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Cozy carpets for every room

Whether in the living room, bedroom or even in the kitchen: a carpet creates coziness and brings warmth into the room. Depending on your needs, a wide variety of models can be found. Here with us you will find a large selection – for every living space. You can read here what you should know before buying and how to choose the perfect model.

How do I find the right carpet size?

A carpet only really comes into its own when it creates a harmonious overall look with the furnishings in the room and is chosen in the right size. In the latter case, you should think about which furniture the carpet will later lie under before you buy it. Does the carpet only go under the sofa or do you want to separate it from the dining area in the living room so that the carpet should lie under the sofa up to and including the coffee table and armchair?

Tip: To get a feel for how big the new carpet ideally needs to be, you can tape off the desired area and then measure it.

What types of carpets are there?

Carpets come in different designs. The most important thing is what you want from your new carpet. Here we tell you the advantages of the different types of carpet:

  • Deep pile: ideal as impact sound insulation due to the soft surface
  • Short pile: very suitable for allergy sufferers as they are easy to clean
  • Runners: are ideal for narrow spaces and are usually very easy to care for
  • Oriental carpets: stylish design that was often woven or knotted by hand
  • Children’s carpets: are considered particularly hard-wearing and insensitive
  • Outdoor carpets: have a robust material and are insensitive

Which materials offer which advantages?

When buying a carpet, you can not only choose between short pile and high pile, but also between many materials:

Virgin wool: creates a pleasant room climate and is at the same time antistatic and insensitive to dirt

Cotton: a good choice if you are allergic to animal hair

Synthetic fiber (polypropylene): is characterized by easy care

Sisal: is ideal for floors that are subject to heavy wear at home

Jute: is biodegradable and particularly robust

Viscose: has a soft feel and is also easy to care for

Fur: with its cozy surface, fur is particularly warming

Faux fur: is easy to clean and contains no animal fibers

Which carpets suit my interior style?

There is a suitable rug for every interior style. To do this, you can primarily orientate yourself on your existing facility or you can simply take a look here:

  • Modern: Delicate pastel nuances and subtle patterns on a carpet are a great eye-catcher for your modern interior.
  • Skandi: Subtle colors, clear lines and graphic patterns are ideal for a Nordic design rug.
  • Boho: fringe, fringe, fringe. A boho chic rug looks great in natural cotton colors. Models made of jute or sisal are also nice.
  • Country House: Warm earth tones and natural materials are perfect for a rustic country house style rug.
  • Chalet: Cozy surfaces made of fur in soft natural tones characterize chalet style carpets.
  • Retro: A carpet with a nostalgic retro look can be colorful, wild and eye-catching.
  • Glam: A deep-pile carpet in a feminine glam style will be a highlight in your rooms in dark colors.

Which carpets are easy to clean?

With so many carpets, it’s sometimes not easy to keep track of everything. Nevertheless, there are some models that make a positive impression, especially because of their easy-care properties. These include, for example:

  • Short pile carpets
  • Carpets made from synthetic fibers (such as polyester, polyacrylic and polypropylene)

Which carpets are suitable for underfloor heating?

If you have underfloor heating in your four walls, your choice should ideally be a short-pile or flat-weave carpet made of natural or synthetic fibers. With underfloor heating, the lower the pile of the carpet, the better the heat can work. For example, carpets made of sisal or jute are highly recommended – perfect for a natural boho chic interior.

How are carpets properly cleaned and maintained?

Proper cleaning and care of the carpet is crucial to giving the material a long lifespan. The following points help:

  • A vacuum cleaner can be used to quickly remove dust and crumbs so that they do not penetrate deeper into the fibers of the carpet.
  • If you always vacuum a velor carpet with the grain, you won’t get any unsightly streaks.
  • If the carpet is not that big, it can easily be taken to the cleaners.
  • A carpet shampoo is suitable for light dirt and to remove odors
  • In the case of heavy contamination, a special cleaning device (from the hardware store or drugstore) or cleaning by a specialist often helps.
  • To remove stains from the carpet, it is not uncommon for simple home remedies to be available. Red wine stains are neutralized with salt, for example. You can remove blood stains with cold water and shampoo and greasy stains will almost disappear by themselves with dish soap.

Tip: Before you use a stain remover on the carpet, test the effect on an inconspicuous area first.

What you should pay attention to when buying a carpet

Which carpet is best suited for your room depends, among other things, on the intended use, the space and your personal furnishing style. If you decide on a carpet, then ideally you should choose a model that perfectly suits your ideas and the spatial conditions. After all, a carpet is often a “small” investment and of course everything should be right. We therefore recommend paying attention to these things when buying a carpet:

  • Which room should the carpet be in? Depending on the location, different materials are available. Polyamide is very easy to care for and insensitive and therefore ideal for heavily used floors (such as in the hallway or children’s room).
  • Does the carpet match your interior style? Of course, your new carpet should be able to be integrated as seamlessly as possible into the existing living style. This works best if the model matches your interior preferences.
  • Is it suitable for allergy sufferers? Carpets that are particularly easy to care for are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. These include, among other things, models made of short pile with synthetic fibers. But cotton or outdoor carpets, which are the easiest to clean, are also great.
  • How maintenance-intensive is the carpet? Of course, a carpet should be cleaned regularly. However, if you don’t want to spend that much time on it, you’re well served with a dirt-repellent material (such as polyamide).


Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone