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Our bedroom furniture: What makes it special!

Whether a bedroom completely in white or a combination of living room and bedroom – at TUKA you will find the right piece of furniture for every need to underline your individual look!

Beautiful to dream of! Our bedrooms in white and bright colours are particularly popular and can be stylishly upgraded with decorative bedroom accessories.

You want to get away from the mainstream and design your bedroom in black? We also offer high-quality pieces of furniture in our online shop for such interior needs, which can be elegantly integrated into your ambience.

Bedroom guide: With beautiful bedroom furniture to your dream bedroom!

What would a beautiful bedroom in white and grey be without the right bedroom furniture? Unthinkable! Each bedroom has the same pieces of furniture, but depending on taste, preference, bedroom size and other criteria, the colors, sizes, shapes and materials of the individual pieces of furniture vary. Modern furniture in the bedroom should be practical and beautiful and of course emphasize your personal style. Discover our selected range. You can give your bedroom an individual touch by adding to your bedroom matching modern accessories.

The basis: the bed

The bed is the heart and focal point of every bedroom and probably also the favorite place of many people. But what is the best position for the bed? Do you want to look towards the door? Or towards the window? Not only the position of the bed is crucial, but also the choice of bed type. The bed model is crucial for a restful sleep: canopy beds, box spring beds, sofa beds or a normal bed with slatted frame and mattress – you can choose between these and of course many more models.

Special recommendation: This is how you place the bed optimally in the bedroom

Ideally, you position the bed in a quiet corner of the bedroom, as far away from the door as possible. Whether you set up the bed in a corner or place it freely in the room is mainly a question of your individual taste!

Bedroom furniture with storage space

A bedroom made of wood looks very nice and underlines your decorative skills, but you should also use pieces of furniture that offer you the necessary storage space. Because sometimes you don’t know what to do with your mobile phone, favorite book, bed linen, etc., even in the luxury bedroom!

  • Bedside tables: A bedroom completely without bedside tables? Unthinkable! After all, they are very practical and beautiful. A model with one or two drawers is ideal for small accessories such as earplugs, tissues or the sleep mask. The overall impression of the room looks much tidier when these things are stowed away.
  • Chests of drawers & sideboards: In addition to the bed, there is also a chest of drawers or a sideboard in almost every bedroom. The dressers with drawers are particularly practical and are among the absolute classics. But there are also other pieces of furniture that offer you storage space: sideboards or under-bed boxes, for example. Small things such as scarves, underwear, ties or the like can be stored perfectly in chests of drawers and currently unused blankets and pillows, which would otherwise take up a lot of space on the sideboard, can be stowed away in drawers under the bed.

Decorate your bedroom

You always wanted to feel like a princess or a prince? Then a four-poster bed is an absolute must-have for your bedroom. Large mirrors, plush pillows and blankets as well as other comfortable home textiles can be considered as bedroom accessories. A chandelier creates an additional glamorous feeling. In addition, of course, a playful make-up table should not be missing as a bedroom accessory, so that you can dress up in peace. An elegant wall mirror is the ideal addition to a dressing table if it does not have an integrated mirror. If you prefer purism, you can choose light colors and light, flowing fabrics for an airy, open feeling. The white, linearly designed furniture is complemented by bedroom accessories in clear shapes or made of smooth fabrics: angular vases, small chests of drawers in the Bauhaus style and white, flowing curtains made of transparent chiffon.

  • Bedding: Bedding is a key element in your bedroom decor. The textiles should be as cozy as possible so that you can relax in the evening, but of course the styling aspect must not be neglected. Therefore, always choose your bed linen and sheets to match the bedroom color.
  • Bedspreads & Bedspreads: Your bedroom design will get a neat touch during the day if you decorate your bed with a bedspread when not in use.
  • Carpets: After getting up in the morning, who wants to touch the cold floor with their bare feet? Fluffy runners or a large rug that you put under the bed immediately makes your bedroom more comfortable and warm.
  • Curtains: Curtains make the bedroom look drawn – there is some truth to this sentence! If you are not a fan of roller blinds, you can stylishly stage your design bedroom with long curtains or drapes. Make sure that the choice of color matches the concept of your bedroom.
  • Pillows: Pillows are not only indispensable for sleeping, these accessories are also simply excellent as decorative objects. In addition to your pillows, decorate your bed with as many different pillows made of different materials as possible.
  • Bed benches: A bed bench at the end of the bed is a practical addition. The bedspread and decorative cushions can be placed on this.

The right lighting for your bedroom furnishings

In addition to a bright ceiling light that provides a lot of light, we particularly recommend indirect background lighting. This is particularly useful in the morning when your eyes are still a bit sensitive. Bedside lamps are usually installed right next to the bed, so you can easily switch them on and off while lying down. In addition to the right light, darkening the room at night is also very important. Think of appropriate roller blinds or blinds!

Recommendation: Lamps in warm metallic colors like gold make it elegant and luxurious!

Beautiful bedroom furniture for small spaces

A harmonious bedroom furniture supports a restful sleep. You don’t have to do without it even in the small bedroom! Because beautiful bedroom furniture for small rooms offers maximum comfort in the smallest of spaces. You don’t even have to do without the comfortable upholstery of a box spring bed: place it in the corner of the room and choose a multifunctional box spring bed with storage space. You can store bed linen, winter blankets and even clothes in it!

You can also use the ceiling height by setting up a chic highboard instead of a low chest of drawers. With numerous drawers, it stores both small items such as your jewelry, as well as underwear, socks or other accessories. The same motto applies to the wardrobe: in the top compartments you keep clothes and accessories that are not in season or that are rarely used.

You don’t want to do without a bed bench even in a small bedroom? Then benches with storage space are the solution: With the beautiful bedroom furniture, you don’t kill two, but three birds with one stone. On the one hand, this offers a comfortable seat, on the other hand a shelf for clothes and finally additional storage space.

Furnish a large bedroom

Would you like to renovate your bedroom and are you looking for an all-in-one bedroom set? No problem! Large bedrooms in particular benefit from complete bedroom furniture made of solid wood. The rustic material can be perfectly arranged in a country house bedroom, but also in a Mediterranean-style Italian bedroom. Let your creativity flow!

Bedroom furniture for different furnishing styles

Every room in our home has a function. We eat and drink in the kitchen, spend our free time in the living room and relax in the bedroom. Create a place where you feel safe and can relax. Doesn’t everyone dream of spaces that help put us in the mood we want to be in? It would be fantastic if you were extremely concentrated as soon as you entered the study, felt well entertained the first step into the living room and the bedroom immediately shut out all thoughts of everyday life. And as soon as you fall into bed, you are relaxed, detached and calm. We’ll help you design your bedroom! Our bedroom furniture is made for every furnishing style. Whether it’s a country-style bedroom or a bedroom with a modern look – TUKA provides you with a complete bedroom.

Sleep recommendation: The perfect temperature in the bedroom

In order to really enjoy our well-deserved sleep, we should be able to switch off completely. A soothing ambience in which we feel comfortable helps us. But we also find rest when we have the right temperature in the bedroom. The perfect temperature of the bedroom should be between 15.6 and 19.4 degrees Celsius. In addition, a cool environment when sleeping is much healthier anyway.

Buy bedroom furniture online at TUKA

Bed, bedside tables, consoles, bed benches – at TUKA you will find pretty bedroom furniture and bedroom decoration for furnishing your relaxation room! Browse our exclusive selection now and find your very own favorite pieces for your bedroom. We hope you enjoy shopping and designing your bedroom!


Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone