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Baby Room Best Ideas in 2024

Whether it’s a boy or a girl – before the baby finally arrives, you have enough time in the nine months beforehand to design a wonderful baby room for the new family member. We give you great styling tips and decoration ideas for the baby room . Our interior experts from TUKA will also tell you what you need to consider when setting up your baby’s room and what options you have to combine the necessary with the beautiful when first furnishing it. Look forward to a successful combination of furniture, wall color, light and accessories so that you and your baby feel completely comfortable.

When a baby is born, it means the greatest emotions for the parents. You would like to do everything so that your protégé never lacks for anything. The first step in this direction is to beautifully design the baby’s room before birth, during pregnancy. Whether it’s a complete baby room set or individual pieces of furniture, what’s most important here is pollutant-free quality and a certain degree of practicality. Of course, the design and color selection also play an important role here so that the parents and the baby can feel completely comfortable in the kidsroom.

If you are thinking about a baby room, you have the choice: either you set up your little one’s own baby room or you design their own room area – for example in your bedroom.

  • Tip 1: To stimulate the little one’s senses from an early age, you should attach great importance to harmonious colors and shapes when designing the baby’s room. Light and pastel wall colors, such as a delicate gray or beige tone, and wallpaper with calm patterns create a friendly and inviting environment.
  • Tip 2: Instead of painting or wallpapering the walls, you can hang pictures with large, colorful motifs in the baby’s room. This sharpens your little one’s senses even more. In this way you can decorate the motifs and colors again and again as you wish and provide new impulses.
  • Tip 3: Overall, it is important that you choose non-toxic materials that the baby can easily put in their mouth. Baby blankets made from cozy fabrics such as cashmere ensure maximum comfort and well-being.

Extra tip – a place full of security with a friendly atmosphere: Both the parents and of course the baby itself should be able to feel as comfortable as possible in the new baby room. Therefore, create a room that radiates peace and security and has a bright, friendly atmosphere.

Here is a brief overview of the baby furniture that must be completely included in the baby room so that your baby feels well looked after:

  • Baby bed:  The most important essential is the baby or children’s bed. It is the centerpiece of every affordable complete baby room and should therefore serve as a key piece. Baby beds should be equipped with bars. These ensure good ventilation. Air exchange is important so that the baby breathes well. Mattress and slatted frame are a must for the bed, just as they are for adult beds.
  • Changing table: In addition to sleeping, caring for the baby is also extremely important. Changing tables are used not only for changing, but also for massaging, cuddling and playing. Later in the children’s room, the chest of drawers can simply continue to exist without a changing mat. The chest of drawers also serves as storage space, which is extremely important even in a small baby’s room . Toys, blankets and cuddly toys can be stored here.
  • Wardrobe: To store all the little bodysuits, tights, shirts and bibs, you need a spacious closet where everything can disappear. Alternatively, you can also use chests of drawers as a practical storage place for rompers etc.
  • Nursing chair: A nursing chair is also an important part of the furnishings. Make sure it is particularly comfortable. A rocking chair is often chosen here.

Good to know – changing table, changing board or changing attachment: Basically, this is purely a question of taste and space. All three variants should definitely have a changing mat that is padded and washable. The height is also important because you should always be able to change diapers with your back straight. In addition, fall protection is an absolute must for safety. If you already have a chest of drawers in your baby’s room, choose a changing table or a changing board to support it.

Buying a complete baby room is tempting because it is cheaper. In addition, you don’t have to test, check and research every piece of furniture again. After all, it’s not just the colors , the wood and the style that should match each other – rounded edges, freedom from harmful substances and ecological acceptability also play a role. After all, our children should grow up in a beautiful and healthy world. A complete baby room from a trustworthy brand takes away a lot of worries at once and you can devote yourself entirely to the loving preparation.

A baby room set should contain the following 3 elements as initial equipment (other furniture and accessories can of course be added as desired):

  • Baby bed or baby cradle
  • Changing table (best as a changing table with a changing attachment that offers additional storage space)
  • Wardrobe
baby room

Your own, inherited pieces provide a lot of romantic nostalgia in the baby’s room. An old cradle, a retro wooden playpen or even a teddy bear that has been cuddled by several generations – all of these things bring back memories of our own childhood and thus increase our sensitivity to how we felt as children. This allows us to treat our own children more kindly and sensitively and creates new, wonderful memories.

But not everyone has that – and so you can of course also score points with accessories such as mobiles, bed canopies etc. and give your baby a wonderful night’s sleep! The color and motifs depend on the gender of your baby – whether you are designing the baby room for a girl or a boy !

A dimmable ceiling light is perfect in the baby’s room. It provides enough light for changing diapers and also provides gentle brightness when the baby is in bed. A small night light is also helpful when you go to change your little one at night.

  • Tip 1: Choose the most beautiful light from numerous playful motifs. The only important thing is that it glows softly and is not blinding. A wall or floor lamp is just the thing for later bedtime stories.
  • Tip 2: When you design the baby’s room, you can decorate a beautiful sky with shining stars above the bed. Mobiles are also available in countless designs to suit every interior style.
  • Tip 3: Cushions, blankets and curtains with simple patterns and prints are also a great way to decorate the room. In any case, decorative objects should be baby-friendly without sharp corners and edges.

A carpet is particularly suitable as floor covering in the baby’s room, although it has to be cleaned often and at great expense. It cushions and offers the baby a soft surface to crawl on.

Cork and wood parquet or laminate can also be good floor coverings in the baby’s room. The advantage: they can be cleaned more easily. You can ensure coziness here with a carpet or runner. This also makes the floor more non-slip and therefore safer for your baby.

If you like to plan ahead, you can of course also do this for the kidsroom for girls or boys . Your little miracle will also grow and enrich your life more and more. Since good and beautiful furniture has its price, multifunctional furniture that grows with you is also an option. Find high-quality models in our shop. Furniture and accessories in a timeless design can also be used very practically in the baby room and later in the kidsroom.

Tip: Buy a bed where the bars can be removed. This way you can later turn it into a children’s bed. Also think about enough storage space. Your little one is still small and so are his clothes. But: The bigger your darling gets, the more toys and clothes they will accumulate.

The choice of color also plays a central role: pink, blue or any other strong color is often a bit too much for the children. Get ahead of this by shopping for baby furniture in white or gray. You are always on the right side with neutral tones. If desired, you can simply brighten them up with a different color.

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