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living room decoration

Living room decoration: The 10 best tips and ideas

Decorating the living room is crucial for the feel-good factor in every home. You could even say that the right decoration is the cherry on the cake when setting up! And it makes every room really homely and cozy. The living room is also the center of your home. It goes without saying that you should pay a lot of attention to this room when setting it up. Our interior experts have therefore put together the most beautiful tips and ideas for decorating your living room. Get inspired!

From modern, elegant or rustic, to shabby, boho and retro to minimalist: you can decorate the living room as you wish! With our diverse decoration ideas you can give your living room the finishing touch. Deciding on the right decoration can be particularly difficult if the living room is rather small. But no worry! Of course, even small rooms with just a few square meters can be stylishly staged. We have put together ideas for every living room and every taste for you. Overview of decorating the living room: Tips for a modern and cozy atmosphere

  • Based on the existing color world: When decorating the living room, it is important to orientate yourself on the existing color palette in order to create a harmonious overall picture.
  • Define a theme: Think of a theme or style that suits your personal preferences and decorate accordingly. Whether modern, Scandinavian, vintage or minimalist – a consistent theme gives the living room a special atmosphere.
  • Arrange groups: Place decorative objects such as vases, candles or figurines in groups to create interesting visual accents. Pay attention to a balanced distribution and different heights.
  • Choose an odd number: When putting together decorative elements, it is recommended to choose an odd number. This creates an attractive and balanced appearance.
  • Leave space: Avoid overloading the living room with decorations. Consciously leave space to create an airy and open atmosphere.
  • Play with different heights: Use decorative objects at different heights to give the living room more depth and structure. For example, combine table lamps with tall plants or wall shelves with lower decorative elements.
  • Choose different shapes: Vary the shapes of the decorative objects to create an interesting variety. Combine round vases with square picture frames or geometric cushions with organically shaped accessories.
  • Atmospheric lighting: Make sure you have the right lighting in the living room. Use different light sources such as floor lamps, table lamps or indirect lighting to create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Personality with Mirrors: Decorate the living room with mirrors to visually enlarge the space and reflect additional light. Choose mirrors in different shapes and sizes.
  • Add color accents: Bring color into your living room by working with pillows, curtains, rugs or wall pictures. Choose colors that match your interior and create a pleasant atmosphere.
living room decoration
living room decoration

Furnishing the living room comfortably can be a real challenge. Ultimately, you want to live comfortably and still give your room the necessary atmosphere. For a modern ambience, you should make sure that the living room is not overflowing with decorations. If the space in your living room is limited, you have to set particular priorities. Of course it shouldn’t be too empty!

Therefore the motto is: Find the right balance between furniture, available space and decoration ! Also follow the melon rule. This sets a standard for decorative objects: They should not be smaller than a melon. This means you decorate effectively and individual small objects don’t get lost in the crowd. Textiles are particularly important for coziness – we will explain this in more detail in our next tip.

living room decoration
living room decoration

The most popular decoration idea for the living room is fluffy home textiles such as decorative pillows, wool plaids, blankets and carpets . When it comes to designing a cozy living room, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on it. This is the best way to underline your furnishing style.

Also make sure that the colors of the fabrics you choose are coordinated. Of course, you don’t have to use the same tone. For a harmonious overall picture, the focus should be on a specific color palette. Different nuances from a color family make the living room shine stylishly.

living room decoration
living room decoration

A modern wall design in the living room gives your four walls a personal touch. Create a completely new atmosphere in your living room with colorful and decorative pictures, delicate wall tattoos and accent wall decorations. Or have an individual photo wallpaper installed in your home. Of course, the living room can also be transformed into your personal oasis of well-being with the right photography on the wall . There are motifs here that invite you to dream or let you reminisce about your favorite city.

living room decoration
living room decoration

No matter whether you want to integrate the dining table into your living room or decorate a coffee table: a beautiful table decoration is a must here too! Fresh flowers are an adornment for every room – especially in the living room. Here we can enjoy the delicate scent of our favorite flowers almost all day long. However, if you invest in high-quality vases made of fine glass, rustic smoked glass or luxurious porcelain, you will decorate your living room all by yourself.

