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living room plants

Living room plants: Our top 10 and best decoration tips

Living room plants create a feel-good atmosphere. Just a walk outside can reduce stress, so why not benefit from the power of nature and plants at home too? We present you the most beautiful plants for the living room – for the green and not so green thumb. At TUKA we want you to have a beautiful home all around – you can find the right furniture and decorative pieces with us. Have fun reading and learning!

Decorative plants in the living room not only make our home more attractive, but are also proven to reduce stress. They also improve the indoor climate, dampen loud noises and reduce the dust and pollutant content in the air. Air-purifying plants are particularly important in the living room and places where we want to relax and breathe deeply. Another plus point: In summer, plants prevent a rapid rise in temperature! If you are not yet convinced, you should take a look at the most beautiful living room plants in elegant vases and planters – because they also impress with their appearance!

Fact: You need a minimum of 30 plants per square meter to notice the real air purification effect. But just a few indoor plants in the living room provide stress relief and a feeling of relaxation.

  • Mediterranean: Plants as room dividers & privacy screens! So far have you banished decorative plants for the living room to the corner of the room? Get creative! Because living room plants can act as room dividers and structure a loft-like room. Instead of a massive screen, an evergreen hedge can do this job! This looks airier and natural. Together with furniture made from natural materials such as wood or bamboo, this solution even creates a jungle feeling! The privacy screen shouldn’t be that high? Then line up a few plant pots or boxes next to each other and plant them with evergreen plants. Large plants for the living room are ideal as privacy screens!
  • Particularly exotic: hanging plants as wall decoration! Hanging baskets or a wall of plants create an even more jungle feeling: hanging plants such as the light green spider plant and ivy with hanging runners. But a plant shelf is also a great option for wall design.
  • Ideal for country house style: plants as table decorations! You can also decorate the plants in the living room with small succulents as table decorations. Modern in square glass vessels as a plant terrarium or in bulbous planters in a classic way. A bottle garden with a name? This is the easy-care!
living room plant
living room plant
living room plant
living room plant
living room plant

Plants in the living room look beautiful, but you should also choose the right ones: Large plants for the living room are only an option if the ceilings are high enough. Some plant species require little light, others only thrive in bright rooms. We explain which plants are suitable for the living room.

Palm trees are among the most impressive houseplants: whether Kentia, Areca, Yucca, date, cobbler or Mexican mountain palm. They are reminiscent of tropical travel destinations and feel comfortable in this same ambience: The mountain palm loves shady places and its leaves should be moistened regularly with a spray bottle – but too much moisture is harmful to the plant. The date palm, on the other hand, only feels comfortable when the room climate is humid and is a great eye-catcher with its fronds.

Tip: The Kentia and Golden Fruit palms are the perfect indoor palms. They don’t need too much water, like to be in partial shade and exude jungle vibes. They are also suitable as room dividers, especially in sizes from 130cm.

The ficus has a number of aliases. Fig tree, rubber tree, fiddlehead fig, birch fig, and many more. These magnificent decorative plants for the living room require light and warmth in summer and cooler temperatures in winter, but without heating air. A green thumb is not necessary for these otherwise easy-care houseplants. The birch and fiddle figs thrive in conventional potting soil.

TUKA’s favorite! Rubber trees need little water to survive and, depending on their leaf color, less light. The Ficus family is therefore perfect as living room plants.

It, also known in UAE as the dragon tree, is a plant with a robust appearance. Thin stems and oval leaves are the hallmarks of this living room plant. She reacts quite derogatorily to water. As you would expect with a desert plant, it doesn’t need much water. On the contrary, it is even better to leave this plant in dry soil for a day or two before watering it again. This exotic plant is the ideal plant for the living room: the comfortable temperature of this plant is 20 to 25 degrees. Just pay attention to the heating air – it can harm the dragon tree!

living room plant

It, the arched hemp, is also characterized by its special leaves. With yellow contours it is hard and upright (in the case of Sansevieria laurentii). It is particularly recommended for the bedroom and living room because its look is so stable and decorative. It is extremely undemanding to care for and reacts poorly to (too much) water. It, the arched hemp, also comes in different shapes and colors.

Expert advice from TUKA: For anyone who really doesn’t have a green thumb, bow hemp is a perfect living room companion!

The Monstera deliciosa, better known as window leaf, is one of the most popular living room plants. It absorbs light through specific openings on its leaves, preferably indirect daylight. It cannot tolerate direct sunlight and its leaves turn brown. It thrives best in a large planter, at a constant 21 degrees and in humus-rich soil. Since it is actually a climbing plant, you should equip the plant pot with a climbing aid so that it can grow up. Of course there are other Monstera varieties than Monstera deliciosa.

Extra tip from TUKA: It’s best to spray around the Monstera deliciosa every day, especially if the air in the room is dry. The spray mist gives her an extra boost of energy!

living room plant

Use the banana plant as a plant decoration in the living room – this plant is trendy! Their strong green and spreading leaves are an eye-catcher – and not at all diva-like, but surprisingly easy to care for. The banana plant prefers high humidity, the windowsill (without heating air) and lots of water – then you can enjoy the sight of it all year round.

Philondendron varieties are particularly popular as plants for the living room. This family of plants has over 900 species of different sizes and shapes. The Philodendron is very easy to care for and is also a real eye-catcher. He’s getting pretty big too! So you can also use it to separate rooms!

living room plant

Cacti and succulents are suitable for anyone who loves plants but doesn’t have time for complex care. Succulents such as agave or aloe rarely need to be watered – only when the soil is extremely dry.

living room plant

The palm-like plant from Mexico can even survive for months without water. If you want to go on vacation for a longer period of time, no problem! The water is stored in the trunk, which is more massive at the bottom. Even large temperature changes of up to 30 degrees are no problem.

Warning: This plant is unfortunately poisonous to our pets. So not suitable for all living rooms.

This brings a tropical rainforest feeling into your home! The robust room fern is ideal for the home. Because it doesn’t like direct sunlight, it prefers a partially shaded or completely shaded location and doesn’t like waterlogging. The humidity should be high, so it would also be suitable for the bathroom or kitchen. When the heating is on, it’s best to spray it regularly with a little water.

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