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living room lamps

The most beautiful living room lamps at a glance in 2024

Only with the right light does the mood in the respective room increase and transform the room into a cozy home. The right lighting in the living room also has a big impact on the actual effect of your furnishings. Illuminate your living room atmospherically and skillfully showcase your pieces of furniture through a harmonious interplay of light and shadow.

Our interior experts will tell you which living room lamps are best suited for which area. Don’t just leave your living room lighting to its natural purpose, but use floor lamps, hanging lamps , etc. in a stylish way for a unified room concept!

Ceiling lights are often used in the living room to bathe the room in very bright light. This is particularly practical when you want to eat, do crafts or celebrate in the living room.

But you don’t always need very bright ceiling light in the living room. That’s why there are also beautiful lamps for the living room with a practical dimming function.

Extra tip: Mix & Match! Of course, there are ceiling lamps for the living room in many different designs. Modern and straight-lined models remain particularly popular. But the country house style, antique design and the hyped Scandi look also find many fans.

Height-adjustable hanging lamps are particularly practical in the living room if you place the models above a dining or coffee table. To avoid furnishing mistakes, the hanging lamp above the table in the living room should not be placed too high or too low. This not only makes a visual difference, but also ensures that the living room lighting is not dazzling when you are enjoying your afternoon coffee at the coffee table.

A height of around 55 to 60 centimeters above the table top is ideal. You can also direct a beautiful spotlight to your favorite corner in the living room with a hanging lamp that you move slightly from the ceiling. For example, you can skillfully showcase a side table with a beautiful plant.

Indirect lighting creates an atmospheric atmosphere in the living room that creates a cozy feeling of homeliness. You get a particularly pleasant atmosphere when you work with different light sources. This can be a table lamp in combination with a chain of lights or a wall lamp that provides subtle light in the living room. Stage a game of light and dark – light and shadow. You can round off the cozy charm with flickering candles.

A wild combination of various lamps in the beautiful living room gives the room lightness and a homely ambience. The ideal lighting plan consists of three light sources: room, accent and mood lighting!

With a floor lamp you can draw everyone’s attention to the light object in the cozy living room. A magnificent arc lamp that towers over the velvet sofa becomes a real highlight in your own four walls. A floor lamp can unfold perfectly, especially in spacious rooms, and give the living room an elegant touch.

If the shade of the floor lamp is opened upwards, soft light flows through the entire room. For a cozy reading corner, however, the classic models with an opaque shade that opens downwards are suitable.

Table lamps are particularly important for reading and working. Therefore, they are also a must in the workplace. But the small light sources are also ideal in the living room on the sideboard, the coffee table or a side table!

Wall lights are – as the name suggests – attached to the wall. They are particularly indirect and usually cannot be changed in the direction of the radiation.

Choosing the right light source is particularly important in the living room, as you usually use this room very flexibly. In addition to the arrangement and selection of the lights, you can use the light source to determine the brightness and atmosphere of the living room.

LEDs are becoming increasingly popular. Although these are a little more expensive, they have a much longer shelf life than conventional energy-saving lamps. Due to the lower power consumption, LED lighting in the living room quickly pays off. And don’t worry: LEDs are now available in different light intensities and light colors. So you definitely don’t have to do without warm light here.

Modern lamps for the living room are available in all kinds of styles. Ranging from classic models with paper shades to rustic models made of wood and metal to stylish lights in gold and copper. Every furnishing style is wonderfully rounded off with the right living room lamp and is the icing on the cake. We have listed the right materials and the right shape for the respective furnishing style.

  • Industrial chic living room: lights with a rustic mix of wood and metal
  • Country house style living room: playful lights with cotton shade
  • Living room with a masculine glam look: elegant lamps with golden accents
  • Simple Scandi style living room: lamp with clear lines and geometric shapes
living room lamps
living room lamps
living room lamps
living room lamps
living room lamps
living room lamps

Would you also like to bathe your living room in a completely new light? In the online shop at TUKA you will find everything your interior heart desires. Browse through our range of ceiling lights, floor lamps and the like. Let the variety convince you and find your new living room lamp from the comfort of your sofa. We hope you have fun searching and finding!

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