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Furnish the living room in brown? Then you should know these great 10 tips and ideas!

A cozy living room that also radiates a lot of naturalness. The color design with brown is very suitable for this. Warm nuances as well as natural and earthy tones give your four walls a homely charm. If you would also like to furnish your living room in brown, then let yourself be inspired by the helpful tips and creative ideas from our living experts! Our ten tricks are really worth their weight in gold and create a cozy oasis of well-being in shades of brown. First of all, we come to the following question:

If you have a brown couch, different shades and textures go with it to create a harmonious ambience. Walls in neutral colors such as beige, cream or a soft sand tone go well with this – this way you emphasize the brown couch as a highlight in the room. When it comes to textiles, you can also use cool accent colors such as light blue or green. There is nothing wrong with a strong red either. Natural materials such as leather, jute, linen or wood are our favorites for brown.

The couch is the eye-catcher in the living room. If you are planning a brown living room, it makes sense to choose a brown couch. We’ll show you how to style a brown sofa with our bestselling Sectional Posh in different shades and materials . Have fun getting inspired!

Whether alone or mixed with another color: brown lets your living room shine in a trendy retro chic way. For example, brown and pink simply complement each other perfectly. The expressive color duo appears elegant and timeless at the same time.

Our tip: Decorate with home accessories in a rich mustard yellow or orange! Decorative elements in bright copper or brass can also be beautifully integrated. You can create an interesting contrast with graphically patterned textiles and furniture made of oak or wood in general, for example in the armchair.

brown living room design

A large living room is particularly suitable for brown as a wall color. In order for the natural tone to have a particularly good effect, the room should, if possible, have expansive window fronts that provide sufficient light. You can also create a stylish contrast to the brown wall color with a light parquet floor.

Tip: As an eye-catcher, you can paint a second wall in a complementary color! Also reinforce the natural look in your living room with evergreen plants or fresh cut flowers. If you choose a light brown tone , you can also use it in smaller rooms.

The color brown represents reliability and compassion. We also associate strength and stability with natural clay. So why not integrate a rustic wooden wall into the living room? This type of wall design is a real highlight and creates a homely, calm ambience. At the same time, a wooden wall can be combined with a wide variety of living styles.

The mix of Scandi chic and Japanese interior design style is totally popular. With the help of natural tones such as brown, beige, terracotta, gray or black, delicate furniture for more lightness and natural materials, the Japandi look radiates an incredible warmth and coziness. In our article you will find out more about how you can bring the Japandi style into your living room!

Of course, the hyped industrial style can also meet coziness in your living room in brown. One in no way excludes the other! The industrial style is particularly evident through unplastered walls, exposed pipes and a brown leather couch. Also cool: the combination with dark blue!

Tip: Be sure to use a common thread to avoid making the room appear too cluttered!

The combination of an earthy brown tone and classic gray gives the design in the living room a clean atmosphere. This gives the room a modern and cozy charm.

If you would like to decorate with another color, then choose beige. The natural tone can be easily integrated as an accent color. Wooden furniture also creates a stylish ambience.

Reading tip: You can find more exciting color combinations with brown in our article!

brown living room
brown living room 2

The red-brown terracotta is a color that is perfect in the living room. To make the look look particularly elegant and harmonious, you should use a darker shade as an accent color and a lighter tone as the basis for your color design. You can create an additional eye-catcher in the brown living room with a large sofa and a chic wooden coffee table. Decorate with a light cream carpet and underline the charm of your interior.

Do you have a large, open and bright living room? Then the mix of brown and white is perfect for your interior. By using light sources in a targeted manner, you can make your brown living room appear even larger. Either way, the brown and white color duo creates a harmonious overall picture and yet remains absolutely timeless.

Tip: As a decorative statement, you can use cozy textiles and home accessories made of wood, ceramic or with gold-colored accents!

Brown vintage wooden furniture always looks stylish and rustic at the same time in the living room. The rich brown of the interior gives your home a stylish charm. Make your living room a nostalgic place by choosing a chest of drawers made of dark brown solid wood, matching shelves and a trendy console. Ceramic decoration skilfully rounds off the look and refines your interior style.

In autumn it’s time to bring even more textiles! The cozy faux fur blanket and lots of pillows are practically indispensable here.

Extra tip: Similar to terracotta, the color orange can also be easily integrated into a brown living room. The rich color radiates warmth and is ideal for an autumnal update of your four walls. After all, the color scheme is reminiscent of a cozy autumn walk! When mixing brown and orange, the right shade also plays an important role. You should always combine a slightly darker orange with a dark brown tone.

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