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Most Popular Interior Design Styles in 2024

Are you ready to transform your living space into a sanctuary that reflects your personality and style? At TUKA, we understand that choosing the right interior design style can be both exciting and overwhelming. That’s why we’ve curated an extensive guide to help you navigate through the myriad of options and find the perfect style that resonates with you. From classic elegance to eclectic charm, there’s a style for every taste and preference.

Traditional Styles by Country and Region:

  • Japanese: Embracing simplicity and natural elements, Japanese design exudes tranquility and harmony.
  • French: Known for its elegance and sophistication, French interiors often feature ornate furniture and luxurious fabrics.
  • Asian: Drawing inspiration from various Asian cultures, this style incorporates intricate details and rich colors.
  • Oriental: Reflecting the mystique of the East, Oriental design blends ornamental accents with serene simplicity.
  • Mediterranean: Evoking the charm of coastal living, Mediterranean interiors boast vibrant colors and rustic textures.
  • Maritime: Capturing the essence of seaside living, Maritime design showcases nautical motifs and breezy hues.
  • Hygge / Danish: Focused on coziness and comfort, Danish design emphasizes warmth and relaxation.
  • Scandinavian: Celebrating clean lines and minimalist aesthetics, Scandinavian interiors promote simplicity and functionality.
  • American: From classic Americana to modern sophistication, American design offers a diverse range of styles to suit every taste.
interior design styles
  • Japandi: A fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design principles, Japandi combines minimalism with warmth.
  • Lagom: Rooted in Swedish philosophy, Lagom promotes balance and moderation in design.
  • Wabi Sabi: Embracing imperfection and transience, Wabi Sabi celebrates the beauty of natural materials and organic shapes.
  • Minimalism: Characterized by simplicity and functionality, Minimalist design focuses on essential elements and clean lines.
  • Folklore: Inspired by traditional folk art and culture, Folklore design adds whimsy and charm to any space.
  • New Retro Style: Nostalgic yet contemporary, New Retro Style reinterprets vintage aesthetics for the modern home.
  • Natural Style: Embracing organic materials and earthy tones, Natural Style creates a sense of harmony with nature.
  • Maximalism: Bold and eclectic, Maximalist design celebrates individuality and self-expression through vibrant colors and eclectic decor.
  • Slow Living: Encouraging mindfulness and intentionality, Slow Living promotes a holistic approach to design and lifestyle.
  • Feng Shui: Rooted in ancient Chinese philosophy, Feng Shui seeks to harmonize the energy flow within a space through strategic placement of furniture and decor.
  • Art Deco Style: Glamorous and opulent, Art Deco Style channels the luxury and sophistication of the Roaring Twenties.
  • Mid-century Chic: Inspired by the design aesthetics of the mid-20th century, Mid-century Chic blends retro elements with contemporary flair.
  • Bauhaus Style: Bauhaus Style emphasizes functionality and geometric forms, reflecting the principles of the influential Bauhaus school of design.
  • Ethno: Celebrating cultural diversity and craftsmanship, Ethno design incorporates ethnic patterns and artisanal accents.
  • Mix of Styles: For the adventurous at heart, mixing styles allows for a unique and personalized approach to interior design.

Our interior experts from TUKA have also created a small guideline with facts and distinctions for you on the most important interior design styles:

Interior styleCharacteristicsMaterialColorsHome Accessories
MaritimeAiry and friendlyCoral, wood, raffia and other natural materialsBlue, white, sand colors and natural tonesMotifs such as fish, coral and anchors
BohemianCasual and with a holiday feelingMaterial mix of wood, cotton, rattan and linenBright base with bright splashes of colorMacramé, dream catcher
ColonialExotic: Dark wood, plants and ethnicWood, light and fresh natural materialsEarth tones, sand colors, greenPlants, baskets and ethnic cushions
ScandiSimple and clean with a cozy factornatural and lacquered wood,Muted colors and pastel tonesGraphic patterns, candles, fur rug, cozy pillows and blankets
shabbyRomantic and nostalgicWood, leather, linen, velvet, silkBright colors, pastel tonesVintage wooden decoration, flowers
GlamElegant and timeless, glamorousVelvet, silk and marbleRich color palette with gold and silver accentsDesigner coffee table books, elegant vases, decoration in gold look or chrome
IndustrialCool and rough, modernWood, leather, glass, metal and concrete accentsLots of white, gray and blackDecoration in a used look and metal details
ClassicTraditional, elegantVelvet, glass, satin and marbleMuted colors such as beige, cream, gray and whiteChandeliers, mirrors, candles, picture frames and vases
ModernClear lines and puristic designGlass, steel and concreteMonochrome design in white, gray and black, silver accentsMinimalist accessories, less is more
country houseRomantic, rural and brightWood, cotton, raffia and linenPastel and natural tones such as cream, light blue, white and pinkTextiles with Vichy checks or traditional floral prints, ceramic accessories
RetroNostalgicVintage wood, enamel, velvet and leatherStrong colors like green, yellow and orangeFlea market finds, colorful decor and patterned wallpaper
EccentricExceptional and very eye-catchingVelvet, leather, glass, metalColor blocking, rich tones like dark green and mustard yellowExceptional wallpapers, print cushions, animal print and houndstooth