Candles and beautiful candlesticks are also ideal for table decorations. Or how about a few stylish coffee table books ? This means you can add a little color to your living room in no time.

living room decoration
living room decoration

Tablets and e-books have replaced classic tomes and are books a thing of the past? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Books stimulate our imagination, make us dream and give us a nostalgic feeling. They also make an excellent decoration idea in the living room. A well-filled bookshelf in the living room also radiates coziness and warmth.

You can also place coffee table books decoratively here, not just on the coffee table. Arrange the books by color to create a trendy “Rainbow Shelves” look. In any case, we recommend a not too cluttered look and a mix of books and decorative objects.

living room decoration
living room decoration

With houseplants you bring life and naturalness into the living room – and are also very trendy. You should always keep in mind that this decoration idea for the living room involves living roommates. These therefore also require appropriate care. Which plant is best suited for your living room depends on the location as well as the light and temperature conditions. If you don’t have a green thumb, cacti and succulents are a great alternative to the classic plants. You can find out everything you should know about living room plants in our guide.

Lamps have a big influence on whether we feel comfortable in the living room or not. We therefore recommend using as many different light sources as possible instead of just one central lamp. Provide indirect lighting with different floor, table or wall lamps. This creates a cozy and atmospheric atmosphere at the same time.

Candles are an essential decoration for the living room, especially in autumn and winter. Whether modern in a minimalist candle holder or very classic in a glass. Because there is probably nothing more relaxing than ending the day on the sofa in the evening with a good book and flickering candlelight.

living room decoration
living room decoration

Who says mirrors don’t belong in the living room? Our interior experts have a completely different opinion. Because with this home accessory you can make small rooms appear larger. In addition, a mirror makes dark corners a little brighter in a clever way. Effectively decorated above the chest of drawers, the sideboard or the sofa, mirrors create an atmospheric overall picture. And after all, a quick mirror check in the living room doesn’t hurt, right? Variants in organic shapes are particularly in demand and are beautiful eye-catchers.

Simple looks in neutral tones are still particularly popular. But as we all know, a little color doesn’t hurt even a Scandi-chic living room! With small color accents you can bring a breath of fresh air into your living room without much effort. Because with colorful decoration the living room becomes modern. Either individual accessories such as cushions, candles, curtains or vases can take on this function. Or you can showcase your favorite color on a large scale. You create character in the form of a wallpaper or a carpet.

Tasteful decoration for your living room doesn’t always have to be expensive. Quite the opposite – you can pimp your living room for under 500 aed. There are also beautiful decorations for every taste and every budget that will enhance your living room in no time. In general, the styling rule always applies: less is more!

So choose your decorative items carefully so that the living room doesn’t look overloaded. On the one hand, you can invest in seasonal home accessories, which are often a little cheaper. To do this, you have to exchange the objects at different times of the year. Or you can spend a little more money and get timeless all-rounders for your living room that you can use to decorate all year round. No matter what you choose, our interior experts have selected all the products for you with a lot of love:

  • Clear lines: Too many flourishes and different shapes can quickly make small living rooms appear cluttered and restless. It’s better to orient yourself towards the simple style of the Northern Lights. The Scandi look scores with its clear lines, which make a small living room look tidy and clear. Functional furniture that impresses with a first-class design is just as in demand as clean accessories. 
  • Large mirrors for living room decoration: Mirrors make small rooms immediately appear more spacious and brighter without much effort. Mount a rectangular, elongated wall mirror above your sofa. But you can also create elegant eye-catchers with smaller mirrors in modern shapes.
  • Light wall colors in the living room: Dark colors and too many patterns on the walls unfortunately make small rooms seem even tinier in most cases. Do you want to be on the safe side? Then white or cream-colored walls are not wrong. They provide more width and can be easily combined.
  • Filigree furniture: Instead of the clunky corner sofa, upholstered furniture in a delicate style is much more suitable here. How about a small velvet two-seater? You can also combine it with an armchair or a small pouf. Instead of a large coffee table, you can integrate decorative side tables into a small living room. Plus: Use free areas like the window to decorate!
  • Neutral colors for the living room decoration : As with the walls, you should use neutral tones for the remaining colors for your small living room. Narrow rooms are visually loosened up by muted, natural nuances and therefore appear more airy. Use your basic base to create a uniform and harmonious spatial effect in your living room. By choosing your decoration for the living room in a modern style, you can add color accents.
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