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Home Furniture: Best Guide in 2024

The first home usually represents a new phase in the owner’s life. Furnishing it properly is not that easy! For the ultimate overall look, the facade of the house should also harmonize with the interior – especially after building your own house. The motif runs like a common thread through every aspect of your home. Here in the guide we present you tips and ideas for furnishing your house! Of course, you can also click through the articles from our interior experts and gather even more inspiration for planning and shopping.

Before furnish, you need to find style. This gives you a common thread that runs through the entire house and the result looks harmonious. Let’s start with one of the most popular interior design styles:

Home Styles: The country house style

For many people, a romantic house in the country makes a lifelong dream come true. An idyllic location, quiet surroundings and a large garden are not only reflected in the facade of the house. The interior can also be kept in the appropriate style. Light natural tones such as cream, white and gray harmonize wonderfully with the classic materials of the country house style. 

Wood, linen, cotton, raffia or fur emphasize the rustic look. Textiles with Vichy checks or traditional floral prints as well as ceramic accessories with signs of wear complete the romantic look. For authentic accents, you can also integrate vintage pieces from the flea market. This means that even a new building has a rustic character.

Home Styles: The Mediterranean style

The Tuscan style immediately brings to mind warm summer evenings and beautiful holidays. No wonder Mediterranean house facades are so popular! In order to radiate the southern flair of the house inside, warm colors such as terracotta, mustard yellow or saffron are a must! Dark wood home furniture, clay decorations and southern plants further emphasize the style. Bronze-look accents complete the look.

Home Styles: The minimalist style

The Bauhaus style house with a flat roof, geometric shapes, lots of glass and metal reflects the modern spirit of the new millennium. Here too, the restrained design of the house can be reflected in the decoration and furnishings. Monochrome color palettes in shades of white, gray and black make even a simple building look elegant and interesting. Let the modern building concept speak for itself and don’t overload your interior with too many home accessories. Chrome-look accents add a glam factor, while modern paintings in XL format conjure up exciting accents in your home.

Home Styles: The classic, elegant style

A house with a city villa design conveys understated elegance and glamorous architecture. For this purpose, elegant and classic furnishings can also be used inside. Use timeless and high-quality fabrics such as velvet, silk or marble for the furnishings. Home accessories with a metallic effect bring the necessary shiny effects. Carpets with classic patterns create a cozy atmosphere, while decorative pillows create subtle splashes of color.

Home Styles: The American style

The American architectural style is not only popular in the USA. A cozy porch with matching rocking chairs and rustic wooden paneling are now a well-known architectural style all over the world. If you own such a house, you can also emphasize the American way of life inside. A comfortable box spring bed, a large kitchen with a cooking island and the classic quilt contribute to the typical American style. Comfortable veranda home furniture or a porch swing skilfully round off the look.

Tip: Even if you don’t limit yourself to a specific style or want to design your furnishings differently than the outside facade, you can add individual accents. Our tip: incorporate the surroundings and location of your house into the furnishings! Photos of the landscape and home accessories from local artists reflect your home in the decor. Or you can use suitable materials from your region. This way, the location of the house is discreetly emphasized and you support regional businesses. A win-win situation, then!

Are you a fan of colors and don’t want to leave your house white inside? Then let me give you a tip: go for neutral tones. How about beige or gray, for example? A single wall or even smaller rooms can of course also be painted in more striking colors.

The home furniture is of course crucial to furnishing the house. For your house, in which you want to live for a long time, you should buy timeless, high-quality furniture if possible. Design icons are also available. If you rely on designer pieces, it is a real investment, but one that is worth it. You won’t want to replace them again so quickly. Multifunctional home furniture that is particularly practical is also in demand. For example, a sofa bed in the guest room is ideal.

When moving from a small apartment, you often still have old home furniture that you want to combine with new ones. Make sure that the new home furniture has visual similarities with the old pieces so that a harmonious overall look is created.

To ensure coziness, textiles and plenty of light sources are a must. Carpets, curtains and lots of cushions are highlighted with floor lamps, table lamps and pendant lights.

Every house needs decoration. Because it is only through decoration that a house becomes a home. You can use the decoration to spice up the timeless home furniture. The basic decoration: vases, candles, wall pictures. You can also use the decoration to showcase your interior style. Haven’t you found it yet? Then read on straight away.

Are you furnishing your house and thinking about what shouldn’t be missing from your dream home? Here are our TUKA top room ideas!

Living room and kitchen

Let’s start with the basics. Of course, a living room and kitchen should not be missing. When it comes to these rooms, pay particular attention to ensuring that they correspond exactly to your ideas. This is the only way you will enjoy your home furnishings for a long time. In the living room, the couch should be the centerpiece. Make sure the sofa is big enough for the whole family. How about a modular model? To round off the sofa corner, add armchairs and/or stools and a coffee table. It gets cozy with a carpet. Do you have an open kitchen in the living area? Then place a dining table in the middle.

This is what you need to set up:


In the bedroom , the bed clearly plays the main role. How you place it is important for good sleep. According to Feng Shui, for example, the bed should never be placed directly opposite a door or between the door and the window. Nevertheless, both should be in sight. No space for a wardrobe? Then put it on a sideboard. Closed storage space is important so that the room does not appear restless.