  • Characteristics: Airy and friendly, Maritime design embodies the spirit of coastal living with its relaxed vibe and nautical motifs.
  • Materials: Coral, wood, raffia, and other natural materials evoke the essence of the sea.
  • Colors: Shades of blue, white, sand, and natural tones create a serene and refreshing atmosphere.
  • Home Accessories: From decorative anchors to seashell motifs, Maritime decor adds a touch of seaside charm to any space.


  • Characteristics: Casual and free-spirited, Bohemian design embraces a mix of textures, patterns, and global influences.
  • Materials: A blend of wood, cotton, rattan, and linen creates a laid-back and eclectic aesthetic.
  • Colors: A bright base palette with vibrant splashes of color infuses Bohemian interiors with energy and warmth.
  • Home Accessories: From macramé wall hangings to dream catchers, Bohemian decor reflects a love for artisanal craftsmanship and cultural diversity.


  • Characteristics: Exotic and eclectic, Colonial design blends dark woods, lush plants, and ethnic accents for a worldly appeal.
  • Materials: Rich woods and fresh natural materials evoke a sense of adventure and exploration.
  • Colors: Earthy tones, sand colors, and shades of green create a warm and inviting ambiance.
  • Home Accessories: From woven baskets to ethnic cushions, Colonial decor adds an exotic touch to any space.


  • Characteristics: Simple and clean with a cozy factor, Scandi design emphasizes functionality and comfort.
  • Materials: Natural and lacquered wood, along with soft textiles, create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Colors: Muted tones and pastel hues contribute to the Scandinavian aesthetic of serenity and simplicity.
  • Home Accessories: Graphic patterns, candles, faux fur rugs, and cozy pillows enhance the hygge-inspired ambiance of Scandi interiors.


  • Characteristics: Romantic and nostalgic, Shabby Chic design combines vintage charm with feminine flair.
  • Materials: Wood, leather, linen, velvet, and silk add texture and elegance to Shabby Chic interiors.
  • Colors: Soft pastels and faded hues create a dreamy and whimsical atmosphere.
  • Home Accessories: Vintage wooden decor, floral arrangements, and delicate lace accents complete the Shabby Chic look.


  • Characteristics: Elegant and timeless, Glam design exudes sophistication and opulence.
  • Materials: Luxurious fabrics such as velvet and silk, along with glamorous finishes like marble and gold, elevate the glamor quotient.
  • Colors: A rich palette of colors with gold and silver accents adds drama and allure to Glam interiors.
  • Home Accessories: Designer coffee table books, elegant vases, and decorative accents in gold or chrome enhance the luxurious ambiance of Glam decor.


  • Characteristics: Cool and edgy, Industrial design showcases raw materials and utilitarian aesthetics.
  • Materials: Wood, leather, glass, metal, and concrete accents create an urban-chic vibe.
  • Colors: Lots of white, gray, and black, along with industrial-inspired finishes, contribute to the modern-industrial look.
  • Home Accessories: Decor in a distressed or worn look, along with metal details and salvaged artifacts, add character to Industrial interiors.


  • Characteristics: Traditional and refined, Classic design embodies timeless elegance and sophistication.
  • Materials: Velvet, glass, satin, and marble exude luxury and opulence in Classic interiors.
  • Colors: Muted tones such as beige, cream, gray, and white create a sense of understated elegance.
  • Home Accessories: Chandeliers, mirrors, candles, picture frames, and vases add a touch of glamour and grandeur to Classic decor.


