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The bed: The heart of a restful sleep

Everyone dreams of starting the new day in a good mood and refreshed. Essential for a good night’s sleep: a comfortable bed – this applies to both the bedroom and the children’s room as well as the baby’s room. For this reason, our beds, whether single beds, double beds or solid wood beds, cover a range of individual needs and do so in the best quality.

Our selection of beds on TUKA

The selection of the new bed depends on the available space, personal needs and taste. In our product portfolio we offer you a versatile selection of different models – even with a bed box as storage space. Here is a brief overview:

Box spring beds are characterized by their compact structure – there are no slatted frames and instead several layers of padding are placed on top of each other. These trendy beds are known for their comfort: the integrated springs distribute the body weight evenly over the entire surface of the bed. If you decide on a box spring bed, you should pay attention to the height of your bedside tables.

Upholstered beds have a padded headboard that acts like a pillow and is therefore perfect as a backrest for reading in the evening. For this reason, these beds look very cozy, comfortable and inviting.

Four-poster beds are no longer just made of metal, but also have a robust wooden frame. An upholstered headboard and the elegant design make it feel like you’re in seventh heaven and what’s more, four-poster beds are a real eye-catcher in every bedroom.

Futon beds are a real classic and can be combined with a wide variety of furnishing styles. This is essentially the European version of a Japanese bed. A futon bed is characterized above all by its particularly low frame height and the unmistakable Asian design.

Designer beds in white can turn an ordinary bedroom into something very special. If you repeat the aesthetic features of the bed in the furnishings, you can easily bring harmony and calm into the room. Designer box spring beds ensure luxurious comfort!

The right bedding for your bed

When choosing duvets, pillows and other accessories, you can choose according to your preferences. Do you want one large duvet that stretches over the entire bed, or two smaller duvets that are perfectly tailored to each person? There is also a selection of all-season blankets, or blankets specifically for summer or winter. If you are sensitive to temperature changes, different blankets depending on the season are practical to balance out the temperatures. Allergy sufferers should pay particular attention to choosing bedding without feathers. The choice of bed linen should match both the bed and the rest of the furnishings in order to create a harmonious atmosphere in the bedroom. With a fur rug as a bed rug you are perfectly and stylishly prepared for the cold season.

Bed size & function

Beds are the central furniture in the bedroom. Whether it’s a double bed, guest bed, futon bed, functional bed, king-size bed, solid wood bed, four-poster bed or children’s bed – the selection of beds is large and you also have a free choice when it comes to size and dimensions:

  • Beds in 140×200 cm: Modern beds with a lying area of 140×200 cm are primarily intended as single beds. However, it is also a great place to cuddle with your favorite person.
  • Beds in 160×200 cm: The double bed with an area of 160×200 cm is perfect for two people. This size is perfect, especially for smaller bedrooms.
  • Beds in 180×200 cm: If you have a little more space available in the bedroom, a lying area of 180×200 cm is ideal. Also choose separate slatted frames so as not to disturb your partner when turning over.
  • Beds in 200×200 cm: The XXL sleeping area of 200×200 cm offers enough space for two people. In order to meet the respective needs, the sides of the bed are often individually equipped with mattresses etc.

In our buying guide you will find all the important information about the different bed sizes and what you should pay attention to when buying.

What does a bed actually consist of? Beds usually consist of several elements:

Bed frame: For many beds, the design is determined by the bed frame. This is usually made of wood or metal and can either be covered with fabric or leather. Solid wood bed frames make beds stable and provide the perfect basis for lying comfortably.

Bed frame: A bed frame is the basic structure of every bed. The rectangular frame holds the whole bed together. Mattress and slatted frame can be placed here and you have a comfortable lying surface.

Mattress: Convenience and comfort are clearly the focus when choosing the right mattress. But you shouldn’t ignore your health for a balanced experience. The mattress should also have the right level of hardness for your body weight. Mattress toppers such as a topper or a mattress protector ensure more hygiene and comfort.

Household hack: How often should I remake my bed?

Mites, dander and bacteria – it’s hard to believe, but there’s a lot of stuff in some beds. No wonder! After all, it’s nice and warm in a bed and we lose around 1.5 liters of moisture during the night. An ideal breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and mites! Therefore, changing bed linen regularly is extremely important. Not only for protection, but also to maintain your own feel-good factor. How often you should change your bed depends on your sleeping habits. To ensure healthy sleep, you should generally change your bed linen, including sheets, every two to three weeks. If you sweat a lot, we recommend changing your bed every week.

Feng Shui in the bedroom: How do I position my bed correctly?

For a restful sleep in the Feng Shui style, it is best not to place your bed next to or in front of a door, otherwise the incoming Qi flow could “attack”. If the bed is in the doorway, you should place appropriate furniture, such as a nightstand, dresser, or stool, between the door and the bed. There should also be a solid wall behind the bed to build and maintain a strong, protective energy around the bed. To prevent cold feet when you get up, we recommend a fluffy carpet or runner in front of the bed.


Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone