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modern living room

Modern living room: 20 best tips, pictures and ideas

Do you want to furnish your living room in a particularly modern way? Then you should concentrate on the essentials! In the modern living room, the focus is on aesthetic furniture with clear lines and functional design. Create a harmonious atmosphere by combining these pieces of furniture with subtle decoration and generously designed open spaces on the floor and walls.

A shiny and smooth mix of materials gives the room an elegant touch. You can find out everything else you should know about a modern living room design in this article. Get inspired by our 20 tips, ideas and pictures!

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In order to furnish your living room harmoniously, you should adhere to a certain furnishing style. The most popular modern interior design styles are:

  • Minimalist : Clear lines, furniture and decoration based on the “less is more” principle characterize the style. There is also a neutral color palette. Natural materials can create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Scandinavian : Bright and airy furnishings, the focus here is on functionality. There are also natural materials and cozy textiles. The equally popular Japandi style is similar but slightly darker in color.
  • Industrial: The industrial style is characterized by a masculine, rough atmosphere and has a factory charm. It is characterized by exposed walls, cool colors such as gray and black and a mix of materials such as wood and metal.

1. Classic black and white for a stylish living room : Simple tones such as gray, white and black play the main role in making the living room modern. Only add very small color accents through decoration and otherwise stick to simple tones! Of course you can also combine these with each other.

2. Make gray living room cozy: Gray is one of the most popular colors for rooms in a modern style. So that it doesn’t look too cool or boring, you should use cozy home textiles! Plaids, decorative cushions and large carpets will turn your gray living room into a place to feel good in no time. This also allows you to create individual areas – after all, an (open) kitchen or dining room is often integrated into the living room.

3. Monochrome in white: Furnishings all in white are particularly popular! A real purist eye-catcher, right? Here too, different materials and natural elements such as flowers and house plants ensure more coziness.

4. Natural tones such as beige are on trend: Neutral natural colors such as cream, beige, taupe or brown are also becoming increasingly popular. These nuances also create a simple, yet very warm look in the modern living room.

5. Bright accent colors as highlights: A contemporary apartment doesn’t necessarily have to do without bright colors! If you want, you can choose a sofa with an accent color and keep the decoration particularly simple. Or you can decorate your simple couch with colorful cushions.

Too many materials can make the modern living room appear busy. Therefore, decide on one main material and set accents with two or a maximum of three other materials. This means that the furniture and accessories fit together harmoniously.

6. Light wood for furniture etc.: Types of wood such as maple, beech or birch are perfect for modern living rooms. They give the rooms a pleasant naturalness and still appear particularly light. Ideal for coffee tables, sideboards or even the floor!

7. Concrete as a stylish must-have: Hardly any other material is as typical of a modern living style as concrete. This means you can create the casual loft style in your living room in no time. When cleverly combined, concrete does not appear cold at all.

8. Shiny materials and glass: In addition to concrete, there are also various other materials that look very modern. These include metal, acrylic or shiny surfaces. Or how about a timeless glass coffee table?

9. Modern textiles for more coziness: Soft, delicate fabrics create a cozy atmosphere and ensure that the reduced look does not appear cold. By leaving out anything superfluous in combination with clearly defined furniture and accessories, you can create a modern atmosphere that brings calm through its simplicity.

10. Tips on material for the floor: Modern floor covering is the basis for a modern living room. Stone tiles in black, gray or white look particularly clean – and not just in the bathroom! But natural wood is also trendy. However, longer boards are more modern than small parquet.

11. It’s better to choose a few pieces of furniture: It’s best to choose a simple design that you can skillfully showcase in the living room. This way you create a calm, harmonious overall picture. In addition, the individual trend pieces come into their own much better.

12. Pay attention to the same shapes: For example, a rectangular coffee table goes well with a simple, square couch. The duo should stand freely in the room for a modern look – because it forms the center of your living room.

13. Choose a modern wall unit: You can easily choose modern TV furniture; for example, TV lowboards are popular instead of bulky TV walls. Particularly light, open shelves are also a real eye-catcher for your wall.

14. Create enough storage space in the living room: Store all the things you don’t want to see all the time in closed storage behind doors, such as in a simple sideboard. An airy shelf, on the other hand, is ideal for presenting selected decorative objects and books. In any case, there should be enough storage space available through the living room furniture. This should match the clean look of the modern living room in terms of color, material and shape.

15. Think about the right lighting: Pay attention to the right shape, color and material. Use floor, table and ceiling lights to create soft, indirect lighting that creates a relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel good. After all, the perfect light is the finishing touch to your modern living room!

16. Coherent decorative details: Of course, you don’t have to do without decoration even with minimal chic for a modern living room. It is only important that decorative objects fit harmoniously into the overall picture in terms of shape, color and materials. For example, rely on a few simple vases, coffee table books and large scented candles. These give the room coziness.

17. Decorative cushions and textiles in bright colors: Do you want to bring a little color into your rather simple, modern living room? Then it’s best to do this with stylish decorative pillows! Just be careful not to integrate too many different colors so that the overall picture doesn’t become busy. When it comes to carpets, however, it’s best to opt for a more simple basic color.

18. Metallic decoration for a modern living room: Rooms in gray, black and white get an elegant upgrade with accents in silver, copper or gold. So rely on well-dosed highlights such as flower pots, lanterns or abstract objects.

19. Artistic wall decoration : A single picture on the wall can brighten up the room wonderfully. Make sure it’s big. Living room pictures leaning against the wall on the floor or a sideboard, also in combination with hanging ones, are also trendy.

20. Bring nature into the house with plants: Naturalness and sustainability also play an increasingly important role in a modern living room. Green houseplants are therefore also very nice as trendy decorations. These are often very good for the indoor climate in the living room or bedroom!

Of course, technical details and smart lighting planning should not be missing in the modern living room. We have the right ideas for this:

Modern lighting ideas

  • Ceiling lights: Pendant lights or minimalist ceiling spotlights are popular for a modern look. They are best combined with other lighting options.
  • Floor lamps: Arc lamps, which are placed in the sofa or dining area, are particularly popular in the modern living room.
  • Wall lamps: This allows you to provide indirect lighting without losing space.
  • Dimmable light sources: They are actually a must in the modern home – so you remain flexible and can adjust the light depending on your needs.
  • Smart Home: Use it to control your lighting without using the light switch. Smart lighting systems also allow you to control the color temperature, brightness and colors of the lighting.
  • Other smart home systems: In addition to lighting, the system also enables heating, entertainment electronics and security systems to be operated via a central control unit or your smartphone.
  • Streaming devices: Smart TVs, streaming boxes or sticks are the be-all and end-all for the modern entertainment corner. The XL flat screen TV and a state-of-the-art sound system allow you to create an authentic home theater experience.
  • Audio and video technology: Soundbars, wireless speaker systems and projectors maximize the experience. If you place the speakers smartly in the room, you even have a surround sound experience.
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