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Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone!


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Wall Art: Wall Art – diverse ideas for your walls!

With the right Wall Art, there will be no more empty walls! With us you will find ideas and decoration suggestions on how you can make your walls shine in new splendor. How about a mural and the matching picture frame? Or decorative letters? These Wall Art are in trend. Would you like more decoration ideas for room design?

Our exclusive selection of Wall Art on TUKA

We don’t just think about everything from the wall to the wallpaper – but also about the Wall Art! We have carefully selected high-quality and perfectly shaped Wall Art for you and provide you with all the important information here.

Pictures: Enchant with photographs, stylish art prints and unique canvas pictures – let our wall pictures inspire you for every living style.

Wall objects: Creative Wall Art as a highlight for your wall. With these design objects you can set accents at eye level.

Wallpaper: Ideal for partial highlights as a photo canvas & photo wallpaper or for redesigning the entire room.

Wall hanging made of different materials

Decorate your living space with different materials to match your living style: fleece, wood and concrete are wonderful materials for the modern but warm Scandinavian look. Wall Art made of metal generally fits the rougher, cool industrial look – but if it comes in the shape of a butterfly or flower, it is also suitable for the playful country house style. Wall Art made of natural materials such as feathers, shells and water hyacinth or plastic antlers go well with the ethnic look. Plastic & synthetic fiber are also the go-to materials for Wall Art in the modern home.

Wall tattoos & stickers as Wall Art

Wall tattoos, wall stickers and wall foil are very popular Wall Art because they have a number of advantages. If you feel like making changes, but don’t want to paint or wallpaper an entire wall in new colors, then a wall tattoo or wall sticker as Wall Art is a perfect alternative. You give the wall a new face and a completely different look without changing the base.

This Wall Art sticks to almost any surface and can be removed easily and without leaving any residue. It is still an advantage here that you test in a hidden place whether this Wall Art can really be removed completely without leaving any residue. This way you can easily prevent unpleasant surprises!

Then wall decals and wall stickers can be safely attached. But how? These decorative objects usually have a self-adhesive surface and can be easily stuck to the wall – however, large wall tattoos should be attached by two people.

Wall design

A beautiful wall design does not always have to be done with wallpaper, borders, wall tattoos or murals; things that not only look magical but also have a functional character are also suitable for wall design. But which things can be beautiful and functional at the same time? Mirrors – such as wall mirrors or standing mirrors – pinboards, key racks or wall shelves are just a few elements for successful Wall Art that also do not neglect the benefits.

Whether made of cork, magnetic or coated with blackboard paint – a pin board is a welcome Wall Art in the kitchen, study and hallway. The pin board not only fills empty spaces on the wall with life, you can attach postcards, shopping lists or even photos.

It doesn’t have to be bare walls, but it’s still important that you don’t overload your room walls! If you want to attach things like pinboards, wall tattoos or wall stickers to your walls, then these things need a subtle background in order to work the way you planned.

Wall design ideas for every room

Decorative objects for the wall clearly show which room you are in: in the children’s room, playful shapes or those that promote creativity are appropriate, in the living room and bedroom especially those that influence the room stylistically. Let our living ideas inspire you.

Wall Art in the kids room

The Wall Art should be colorful, cheerful and child-friendly – things can be more colorful here than in other living rooms. Let your little ones have a say in what will be installed in the kids room. Wall Art elements that the little ones can integrate into their everyday life and their games are particularly welcome in kids rooms – for example a blackboard, a wall tattoo with an integrated stick measure or wall sayings. They can doodle around on the board as they please, solve arithmetic problems in a playful way and use the wall sticker to measure every day whether they have grown a little again. With our beautiful wall paints you can imaginatively implement the wall design in the teenager’s room, using special wiping and dabbing techniques. This allows you to create dreamlike images of the sky, forests and meadows with fairytale mythical creatures or butterflies as wall motifs.

Wall Art in the bedroom

A beautiful poster or photo canvas invites you to dream: with palm trees or a southern tile pattern, for example. Wall objects made of shells, feathers or butterflies are playful or remind you of your last vacation.

Wall Art in the living room

The wall clock is and remains a classic for Wall Art in the living room. It serves as a beautiful decoration or shows how long you have been staying here. It fits just as well in your kitchen. As part of your morning routine, it’s always good to know what the hour is. With a tapestry as a wall hanging or wooden Wall Art it becomes really cozy. Design objects in turn enhance your living space and reveal a little more about you through the shapes and colors of the home decoration.


Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone