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IKEA Dubai vs. TUKA Dubai: Ultimate Services Comparison in 2024

When it comes to furnishing your home in the UAE and specifically in Dubai, especially expats who do not know the furniture market and options in the UAE might think of IKEA Dubai. Since IKEA, the Swedish giant in the furniture industry, is a household name known for its affordable do-it-yourself furniture. Even though the UAE-based brand, TUKA, has become a prominent name for locals as the #1 pure online furniture company in recent years, consumers from abroad are not aware of local furnishing companies.

While both companies offer a range of furniture solutions, we wanted delve into the furnishing experience to furnish your new home in the UAE with TUKA Dubai and IKEA Dubai and the respective pros and cons.

In our test, we tried to furnish a 2-Bedroom apartment at both furniture stores, IKEA Dubai and TUKA Dubai. Our video outlines the shopping experiences with both companies. Enjoy watching:

IKEA Dubai has earned its name “Swedish Labyrinth” playing on the fact that IKEA stores are known for their maze-like layouts, emphasizing the sometimes confusing and extensive journey shoppers need to go through to find their desired products. Going through the exhausting shopping experience at IKEA Dubai to furnish a 2-bedroom apartment, we clearly understand what the nick-name “Swedish Labyrinth” stands for.

The furnishing experience with IKEA Dubai was exhausting: One has to visit the showroom over multiple weeks (due to out-of-stock items), browse and pick furniture that match, order individual pieces, move, deliver, and assemble items over the course of multiple weeks. Not even detailing the hassle of the “Furniture Lego” process after shopping with IKEA Dubai, referring to the complicated and stressful assembly of IKEA furniture which is comparable to playing with LEGO bricks.

Whereas TUKA Dubai allows for an end-to-end furnishing journey defined by a beautiful home design set-up in 1-click, disrupting a dated furniture industry for the consumer’s benefit.

The outcome is surprising. Going through the painful shopping experience with IKEA Dubai does not save you money. In contrary, TUKA Dubai offers not only a better shopping experience and better quality but also more affordable furniture, saving up to 30-40% of the cost (AED 19,000 vs. AED 13,000). See the cost comparison for a 2-Bedroom apartment at IKEA Dubai vs. TUKA Dubai:

  • Stylish and tailored to UAE Lifestyles: TUKA understands the unique lifestyle of UAE residents and tailors its furniture offerings accordingly: Items are carefully designed, crafted and curated by a team of design experts to cater to different tastes. From compact designs suitable for smaller living spaces to premium options for those with larger homes, TUKA ensures that its products seamlessly integrate into the lifestyles in the UAE. Outdated Swedish mass market furniture designs fall below the standards of UAE consumers.
  • Hassle-free: With TUKA consumers’ can forget the old furnishing ‘drag’ that lasts multiple weeks and involves picking, buying, moving, and assembling furniture. Instead furnish your home entirely with one-click. The IKEA “Do-It-Yourself” philosophy is everything but fulfilling UAE consumers’ expectations.
  • Affordable: Thanks to TUKA’s direct-to-customer approach, which eliminates the traditional showroom furniture retailers, TUKA is able to offer beautiful and long-lasting furniture manufactured in the Middle East. A two-bedroom apartment can be furnished for Dh13,900 or less with an installment plan. Whereas, the logistics, warehouse and showroom costs for IKEA to the UAE leads to inflated prices.
  • Fast: With TUKA your new beautiful home is set-up within one day. Whereas, with IKEA Dubai the furnishing process will span over multiple weeks.

Ultimately, choosing a furniture store is a personal decision based on individual preferences and priorities. Whether you are a fan of the IKEA experience or find it daunting, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons to make informed decisions about your furniture purchases.  Yet, we would love to welcome you as a new TUKA customer.


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