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moving checklist

The Ultimate Moving Checklist: How to plan easily in 2024!

Have you found your new dream apartment or house? Congratulations! To ensure that the move to your new home goes smoothly and does not result in stress and chaos, you should start planning early. Because whether it’s moving to a new apartment, your own home or moving out of your teenager’s room – all of this is not only incredibly exciting, but also always involves a lot of work. So that the move goes smoothly, we have put together helpful tips and a clear checklist for your move. This way you won’t forget any important to-do – and nothing will stand in the way of the perfect new start!

Organize a move: Our top tips

  1. Inspiration from Pinterest or Instagram: Find inspiration on social media and collect everything on your mood board.
  2. Color concept: You can use the mood board to develop the different color worlds for the individual rooms. You can also use this to determine the style of the furniture.
  3. Furniture delivery time: Unfortunately, some furniture deliveries take a little longer. Plan enough time and order your furniture early.  
  4. Time to move: Plan enough time for the move. Everything has to be well planned.
  5. Excel tables: Creating Excel tables that provide a better overview of furniture and delivery times helps a lot when planning the move.
  6. Help from friends: Four hands work faster than two hands!
  7. Your own touch: In order to feel really comfortable in your new apartment, you should always think about what you like.
  8. No compromises: If you like pieces of furniture and really want them, you shouldn’t make any compromises.
moving checklist

Repairs, contracts, notification deadlines: there is so much to think about when moving! And because the organization not only includes a lot of details, but also extends over months, you can easily lose track. So that you don’t end up forgetting an important point, you should start organizing early. This way you not only avoid unnecessary stress on moving day, but also additional costs!

A moving checklist helps you to clearly record all major and minor tasks. And isn’t it a great feeling to be able to put a tick on it after the work is done? Ideally, you should also write down all the deadlines that you have to meet. This is particularly important for contracts or new applications!

Who would have thought that a move would begin months before the actual date? Of course, every change of residence is different – ​​and sometimes quite spontaneous. But the sooner you start planning, the less likely you are to run into a time crunch. It’s best to create a moving checklist now!

  • Find a new apartment and sign the rental agreement
  • Terminate the rental agreement and find a new tenant if necessary
  • Preparations begin
  • Obtain and compare offers from moving companies/car rental companies
  • Terminate current contracts
  • Plan necessary renovations in the old and new apartment
  • If necessary, ask a craftsman
  • Inform insurance companies
  • Apply for vacation
  • Start clearing out
  • Registering and deregistering children from kindergarten or school

  • Mobilize helpers
  • Get moving boxes and other supplies
  • Organize babysitters and pet sitters
  • Measure transport routes (does your furniture fit in the car/through the apartment door…)
  • Sell ​​or give away furniture that has been cleared out
  • Apply for bulky waste
  • Order new furniture

Extra tip: In our article Furnish your first apartment you will find helpful tips on initial equipment. Get inspired!

  • Carry out cosmetic repairs in your old and new apartment
  • Start packing
  • Prepare apartment for handover
  • Clean up basements and storage rooms
  • Process direct debit authorizations (new rent, old rent, addresses, bank details)
  • Communicate change of address to banks, employers, insurance companies, etc
  • Set up a forwarding order at the post office
  • Apply for a no-parking zone
  • Clarify heating billing
  • Arrange an apartment handover date

The scheduled date is almost here! The excitement increases and you enter the decisive phase. Now it is even more important to always keep an overview!

  • Obtain tools
  • Painting the new and old apartment
  • Dismantle furniture
  • Secure parking spaces in front of the apartment for the move
  • Have appointments confirmed with moving companies and other helpers
  • Use up supplies
  • Defrost the fridge/freezer
  • Check old and new apartment keys for completeness
  • Let new and old neighbors know

  • Prepare an emergency bag with the most important items
  • Remove valuables from the apartment
  • Organize food for moving helpers
  • Prepare and secure furniture for transport
  • Re-register vehicle
  • Charge cell phone
  • Withdraw cash (emergencies, tips…)

  • Coordinate helpers
  • Note all meter readings (water, electricity and gas) in the old and new apartment
  • Empty mailbox
  • Dismantle the nameplate
  • Document damage
  • Prepare handover protocol

  • Handover of the old apartment
  • Re-registration at the residents’ registration office
  • Unpacking
  • Assemble furniture
  • Return borrowed tools
  • Keep invoices, sort them, and possibly deduct them for tax purposes
  • Celebrate a housewarming party with friends and relatives
  • Explore new neighborhoods

Regardless of whether you do it privately or with a moving company: changing your place of residence brings with it organizational and practical challenges! To help you cope with this in the best possible way, we have put together the most important information for you.

If you move out of your old apartment before your notice period expires, you can suggest a new tenant to your landlord. But: He doesn’t have to accept your suggestion.

However, in such a case, you have to take care of the new tenant yourself and arrange viewing appointments yourself. However , if your notice period has expired, your old landlord is responsible for it.

Yes, the moving costs are a real thorn in the side and can overshadow the restart. For a two-person household, the sum can easily be in the three to four-digit range. That hurts your wallet!

A small ray of hope for all those looking to save money: Moving costs can often be deducted from your taxes at the end of the year. Therefore, keep all receipts and invoices so that you can claim them in your tax return. Your trusted tax advisor can answer any specific questions you may have .

If the move is imminent, you still have to sort out a few organizational things. You are obliged to inform your employer about the new address. You should also inform banks, various insurance companies and other contacts of your new address.

In order for this to go smoothly, re-registration after the move is a basic requirement. In many federal states you have to do this immediately after the actual move (two weeks later at the latest).

So make sure you make an appointment in good time! These are in short supply, especially in large cities. For the appointment you need a so-called apartment provider confirmation : This is a certificate from the owner that you have actually moved into the specified apartment.

The new dream apartment has been found, but you have absolutely no idea how you want to place your furniture in the new rooms?

Our Interior Design Service by TUKA Collection is available for exactly these cases! Using a completed questionnaire, we will find out more about your dream home and can offer you professional interior design advice. We can get a further impression of your preferences through a personal conversation on the phone or by email. After just a few days, we can send you an individual interior concept that reflects your personal style. You can also use an individual shopping list to select exactly the pieces of furniture and it-pieces that you like. You can then order these directly from TUKA.

To ensure that everything goes smoothly, you should make sure in advance that the boxes are packed efficiently. In principle, a box should not weight more than 15 to 20 kilograms . In order not to exceed this, you place the lightweight items in your home furnishings on top of the heavy things.

Special boxes with compartments for dishes or glass protect the elegant service. But wrapping paper or tissue paper are also ideal for wrapping personal items that can quickly break. However, you should stay away from newspaper as it can rub off.

Also make sure your containers have handles. This makes them easier to transport.

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