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Wooden Furniture: How wooden furniture brings nature into the home with 5 best reason

No matter whether nordic, elegant or rustic, of course: with furniture, walls and accessories made of wood, nature comes into your home. Solid wood furniture represents living in its original and authentic form. They embody robustness, warmth and security. And that suits every living style! So discover how you too can perfectly integrate wooden furnishings into your living style. We also introduce you to the most popular types of wood and give you tips for the perfect decoration with wood. Get inspired!

1. Quality

Furniture made from solid or solid wood is characterized by its high quality. Thanks to the robust and timeless properties, you will enjoy high-quality wooden furniture for a long time.

2. Longevity

As long as you treat your wooden furniture with care, it can accompany you for the rest of your life and can often even be passed on to the next generation.

3. Indoor climate

Wood is a hygroscopic material. This means that it can absorb and release moisture. If the air humidity is very high in summer, the wood absorbs it. In winter, it releases moisture into the dry heated air and can help protect the mucous membranes from drying out.

4. Individuality

Are you looking for a unique piece that no one else has at home? Then wooden furniture is the right choice for you! Because furniture made of solid wood always differs in its pattern. For even more individuality, you can have a unique piece made by a carpenter or purchase an antique find.

5. Sustainability

Wood is a renewable natural raw material. This offers the best conditions for a sustainable economy. So why not choose furniture made from (local) wood and protect the environment at the same time?


Are you convinced about furnishing with wood, but don’t yet know which type is right for your home? Then we have the ideal overview for you here!

  • Pine: Pine wood is the second most common type of wood in Central Europe after spruce. This variety is extremely durable and is therefore particularly popular for making furniture.
  • Oak: Oaks grow almost everywhere in the world and are one of the most important deciduous trees in the timber industry. Thanks to its weatherproof and resistant properties, this variety can even be used untreated.
  • Mango wood: Mango wood is a byproduct of mango harvesting. This variety is relatively light, but has good density. Therefore, it is considered very stable and durable.
  • Teak: The teak tree (or teak) is a tropical hardwood of the mint family. It originally comes from the deciduous monsoon forests of South and Southeast Asia. Thanks to the rubber content, this wood is particularly resistant to insects, chemicals and fungi.
  • Stone pine: Stone pine trees are found mainly in the high mountains. Due to the distribution area of ​​the stone pine, the tree is exposed to extreme weather and is therefore very resilient.
  • How do furniture made of solid wood, solid wood and real wood differ?
  • The term is misleading: When it comes to furniture made from real wood , only the fronts are usually veneered with wood. This variant is therefore often referred to as veneer wood. The advantage: You get a convincing look that is still inexpensive.
  • A furniture made of solid wood , on the other hand, must be made entirely of one type of wood, except for the back. Here you get a piece of furniture that will give you joy for a long time!
  • Furniture made from solid wood is even higher quality . Similar to solid wood, a single type of wood is used. However, only boards that are sawn directly from the tree trunk as a whole are used – without knotholes, inclusions or cracks. Therefore, only particularly high-quality pieces of wood are used for solid wood furniture. Due to the demanding processing, it is the most expensive variant.
Real woodOnly the fronts are veneered with wood
Solid woodCompletely (except for the back) made of one type of wood
Solid woodHigh quality, continuous piece of wood

How you can combine wooden furnishings in the most beautiful way

Would you like to integrate a little more wood into your favorite living style? Then let our styling ideas convince you!

Light wooden furniture for Scandi style

The simplest solution for a Nordic-inspired apartment: a combination of light wood and white . You can create this look yourself. The Scandinavians invented it and it makes every room look light as a feather and minimalist at the same time. Local tree species such as beech, pine and spruce are perfect for the trendy Scandi style .

Wooden furniture: Modern style

No, wooden furniture doesn’t have to look traditional or rustic! You can just as easily enhance your modern interior style with young and unconventional it-pieces. It’s best to rely on functional, straight-line models without any frills.

For the cool industrial look, you can also combine solid wood furniture with metal elements. Dark woods look particularly beautiful with black or muted tones such as gray, khaki, sandy brown or aubergine. Our tip: teak wood or walnut wood !

Wooden Furniture: Country house style

This trend makes you feel really good! Combine your furniture with rustic materials like stone and natural fabrics like linen and cotton.

It’s best to choose local woods such as pine, oak, birch or teak . The furniture can also be painted white or whitewashed. Playful decorations or carvings also look particularly beautiful.

Wood is a rustic, natural material that is suitable for making floors, cabinets, tables, chests and many other pieces of furniture . You can find out from us how you can integrate the all-rounder into every room.

Wooden furniture in the living room for more comfort

We want to feel comfortable in the living room and spend many cozy hours. A wooden coffee table or a solid wood chest of drawers creates the desired flair in no time. If that’s not enough, you can use floors and walls with a wooden look. Perfect for your dining room: a natural wooden dining table .

Reading tip: You can find many more tips for the wooden living room in our article.

Sleep better with wooden furniture in your bedroom

Did you know that the essential oils of some types of wood can improve sleep and calm us down in the evening? The natural material also ensures perfect humidity. Solid wood beds are the perfect choice for a restful night.

A children’s or baby’s room should not only look cute, but also be practical and robust . Ultimately, we want a lot of furniture to grow with the children and be usable for a few years to come. We therefore also recommend solid wood furniture for our little ones, such as the cot, the desk or the chest of drawers.

Reading tip: Discover all the ideas for your wooden children’s room in our articles.

The wooden kitchen is the charming center of the apartment

Different woods also impress us in the kitchen. After all, who doesn’t want a sustainable and long-lasting material in their cooking area?

Wooden furniture for a stylish outdoor area

The outdoor area often presents us with difficulties when choosing furniture. After all, we want to find outdoor furniture that looks good but also survives the weather well. Thanks to tropical woods such as teak, this is no longer a problem.

Tip: With the right care, wood is the perfect material for the garden or terrace. Please note, however, that you should treat the furniture around once a year, for example with oil!

Oasis of well-being: the bathroom with wooden furniture

The natural material can even be used wonderfully in the bathroom. The high humidity is compensated for by wooden furnishings. And the essential oils in the material conjure up a relaxing spa atmosphere.

Reading tip: You can find out what you need to pay attention to when it comes to a wooden bathroom in our article!

But of course it doesn’t just have to be pieces of furniture made of wood. Even small decorative accessories conjure up an inviting atmosphere in your own four walls. The possibilities are numerous here too: How about table decorations made of wood? Or you can decorate your home in a particularly natural way with a wooden ladder or a large branch! Wooden decorative items are also a great, sustainable gift idea for any occasion.

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