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Dining room furniture: Our dining room selection is special

  • Would you like to redecorate your dining room? At TUKA you will find dining room furniture for every taste. Design your dining room with our it-pieces individually according to your ideas.
  • Of course, a wooden stool will do, too. But if you like to sit longer at the dining table, you need comfortable dining room furniture. Find your new interior with us for a convivial evening with family or friends.
  • Our dining room furniture suits many living styles – from the industrial look to the country house style – and immediately brings warmth and charm to your dining room. Get inspired.

Furnish the dining room tasteful, stylish, and comfortably

Dining room furniture is sometimes the most important furniture in an apartment or home. After all, the dining room is the focal point of any social gathering. This is where family and friends come together to eat, drink and celebrate. It is all the more important that this place is comfortably and stylishly furnished so that everyone feels comfortable.

Our exclusive selection of dining room furniture

There is a wide range of dining tables to choose from. The different versions are based on personal taste, but also depend on the size and type of room. In our exclusive selection you will find everything you need in the dining room:

Dining room tables

The dining table is the heart of the dining room. It is not only the place where family and friends gather, but also a design element that sets the style of the room. Choose a dining table based on the size of the room and the number of people who will regularly be seated at it. Whether you want a classic dining table made of rustic solid wood or a modern glass table, you can let your wishes run free if you have enough living space. If you have a little less space available, you also have many options for designing the dining room. A bar table with a stool is an ideal alternative for small spaces. The narrow bar table takes up little space and a matching bar stool completes the seating area. If you want, you can even set up a small bar – and you’re ready for the next house party.

If dining room furniture cannot be oversized for reasons of space, a dining area is a good way to make perfect use of the available space. A small table combined with a corner seat fits perfectly into the dining room without cluttering up the space. The best thing about it – corner benches and corner tables are absolutely trendy!

Dining chairs

A dining table rarely comes alone: Most of the time, a decision is made for a whole dining group. This means that the dining table is coordinated with the dining room chairs, which creates a nice, uniform look. You can also be a bit braver when choosing your chairs: If you combine the materials of the table and chair in different ways, you can make the table a very special eye-catcher. The style of your dining room furniture is rather modern? You can create a nice contrast with a classic armchair or a comfortable upholstered chair. Modern cantilever chairs go perfectly with solid country-style dining room furniture.

Dining room benches

A bench seat is also a good alternative for space-savers: It not only takes up little space, but also creates storage space. Decorated with cushions and upholstery, benches become cozy eye-catchers.

Sideboards and chests of drawers: Functional elegance

Dining room sideboards and chests of drawers are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offer practical storage space for dishes, table linen and other items. Choose a sideboard to match the style of the dining room. Wood finishes add warmth to the space, while modern designs with glass or metal add a touch of sophistication. Use the surfaces to present decorative elements such as vases or picture frames.

Complementary furniture for the dining room

The dining table and dining chairs form the focal point of the dining room. To give the entire room more homely flair, you can create a cozy overall concept with chests of drawers, sideboards, cupboards and showcases. Things that are not needed every day disappear into the drawers and favorite items are skilfully staged. There are even matching dining room furniture sets that combine furniture of the same style, providing storage furniture to match the table and chairs. If you prefer it more modern and individual, you can mix different materials and colors – there are no limits to your interior flair.

Ideas for your interior design – cozy flair in the dining room

For your family and guests not only enjoy to sitting in the dining room, but also to stay seated for a long time, the table should be good, the chairs comfortable and the lighting pleasant.

Furnish a small dining room

For a small dining room, furniture that is flexible comes in handy. Foldable pieces of furniture are just as much a part of this as an extendable dining table. Particularly practical are benches on wheels, which can be easily stowed away under the dining table. Equipped with soft XXL cushions, the seating area will quickly become your favorite place in your home. Light colors on the walls make your dining room look much larger. With a dark carpet or a black shelf you create a great contrast that increases the depth of the room even more.

Furnish a large dining room

Do you enjoy the luxury of a large dining room? Terrific. Each guest can sit comfortably at a rectangular table. Upholstered chairs with armrests exude a modern flair and are simply heavenly comfortable. Basically, you can let off steam completely when setting up your dining room. To ensure that cosiness is not left behind, you should pay attention to appropriate furniture and a structuring of the room! A long dining table fills out your space proportionally better. Oversized pendant lights also put your dining room in the limelight and can easily unfold their full effect.

Decoration advice from our interior experts:

Circular tables fit perfectly into small apartments and niches. With colorful, upholstered chairs and a modern pendant lamp above the table, you can conjure up a cozy dining area. Very important: Above all, the lighting should be glare-free, warm and dimmable.

Dining room furniture for different living styles

Regardless of whether wood is to dominate the dining room furniture or whether the modern variant is preferred, there is the perfect look for every dining room. Which furnishing style do you choose?

  • Dining room furniture in a country house style: solid wood furniture with playful details and beautiful upholstered chairs dominate here.
  • Scandinavian dining room furniture is mostly simple and functional without a lot of frills, for example bright benches or modern stools.
  • Modern dining room furniture in white is based on current trends, for example benches with imitation leather, rocking chairs with fur pads or simple sideboards.
  • Puristic furnishing in the dining room means little frills, for example a simple dining room furniture set combined with a modern light source.
  • Retro-style dining room furniture: vintage furniture, round dining tables and shabby-chic sideboards make retro hearts happy.
  • Those who like it rustic should opt for solid wood, corner benches and heavy sideboards.


Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone