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Living Room Furniture Guide: 7 Easy Steps

Light candles, put your feet up and let them fall into the soft cushions. Isn’t it nice that we have a space that is purely about feeling good and relaxing? Living room furniture means, above all, not just thinking about the function of the room. Here you should also choose furniture and decorative accessories that are stylish and comfortable.

Our interior experts know how to create a comfortable atmosphere. And with a few clever tricks, you too can transform your sofa, coffee table, armchair, etc. into a fantastic lounge! So let yourself be inspired by our ideas and our living trends . We are happy to help you with living room furniture as well as the entire house and have inspiration for every taste.

  1. Select the living room furniture: This way you can divide up the functionalities at the same time. Should your living room just be a place to relax or do you want a dining area and/or a workstation? Also create a focal point. In most cases this is the sofa.
  2. Decide on a style: There are many different furnishing styles conceivable for the living room. Just choose the look you like best!
  3. Determine the color concept: There are lots of different variations here too. However, natural earth tones such as beige are absolutely trendy for the living room. You can also add 2-3 additional colors so that the room doesn’t look monotonous.
  4. Make sure you have storage space: This step is all too easy to forget! Storage space is incredibly important to create order and coziness in your living room.
  5. Use light to create a cozy atmosphere in the living room: You should integrate several light sources, at least three. Indirect light also plays an important role!
  6. Think about the decoration: After all, the icing on the cake is the right decoration. However, don’t decorate too much and instead rely on a few larger objects. When grouping, pay attention to odd numbers.
  7. Design your walls: Whether it’s a whole picture gallery, individual photographs or a trendy wallpaper – wall design is simply part of the living room! What exactly this should look like depends on your chosen living style.

Stimulating conversations, fun game evenings, dinner together and many wonderful hours – we spend all of this at the living room table and on the sofa. When furnishing living room, a large table can be much more than just a dining area in the living-dining room . Because this piece of furniture is a place for communication and togetherness. Here you sit together, eat together and laugh with friends and family.

But it’s not just the coffee table that is an important element when furnishing a living room. After all, the sofa is the focal point of every living room interior . Regardless of whether you choose a two- or three-seater or a corner sofa: you should make your choice depending on the space available. Pay attention to the proportions of the room to the piece of furniture !

Of course, in addition to the table and sofa, other furniture such as armchairs, shelves , cupboards and chests of drawers as well as TV furniture should not be missing. These pieces of living room furniture are not only important for storing things and completing a living room. Of course, they are also a wonderful stage for pretty home accessories and decorative items .

When you furnishing living room, you can let your creativity run wild and live out your personal preferences in a comfortable way. Every living room is individual and says something about its inhabitants. Our style experts will introduce you to the most popular furnishing styles and living room furnitures for living room design.

Our tip in advance: The Rocky Foggy living room is particularly popular! A nice idea for feeling really comfortable at home.

There are three important factors about living room furniture in a Scandinavian style. Brightness, lots of space and natural materials (especially wood ). If you round this off with a lot of cosiness through decoration and textiles, nothing stands in the way of the Scandi style!

Curved shapes, wood and expressive colors characterize the retro style . A kidney-shaped coffee table should not be missing in the living room. Perfect for this: a vintage leather couch for the real vintage living room with charm!

Minimalism looks particularly modern and is absolutely popular. Furnishing living room in a minimalist way , stick to the motto “Less is more”. Clear shapes, simple colors and little decoration bring this style into your modern living room .

If you want to create a rural and rustic atmosphere in the living room, wooden furniture is the basis. Coffee table, living room wall and side table can impress in either an almost white or dark look. Delicate pastel tones are well suited for home accessories because they harmonize well with wood. Under no circumstances should flowers and green plants be missing from the country house style living room . Incidentally, the living room with a shabby chic look is closely related to this!

A spacious room like a loft is perfect for this style. Because this decoration creates a homage to old factory halls. The mix of metal and wood creates its special charm. Shelves made of matt metal in combination with solid wood – this creates a contrasting picture in the rustic living room !

Do you love the casual look and natural tones like cream, terracotta or mustard yellow? Then the boho style is just right for you. Plants are also a must in this living room design. Cotton textiles in a mix of patterns should also not be missing. You should also choose a lot of wood when choosing materials. The more natural, the better!

If, on the other hand, you prefer to rely on high-quality materials and timeless pieces of furniture, you can also set up a designer living room. Here you fall back on real design classics such as the Funk Accent Chair. A bar in the living room also looks particularly glamorous .

Not only the living style, but also the color concept plays a crucial role in determining how your living room will look later. There are lots of colors that are ideal. The color is introduced either through furniture, decoration or a wall color . Discover our favorite colors and tips for furnishing living room in our article.

When you furnishing living room, you don’t just need beautiful furniture and chic accessories. In order to make the interior comfortable, you also need to provide the right lighting with enough lamps . Bright background lighting can be created by wall lights or ceiling lamps . The indirect lighting is then implemented using floor lamps, decorative lights, wall and table lamps . An optimal combination to effectively showcase your living room furniture!

With sufficient basic lighting, you can perfectly illuminate your living spaces. This brings light into the darkness and creates coziness with accentuated light. A floor lamp with an integrated reading lamp next to the couch, table lamps on the shelf and on the side table are wonderful additions to the living room.

Extra tip: We have also put together further tips for a particularly cozy living room for you!

Storage space is often forgotten when furnishing and decorating. It is extremely important to have enough space for small items, accessories and textiles . Otherwise, disorder is inevitable! So make sure to create enough storage space in the living room with wall shelves, multifunctional furniture or practical baskets.

When furnishing living room, you should definitely not forget to decorate with accessories. Only through beautiful and appropriate decoration does the furnishings and thus the overall impression receive the finishing touches. A harmonious picture is the be-all and end-all. But which living room decorations can you use to make the room appear more lively and beautiful? We’ll show you how to make the right choice:

  • Consider style: For now, focus on your existing interior. What style is your living room design and what colors are represented? You should coordinate the decoration and home accessories with these factors in mind.
  • Add color: If the interior and color scheme are rather subtle and reserved, you can use colorful and bright accents in the decoration.
  • Add metallic accents: Strong, golden accessories also go perfectly with beige or cream-colored walls and furniture. This gives the facility a glamorous update! You can also do the same thing with silver or copper.
  • Rely on variety: vases, flower pots, picture frames, bowls as well as pictures, lamps and lampshades are ideal home accessories.
  • Integrate textiles: Home textiles are also absolute must-haves for more comfort in the living room. So make sure you have a cozy carpet as well as pillows and throws!
  • Bring nature into your home: Living room plants should definitely not be missing! The green roommates are not only very trendy when it comes to living, but also ensure a healthy indoor climate.
  • Don’t forget curtains and drapes: These are also part of a beautifully furnished and decorated living room.
  • Decorate seasonally: Seasonal decorations such as Christmas living room decorations are also perfect for our rooms.

Bare walls always seem rather uncomfortable. Therefore, opt for colored walls, wallpaper or at least murals . Because only a wall design in the living room completes your interior. How about, for example, a living room with walls in gray, pink or petrol? There are no limits to your imagination here!

The most important thing is that all colors in the living room create a harmonious overall picture . If you don’t like it colorful, opt for more muted colors such as white, gray, beige and brown. However, such natural basic colors can quickly seem a little monotonous. Strong nuances in the accessories can help!

So how about a picture frame in bright yellow, a vase in bright pink or a pouf in bright turquoise? To begin with, you need to choose a color in which you would like to design your living room. Now you can choose different gradations and nuances – they match each other perfectly!

Do you have little space in your living room? No worries! With the right living room ideas, you can still decorate the room in an absolutely wonderful and magical way. Just like a large living room !

Our tip: Furniture that combines several functions at the same time is ideal for furnishing living rooms which is small !

But light colors such as white, beige or powdery pastel tones are also great for designing a small living room. This enlarges the spatial image of the small room . The coloring reflects the incident daylight.

Of course, a multifunctional sofa such as a couch with a sleeping function is also practical here! This is how you integrate a bed directly into the living room . In a small room, a corner sofa is also best. This means there is no unused corner in your facility. Of course, in such a small room, the decision should not be to choose a massive, dark-colored couch. A small, stylish corner sofa in light tones is ideal.

Many large mirrors are particularly suitable as accessories . But a pouf that serves as a shelf and seating option is also ideal. Otherwise, pay more attention to storage space and use corners, niches and walls. In addition to corner shelves, hanging wall shelves are also very suitable!

  • Stick to a specific furnishing style!
  • The floor should also be chosen appropriately.
  • Use furniture as a room divider for the individual functionalities in the living room.
  • Carpets can also support visual separation.
  • Incorporate contrasts.
  • Also make sure not to buy a sofa set, but rather a separate sofa and armchair.
  • Freestanding furniture makes the room appear larger. Also keep this in mind when placing the sofa!
  • Leave free floor space for this, for example through hanging shelves.
  • Patterns loosen up the room – they can be integrated particularly well through textiles!
  • Curtains and drapes protect against heat, bright light and prying eyes. At the same time they look cozy.

Don’t overcrowd shelves. They are also intended to be a decorative object.


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