  • Characteristics: Sleek and streamlined, Modern design emphasizes clean lines and minimalist aesthetics.
  • Materials: Glass, steel, and concrete lend a contemporary edge to Modern interiors.
  • Colors: Monochrome design in white, gray, and black, with occasional silver accents, creates a sense of space and sophistication.
  • Home Accessories: Minimalist accessories and statement pieces follow the “less is more” philosophy of Modern design.

Country House:

  • Characteristics: Romantic, rural, and bright, Country House design exudes warmth and nostalgia.
  • Materials: Wood, cotton, raffia, and linen evoke a sense of rustic charm and comfort.
  • Colors: Soft pastels and natural tones such as cream, light blue, white, and pink create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
  • Home Accessories: Textiles with Vichy checks or traditional floral prints, along with ceramic accessories, add a touch of quaint charm to Country House interiors.


  • Characteristics: Nostalgic and playful, Retro design celebrates the bold colors and patterns of bygone eras.
  • Materials: Vintage wood, enamel, velvet, and leather evoke a sense of nostalgia and whimsy.
  • Colors: Strong hues like green, yellow, and orange, along with bold patterns, infuse Retro interiors with personality and flair.
  • Home Accessories: Flea market finds, colorful decor, and patterned wallpaper add retro charm to any space.


  • Characteristics: Exceptional and eye-catching, Eccentric design embraces bold colors and unconventional aesthetics.
  • Materials: Velvet, leather, glass, and metal lend a sense of drama and luxury to Eccentric interiors.
  • Colors: Color blocking and rich tones like dark green and mustard yellow create a sense of vibrancy and personality.
  • Home Accessories: Exceptional wallpapers, print cushions, animal prints, and houndstooth patterns add whimsy and personality to Eccentric decor.
interior design style

Taking Stock:

Before diving into interior design styles, take a moment to reflect on your personal preferences and lifestyle. Consider your fashion choices, existing furniture pieces, and color palettes that resonate with you.

Get Inspired:

Explore our curated collection of interior design styles and gather inspiration from various sources, including magazines, websites, and social media platforms. Take note of styles that appeal to you and resonate with your aesthetic sensibilities.

Get Creative:

Once you’ve identified your favorite styles, create a mood board to visualize your design ideas. Mix and match colors, textures, and patterns to create a cohesive and harmonious look that reflects your unique personality.

Take Your Time:

Choosing the perfect interior design style is a journey, not a destination. Take your time to explore different options and revisit your choices after a few days of reflection. Trust your instincts and go with the style that feels right for you.

Tip 1:

When combining multiple styles, limit yourself to two or three styles to avoid overwhelming your space.

Tip 2:

Create a harmonious balance by pairing a more reserved style with a bolder, more unconventional style. For example, blend Scandinavian simplicity with Bohemian eclecticism for a chic and eclectic look.

Tip 3:

Find a common thread that ties your chosen styles together, whether it’s through shared materials, colors, or design elements. This will create a cohesive and unified aesthetic that feels intentional and curated.

Living Room:

Explore a variety of styles for your living room, from the cozy simplicity of Scandinavian design to the eclectic charm of Bohemian chic. Mix and match styles to create a space that reflects your personality and lifestyle.


Create a serene and tranquil retreat in your bedroom with calming furnishing styles like Minimalism or Scandinavian design. Opt for natural materials and soft hues to promote relaxation and restful sleep.

Kids Room:

Let your child’s imagination soar with a cozy and playful atmosphere in their bedroom. Consider furnishing styles like Country House or Scandinavian design for a space that encourages creativity and exploration.


Transform your kitchen into a welcoming and functional space with rustic details, natural materials, and cozy accents. Embrace the warmth and charm of Country House style for a kitchen that feels like the heart of the home.

Your home is a reflection of your personality, style, and lifestyle. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of Classic design or the eclectic charm of Bohemian chic, TUKA offers a wide range of interior design styles to suit every taste and preference. Explore our curated collection of styles, get inspired, and create a space that truly feels like home. With our expert guidance and styling tips, you’ll be on your way to designing the perfect sanctuary for yourself and your loved ones.

Browse our selection of items and find the right interior design style for your home. Our styling experts are here to help you every step of the way, from inspiration to execution. Let TUKA be your trusted partner in creating a space that reflects who you are and what you love.

Browse through our selection of items and find the right interior design style for your home. Our styling experts will introduce you to the most popular styles and also share interior design tips with you! Products that match your interior design style are also available in our shop.

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