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Living room bar at home: How to design the best home bar in 5 steps!

A well-kept drink in a stylish ambience – sounds like a successful evening, right? With your own bar in the living room, you can make this interior dream come true for you and your guests. Are you spending more time in your own four walls again, but you still don’t want to miss out on the pleasure of going to the bar? Then get inspired here for your new living room bar in your home and mix one or two cocktails yourself here. Cheers!

How and where exactly you want to serve drinks and cocktails also depends on the spatial conditions. Depending on the space and furnishings, you can serve the drinks in a fully equipped bar or create the typical flair with individual gastronomic elements. We will now introduce you to four options for home bars:

A free wall offers ideal conditions for setting up a home bar with a wet bar in the living room. Large rooms in particular can be enhanced with a narrow counter, seating and tasteful furnishings . It’s best to choose counters, bar stools and shelves that match your furnishing style. Your friends will quickly become regular customers in your home bar!

For smaller rooms, a bar cabinet for the living room bar is more suitable. These special cabinets offer enough space for glasses, bottles and accessories – so everything is always in its place and always within reach. A bar cabinet often also offers additional storage space for mixing and serving . As an addition, you can also stage your wine rack.

Space-saving and versatile: shelves are a good way to prepare the bar for the living room . Different compartments make beautiful glasses and bottles an eye-catcher in the room and make you want to have your next after-work drink when you look at them. They can also be integrated very well into the existing facility .

Have you already discovered them on Instagram & Co.? Bar and serving trolleys are currently experiencing a revival in many living rooms. The designs have not lost their characteristic retro look and give any room a glamorous touch. Metal models in particular ensure a stylish presentation in the Art Deco style.

How do you imagine an inviting bar? Theoretically, you can easily transfer the look of your favorite bar to your own bar in the living roomThe style of the home bar should also match the rest of your living room furnishings.

  • Classic: A pleasant atmosphere, warm light and wooden elements create this look. Midcentury furniture creates the cool Mad Man look.
  • Modern: Neutral colors, glass and metal create an elegant ambience. Textiles and plants also make it cozy.
  • Glamorous: With gold-colored metal, crystal glasses and velvet decorations, the shimmering 20s style is created – the place to be!

Depending on how big you want your bar in the living room to be, you can equip it with matching furniture and decorations. If you have space for a counter , it is best rounded off in style with bar stools. A bar table should be placed near sofas and armchairs so that you can drink near the preparation. In addition, a table as a storage space completes the bar furniture ensemble .

But what makes a home bar perfect for the living room? Exactly: the decoration! Here are our tips for successful styling:

  • Chic coasters and tablets
  • Wall decoration: illuminated letters, mirror or clock
  • Plants and herb pots
  • Bowls for snacks
  • Wine and beer cooler, ice container
  • Cocktail shaker

Ambience is everything, even in the living room bar at home ! You can create the typical dim lighting atmosphere with indirect light, for example from several table lamps or from LEDs integrated into the shelf . Lanterns also look good on a counter or side table and add warmth to the room. Also put together a suitable playlist that provides the background music. The music shouldn’t be too loud for conversations, but should support the atmosphere well.

Once the bar is ready, the basic equipment is of course needed. Our top 5 must-haves for a successful evening:

  1. Drinks: First decide on 1-3 signature drinks or cocktails. You can also make a small map and print it out. To do this, you will need the right spirits and other ingredients as well as ice for mixing. You can also provide a few basics such as wine, beer and soft drinks. We recommend having gin, rum, cognac, whisky, tequila and vodka on hand for good supplies.
  2. Glasses: Choose matching glasses for your home bar. Different drinks (also depending on the spirit) are traditionally served in different types of glasses. It’s best to equip yourself with appropriate sets.
  3. Ice cubes: Although they are prepared in the kitchen, they should not be missing in the bar! They last longest in a special, insulated container. Tip: A small pair of tongs helps with hygienic pouring into the glass.
  4. Accessories: Place bottle openers, cocktail shakers and straws e.g. B. made of stainless steel.

Extras: If you want to offer additional little things to eat, nice bowls are great for this. You can also elegantly provide the glasses on a metal tray.

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