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Most Popular Interior Design Styles in 2024

Before you dare to decorate your apartment, you should first decide on your preferred furnishing style. Ultimately, your new furniture and home accessories should harmonize and form a harmonious overall concept. Our interior experts from TUKA have put together helpful articles to help you choose your perfect interior design styles.

At TUKA, we want to help add style to every home without losing the personality of the residents in it. In the articles about our favorite interior design styles, we offer you a variety of guides and inspiration. This way you can adopt a style step by step and then interpret it individually. With furnishing ideas, decoration tips and DIYs, we make the most beautiful interior design styles within your reach!

Which materials and colors are used for which furnishing styles? And which home accessories and decorative items complete your favorite interior design styles? With all the trends and styles, it’s easy to lose track.

Basically, interior design styles styles can be divided as follows:

  • Japanese
  • French
  • Asian
  • Oriental
  • Mediterranean
  • Maritime
  • Hygge / Danish
  • Scandinavian
  • American
  • Japandi
  • Lagom
  • Wabi Sabi
  • Minimalism
  • Folklore
  • New Retro Style
  • Natural Style
  • Maximalism
  • Slow Living
  • Feng Shui
  • Art Deco Style
  • Mid-century Chic
  • Bauhaus Style
  • Ethno
  • Mix of styles

You can find these interior design styles under our “ Inspiration and Advices ” category.

  • Country
  • Shabby
  • Colonial
  • Modern
  • Country Style
  • Bohemian
  • Industrial
  • Eccentric
  • Classic

Our interior experts from TUKA have also created a small guideline with facts and distinctions for you on the most important interior design styles:

Interior styleCharacteristicsMaterialColorsHome Accessories
MaritimeAiry and friendlyCoral, wood, raffia and other natural materialsBlue, white, sand colors and natural tonesMotifs such as fish, coral and anchors
BohemianCasual and with a holiday feelingMaterial mix of wood, cotton, rattan and linenBright base with bright splashes of colorMacramé, dream catcher
ColonialExotic: Dark wood, plants and ethnicWood, light and fresh natural materialsEarth tones, sand colors, greenPlants, baskets and ethnic cushions
ScandiSimple and clean with a cozy factornatural and lacquered wood,Muted colors and pastel tonesGraphic patterns, candles, fur rug, cozy pillows and blankets
shabbyRomantic and nostalgicWood, leather, linen, velvet, silkBright colors, pastel tonesVintage wooden decoration, flowers
GlamElegant and timeless, glamorousVelvet, silk and marbleRich color palette with gold and silver accentsDesigner coffee table books, elegant vases, decoration in gold look or chrome
IndustrialCool and rough, modernWood, leather, glass, metal and concrete accentsLots of white, gray and blackDecoration in a used look and metal details
ClassicTraditional, elegantVelvet, glass, satin and marbleMuted colors such as beige, cream, gray and whiteChandeliers, mirrors, candles, picture frames and vases
ModernClear lines and puristic designGlass, steel and concreteMonochrome design in white, gray and black, silver accentsMinimalist accessories, less is more
country houseRomantic, rural and brightWood, cotton, raffia and linenPastel and natural tones such as cream, light blue, white and pinkTextiles with Vichy checks or traditional floral prints, ceramic accessories
RetroNostalgicVintage wood, enamel, velvet and leatherStrong colors like green, yellow and orangeFlea market finds, colorful decor and patterned wallpaper
EccentricExceptional and very eye-catchingVelvet, leather, glass, metalColor blocking, rich tones like dark green and mustard yellowExceptional wallpapers, print cushions, animal print and houndstooth

What really suits you and is guaranteed to last you for a long time must be chosen carefully. This is how you should proceed when selecting:

  1. Taking stock: When looking for an individual living style, it can be helpful to first look at yourself and your surroundings. What kind of clothes do I wear? Is my home more colorful or simple? And what about my own furniture? Bring your favorite pieces together and find out which colors, patterns and shapes you personally like.
  2. Get inspired: Take a look through our inspiration pages for the different interior design styles. Write a list of all the styles you can imagine. Then consider which style would best suit your four walls. It should be clear here which colors and materials you like best.
  3. Get creative: Once you have gathered enough inspiration, you can now put your ideas in black and white. Create a mood board – whether analog or digital – and put all your ideas together. Once completed, it will quickly become clear in which direction you want your facility to look.
  4. Take your time: Finding the perfect interior design style takes time and doesn’t happen overnight. So wait 2-3 days and look through all your favorites again. Do you like it more romantic, modern or rustic? Now you should be 100% sure!
interior design styles

Why limit yourself to just one style of living? Although this creates a harmonious overall picture, it can sometimes seem too monotonous. If you want to mix styles in your interior, there are a few points to consider:

  • Tip 1: If you want to combine furnishing styles with each other, you should choose two or a maximum of three styles. Otherwise your four walls will quickly become a mess.
  • Tip 2: You can ensure a harmonious overall concept if you always combine a reserved style (e.g. Scandi Chic) with a more unusual one (e.g. Boho style).
  • Tip 3: Find a common denominator! So that you know which interior design styles go together, they should agree on at least one point. This can be the material, shapes, color or other character traits.

Living styles by room

There are also living styles that are particularly suitable for certain rooms. Anyone who wants to mix can use it as a guide.

  • In principle, all styles are possible and suitable in the living room . Scandinavian styles and the Japandi style are particularly popular at the moment.
  • In the bedroom you should focus on calm, calm furnishing styles. The minimalist style (minimalism) or the Scandi style are therefore popular here. Since natural materials are also advantageous here, the boho style is also possible. Just don’t use a color that’s too bright, please!
  • A suitable interior design style for the kidsroom? In principle everything is possible here. The children feel particularly comfortable in a cozy and natural atmosphere. Therefore, you can opt for the country house style or the Scandinavian style.
  • Country house style kitchens are particularly in demand! So rely on rustic details, natural materials and coziness in your kitchen!

Browse through our selection of items and find the right interior design style for your home. Our styling experts will introduce you to the most popular styles and also share interior design tips with you! Products that match your interior design style are also available in our shop.


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