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home furnishings

Home Furnishings: The Most Beautiful Ideas & Best Tips in 2024

As exciting and beautiful as the “home furnishing” project can be, it is also challenging. When it’s time for a new interior in your old apartment or in a brand new home, you don’t have to rush into the adventure alone. After all, that’s what we’re here for. We bring the know-how, the experience, the specialist knowledge and the trends. 

We provide you with inspiration, ideas and information for every room you want to furnish, suitable for every style and adapted to every budget. Here you will find a large pool of creative concepts, styles and trend reports that you can use as a guide and inspiration. If you would also like professional advice from our experts, stop by our interior design service TUKA Collection.

home furnishings

Before you put together a shopping list of furniture and grab a brush and paint, it is advisable to draw up a plan for the interior design . A needs analysis forms the basis on which further planning can be based. We will explain the most important steps of this needs analysis so that you are optimally prepared for your interior project.

Go through room by room and list what you need here. Always ask yourself how intensively you use the space. This will help you find out how big your sofa should be, how much storage space you need in the kitchen, and whether you would rather invest in a large dining table or a new television. As you take this step, think about how much light you need in each room

Check out different styles. Which one do you particularly like? Should your interior be more puristic, modern, romantic, relaxed or rustic? Once you have found a style that suits you, it will now be easier for you to coordinate the individual furnishing elements. The result will be more harmonious. Try to view the apartment as a coherent concept. Of course, you can give each room its own style, but make sure that the directions are not mixed too wildly.

You can either draw directly on a copy of the apartment floor plan with a pen, or you can use an app or an online 3D room planner. Calculate how much space you need to plan for bed, couch, cupboards, tables and the like. You can also add small side furniture later. You should definitely think about lamps, sockets and connections and mark them.

home furnishings

Further narrow down your furniture search, your choice of wall color or tiles and wallpaper by coming up with a concept. First determine a basic color for each room and two to three secondary colors. Be brave. You can now use this as a guide when purchasing furniture and receive a completely coherent concept. The same principle can also be applied to materials. Don’t mix more than four materials in any room. This seems restless very quickly.

Extra tip: You can significantly vary the mood in the room with lighting elements, colors, decorations and plants.

Now you can shop for your home. First of all, floors, tiles, wallpaper and wall paint for one or two walls as an accent, if you have the freedom to help design all of this. Then furniture and appliances and finally decoration, textiles such as cushions, accessories and plants. You can also add the latter, small but important mood makers, once the majority of the furnishings are in place. Then you will get a good impression of what the atmosphere is like and how much you want to change it.

Who does not know it? Wow, the rug looks so great, it will definitely fit perfectly into my living room! And then the good piece arrives and you realize that it is much too big or too small. When buying furniture, be sure to pay attention to the size information and measure the space in your room.

Not everyone has a large apartment and so space-saving solutions are needed for new home furnishings. For example, discover our tips for a beautiful living-dining room !

And last but not least, a small but nice tip for furnishing your home. Because sometimes less is more. Don’t overcrowd your room and also reduce your decorations. Instead, choose some beautiful designer pieces that you will have for years to come. This also applies to the walls.

Now it is difficult to set a general price for a home furnishing. This is influenced by too many factors, such as the size of the apartment and the condition of the apartment. Finally, the question arises: Do you just need furniture, or do you also need a fitted kitchen, a complete bathroom or a whole set of household goods? Do you have to hire craftsmen or can you do a lot of things yourself? Do you already have furniture that you want to integrate into the new interior?

Nevertheless: In principle, you can decide to invest in good quality rather than particularly cheap furniture. Get high-quality pieces in a timeless design that you will still appreciate for years to come. Before you have to completely replace the furniture again after just two to three years. This is cheaper for you in the long term and also more sustainable.

With all these decision-making questions, analyzes and plans, you are not on your own. As already briefly mentioned, TUKA offers an interior design service, TUKA Collection. Here you can create your room design for all rooms together with professional interior design consultants, stylists and interior designers .

The emphasis here is on “together”. It is very important to our experts to respond to your wishes, ideas and needs and to do justice to your expectations.

The more information you share with us, the better the professionals can plan a room for you. We will then present you with a 3D concept, along with a shopping list. Using the pictures and the list, you can now order and shop what you like. Whether living room, bedroom or the entire apartment – ​​contact us!

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