This is what you need to set up:

  • Bed
  • Mattress
  • Nightstands
  • Bedding and pillows
  • Wardrobe or clothes rails in combination with shelves and chest of drawers
  • Clothes hanger
  • Mirror
  • Ceiling lamp
  • Bedside lamps
  • Curtains
  • Laundry basket


The aim here is to skillfully and harmoniously accommodate many different areas in one room. Because a kidsroom ideally consists of a corner for sleeping, a corner for playing and an area for studying. Important: Make sure you have enough storage space! And let your child help shape it.

You need this:

  • Cot
  • Children’s closet
  • Carpets
  • Curtain
  • Children’s table and chairs
  • A teepee tent or other retreat

Guest room

A house often also has space for a guest room for friends and family. A neutral decoration is recommended here. This remains timeless and welcomes all your guests.

You need this:

  • A bed or a sofa bed
  • A cupboard, a sideboard or a chest of drawers
  • An armchair, a bed bench or a stool
  • Cozy textiles


An office is also usually on the wish list of new homeowners. Make sure you have a facility that doesn’t distract you from work. Decorative file folders beautify your documents, a stylish desk is the perfect workplace for you. Wall pictures with inspiring slogans increase your motivation as soon as you enter the room.

  • Desk
  • Desk chair
  • More seating
  • Shelf or similar for storage space

Basement, cellar

The basement often offers additional space. In addition to a practical storage room, other living ideas can also be set up here. A hobby or fitness room can be integrated here, for example. Are you a big film fan? Then a cinema room with a projector, screen and comfortable couch would be just the thing. A popcorn machine adds the finishing touches. The workshop with a workbench and plenty of storage space for all kinds of utensils is an ideal addition for all hobby craftsmen and car lovers.

Mental castles in the air are the first step to your dream home. Because everything starts with the idea and desire for your own home. The planning begins and you should definitely seek advice from experts – including when it comes to the floor plan. Of course, your preferences and wishes play into the architectural design, but the external conditions also have to be right for implementation. In addition to appearance, safety and stability should definitely be taken into account. 

When it comes to the floor plan of your house, you should seek advice from an architect. After all, he knows exactly which weak points in a house need to be clarified. And he also has the right touch when it comes to room layout.

Of course, it’s always a matter of interior design and furniture, because tastes are fundamentally different and there are a lot of different furnishing styles . Purist looks that appear very clean and grown-up, but still have a harmonious look, are particularly popular at the moment. Few decorations, no frills and a lot of straight lines characterize this interior design.

The industrial style is also totally in at the moment. Bare, cold walls, lots of concrete, leather sofas, spacious rooms and a touch of industrial feeling – that’s exactly what awaits you if you design your house in this living style. In general, it’s not just about the interior design, but above all about the decoration. Because only the right house ideas in combination with beautiful home accessories make your house a real dream house – by the way, you can find more inspiration in our article!

Uh la la! That’s exactly what we think when we stroll past our neighbors’ fancy houses on our Sunday walk. To be jealous! The design of the outside area alone is so loving and modern that we can already imagine the look inside. Whether it’s a Mediterranean style that is reminiscent of the last summer vacation in Tuscany, or a modern style with a Bauhaus look – these houses are simply impressive!

Mediterranean house

This house presents itself in a summery, light chic style, the shape of which adapts entirely to the layout of the property. The view from the living and dining area is oriented towards the spacious terrace with an inviting pool. And the modern window facade also catches the bright light of the summer months and transports it into the interior of the house. Natural materials such as wood, rattan, raffia and sisal are perfect elements for an authentic interior that blends in with the Mediterranean look. A relaxed holiday feeling is included in this house idea!

Modern house

Modern lines meet minimalism! The floor plan of this house may seem angled, but its geometric simplicity still makes the look appear clean and puristic. The different corners and edges give the house a dynamic design. A roof studio and a roof terrace with panoramic views are particularly suitable for this look.

House with a clear view

Have you ever noticed that the windows are the focus of every plan and that their shape and proportion significantly influence the appearance of the house? It feels like the windows are getting bigger and bigger – no wonder! A clear view of the surroundings and nature brings an extra portion of light into the interior of the room and thus contributes significantly to well-being. Large-scale glazing is very trendy and makes the house appear airy, modern and yet elegant.

Chalet style house

Lots of wood, stone and decorative details – the chalet style is extremely popular not only for interior design, but also for outdoor areas. Untreated wood is the basic style element. That’s why it’s not surprising that a chalet-style house is made entirely of wood – including the walls, ceilings and furniture. This creates a rustic charm that ensures a lot of coziness.

Country chic house

The special charm of this house is clear at first glance. The property is directly adjacent to idyllic forests and a breathtaking lake. But of course a country chic house can be staged almost anywhere. Basically, a house in this style looks very traditional, but at the same time extremely charming. Rustic materials, lots of wood and indirect light sources also give this house something magical!

Modern luxury villa

Timeless and modern! A luxury villa in the trendy Bauhaus style is cubic in shape and constructed with clear lines. Special features are the glass surfaces, a flat roof and large sliding doors. Equally essential: the roof terrace integrated into the outdoor area and corner glazing. A dream of simple elegance that will never go out of style!

For more tips, tricks and ideas on furnishing your house, feel free to click through our articles. Our styling experts will tell you their interior secrets and what you should pay attention to for the perfect furnishings. Let yourself be inspired and make your personal dream home come true.

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