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The bedside table: Stylish storage space in the bedroom

Bedside tables may be small, but they are the most important of the side tables. In addition to beds, pillows, mirrors, armchairs and stools, a nightstand is simply great in the bedroom. So if you don’t have space for lavish sideboards or shelves, feel free to opt for a night console. This is ideal for a bedside lamp or books – and offers additional storage space for all kinds of accessories thanks to built-in drawers. In addition to a beautiful bed, you simply need a suitable table!

Bedside tables in many designs on TUKA

The designs of chests of drawers and bedside tables are as varied as the different furnishing styles for the bedroom. Maybe you particularly like a model made of beech? Or is glass more to your taste? A narrow bedside table can be integrated particularly inconspicuously; one in high-gloss white is also suitable for modern furnishings. This reflects a simple design, which can create a calm ambience in the bedroom. It’s your choice! However, always consider the look of the bedroom when making a purchase decision.


Do you have a lot of space in your bedroom? Then a nightstand is a great way to create storage space next to the bed. Especially if it is to be placed next to a box spring bed, you can use larger models. This way you create a harmonious balance with the massive bed frame. White bedside cabinets are popular because they still appear airy.

Bedside table

The designer bedside table is the classic version of a nightstand. Modern bedside tables in bright or metallic colors are particularly popular at the moment. A bedside table in gray also goes well with a modern interior, but a black bedside table looks a little more special. It is an eye-catcher and can be nicely decorated with colorful home accessories.

Night console

If there is not enough space, an alternative is to use a night console that is attached to the side of the bed. This gives you some storage space for an alarm clock or a lamp. The table is simple and not exactly large, but the night console still offers enough space for an exciting crime novel and a pack of tissues.

The storage space in the nightstand

With drawers, shelves, cupboard doors or simply and elegantly in the form of a side table: bedside tables come in different shapes, with different amounts of storage space – perfectly designed for your personal needs!

Tips for the correct height of the bedside table

A bedside table right next to the head of the bed should keep everything easily and conveniently within reach, but it must be at the right height for this to happen. The height of this piece of furniture should be measured by the height of the bed, because that is where you are when you want something from the bedside cabinet.

Ideally, the height of the nightstand should be adjusted to the height of the edge of the mattress. If the bedside table is higher, you run the risk of bumping into the edge or corner at night and injuring yourself. If it is lower, you may not be able to get to everything without having to get out of bed.

No matter whether white or black, puristic, classically elegant, in high gloss or solid wood, playful and romantic or individually built – a bedside table should not be missing in any bedroom and should not be neglected when decorating.

With silver picture frames from your loved ones, stylish flowers such as an orchid or lovingly and classically with a statue or candles – there are no limits to your imagination, so you can add an individual touch to your bedroom.

Bedside tables for different interior styles

Whether it’s a bedroom, children’s room or baby’s room: there are no limits to your imagination when it comes to furnishing it. When it comes to design and color, you should make sure that your nightstand matches the color of the bed and does not take up too much space in width. A bedside table that is 30 cm wide has proven to be ideal. This size offers enough storage space and is still inconspicuous. If you find it difficult to decide, a nightstand in white is a good choice. Such bedside tables can be easily combined with other pieces of furniture.

Vintage bedside table

Vintage feeling! If you don’t get your piece directly at the flea market, you can also find great vintage-style bedside tables at TUKA. Maybe even on sale! A round bedside table with drawers is particularly suitable for this style of living.

Retro nightstand

A retro bedside table is great for an individual style. The furniture is particularly popular as side tables with just one drawer. Many of the designs can be found as bedside tables in oak, wild oak and solid wood – similar to dining tables or desks. They are robust and yet perfectly reflect the retro style thanks to their soft shapes. A model in brown can be easily combined with leather accessories.

Industrial bedside table

If the bedroom is furnished in an industrial style, you usually have two options for a suitable modern bedside table: Firstly, boxes or wooden chests can be perfectly converted. If the chest then appears to be placed “as if by chance”, the industrial look is perfect. On the other hand, a simple, small metal bedside cabinet makes an ideal contribution to the overall effect and fits seamlessly into the cool loft look next to showcases and cupboards.

Shabby chic nightstand

While vintage actually describes a piece of furniture from a bygone era, shabby chic merely imitates the used look. A country-style bedside table is particularly popular in this design. Even if you have a modern or classic bedroom interior, a bedside table with a shabby chic look goes well with straight-lined styles.

This should not be missing on your bedside table

Night consoles should not only fulfill a functional task, but also have a decorative function in the bedroom and children’s room. Beautifully decorated with fresh flowers or a few picture frames, the chest of drawers also becomes a calm eye-catcher in any room.

One rarely comes alone – practical bedside tables in a set

One table isn’t enough for you? Then take a look at our selection of bedside tables in a set! The tables in the set can be decorated as a pair or used individually. A small bedside table usually complements a larger one in the set.


Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone