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living room lighting

Indirect lighting in the living room: The 5 most important tips and ideas for beautiful light!

The right lighting – it’s like the icing on the cake, like the cherry on the cake. At least when it comes to furnishings! Hardly any other object can determine the atmosphere and feeling of well-being in a room like lamps, lamps and lights . Furniture and decorations can be so comfortable. The type of light plays a big role. You should pay particular attention to indirect lighting in the living room. Here we will explain to you exactly what this is and check the most important facts for you. We also have some great tips on how you can get the most out of your living room with the right light sources.

Direct light shines directly onto objects or into a room. This creates harsh shadows and strong contrasts between light and dark. In contrast, indirect light is reflected from a visor or is oriented so that the light rays first hit a wall or the ceiling. This small detour ensures that the brightness is scattered. Contours appear softer and a completely different ambience is created.

Anyone can imagine how uncomfortable a bright, single light bulb would be to illuminate a room. Aside from the fact that such direct light can be blinding, it also creates an uncomfortable atmosphere. Indirect light, on the other hand, has a gentler effect and can be regulated depending on needs, space and taste.

In general, basic lighting with direct light is useful. However, you should create a balanced ratio between indirect and direct light. Modern lighting design therefore relies on multiple light sources for different rooms. Direct light is needed wherever brightness is an advantage, for example for reading, writing or handicrafts, but also in the kitchen.

The living room is ideal for creating an attractive ambience with indirect light. There are different options for this. We will now introduce you to the five most popular ideas for indirect lighting:

living room lighting

The basic lighting in the living room must illuminate the room sufficiently if necessary, but should not create a sterile basic atmosphere. This is usually a lamp on the ceiling. Choose a hanging light or a ceiling lamp with a soft light color and a matt shade for indirect light.

living room lighting

Spotlights and wall lights provide variety in the play of light. You can create small islands in favorite places or showcase pictures and decorations. The higher the lamp, the larger the light cone – use this effect to create depth and an exciting perspective in the room.

living room lighting

A light source can also be an attractive decorative object in itself. Stylish floor lamps and decorative table lamps look great on shelves or as a bright addition to a seat. The so-called ceiling floodlights are also very popular for indirect lighting in the living room. These lamps shine upwards onto the ceiling and thus spread a particularly cozy light. Practical: Many ceiling floodlights have an additional reading lamp integrated, which provides direct light if necessary.

living room lighting

Light sources integrated into furniture look very modern. Shelves, showcases and even the sofa can be effectively showcased with LEDs. LED strips are attached almost invisibly along the furniture. Alternatively, you can also opt for decorative stucco moldings with LEDs on the ceiling. The result is indirect light sources that can be used alone or in combination with other living room lamps.

Especially in the dark season, the eyes enjoy small sources of light that can beautify the roomLanterns and lanterns with real or LED candles provide warm accents. Fairy lights on the windows create a special atmosphere – and not just at Christmas time.

  • Warm white light looks pleasant and inviting. Therefore, pay attention to this name when purchasing lamps.
  • You shouldn’t exceed 3300 Kelvin , because anything more makes the light appear very bright.
  • Also check the locations of your sockets before you start planning the lighting concept
  • Plan sensibly: A reading corner needs more light than the TV armchair or the bedroom!
  • It is better to use more lamps than too few so that you can vary the brightness.
  • Use LEDs to keep power consumption low.

Dimmable bulbs also provide even more flexibility and can be adjusted as required

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