 tracks. Fabric panels attached to panel trolleys and curtain rolls are pushed back and forth on rails. They are ideal for panel curtains, blinds and classic curtains.
  • Curtain rods with inner runner: They combine the function of a rail with the look of the round rod. If you choose a rod with two curtain rails, you can wonderfully combine the blind and decorative curtain with each other. The sliding curtain has become very popular in recent years. It can look ideal in all rooms. Curtain scarves can create an airy atmosphere when hung on the side of the sliding curtains.
  • Steel cables: Like curtain rods, they are attached to the wall or ceiling with a bracket. Screws and dowels should be tailored to the weight of the curtain.

In addition to the well-known tips and tricks, we recommend that you always pay attention to the product information on labels or product pages. Some curtains are made from high-quality, delicate fabrics and need to be professionally cleaned. Most models made of cotton or synthetic fabrics can usually be washed in the washing machine at 30 °C. It’s best to let them air dry afterwards to avoid unsightly wrinkles forming in the dryer. If you hang up the damp curtains again immediately after washing, they can hang out beautifully and keep their shape. 

In stores you can also find special detergents for white curtains or versions made from very fine and delicate materials. Unpleasant odors or discolorations can also be removed with a special cleaner.

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