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Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone!


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Discover chair models for every room and purpose

Chairs are part of the basic furnishings of every home and are indispensable when eating at the table. Whether for stimulating conversations in the dining room, for dinner together in the living room or for working in the home office: chairs have to meet different requirements. At TUKA you will find a large selection of different models with top quality:

  • Height-adjustable office chairs or desk chairs
  • Swivel chairs for the dining room
  • Modern cantilever chairs
  • Armchairs for more comfort
  • Space-saving chairs for small and narrow spaces
  • Comfortable upholstered chairs

Timeless or unusual design: chairs to match your interior style

First and foremost, chairs should be comfortable. But of course the optics also count. By choosing chairs that match your furnishing style, you create a harmonious overall impression in the room. Metal chairs, for example, look particularly cool thanks to their elegant look with a natural shine. They fit just as well in modern rooms as they do in luxurious homes. For the popular Scandi chic or rustic country house style, wooden chairs in white or natural are in great demand. The natural material brings warmth and coziness to the room. With upholstered chairs made of velvet, however, you can stylishly enhance a modern interior.

In our guide, our interior experts introduce you to the most beautiful designer chairs from our TUKA Collection. This way you will definitely make the right purchase decision.

Advantages of different materials

It’s not just the design that varies between chairs. The material of the seating options couldn’t be more different. Here we give you a brief overview and name the respective advantages:

Genuine leather: Leather chairs prove to be particularly durable and robust. The material also looks elegant and can be combined with almost all furnishing styles.

Faux leather: Chairs made from faux leather are also beautiful. Visually, the material can now keep up with real leather. In addition, artificial leather chairs are considered easy to care for and are significantly cheaper.

Wood: Durable and environmentally friendly – these are just two of the many aspects that speak for chairs made of wood or solid wood. The natural product is available in different types of wood (e.g. beech, oak, etc.) and goes well with a Nordic-style interior.

Metal: Metal chairs are great for furnishings in an edgy industrial style. These impress with their stability, durability and elegant appearance.

Upholstered chairs: Chairs with soft upholstery invite you to linger and give every room a cozy ambience. They are also durable and easy to care for.

How do I choose the perfect chair?

Chairs consist of a seat and a frame. All other components of the piece of furniture offer enough space for different design options. However, in order to buy the perfect chair for your own four walls, you should pay attention to the following things when searching:

Number of people

Of course, only one person can sit on a chair. That’s logic! However, when buying a chair, you should keep in mind the number of people – namely the number of people at the table. In fact, the design of the chair depends on this. If you have a lot of space at the dining table, you can choose expansive models with armrests. However, if seating options are limited, you should ideally choose narrow chairs with a classic look to make sensible use of the space. You should plan around 60 to 80 centimeters of width per seat. This means you and your family or guests don’t have to sit too closely.

Purpose of use

When buying a chair, the intended use is equally important. If you only want to buy the chairs for the breakfast table in the kitchen, plastic models that can be easily wiped clean are ideal. However, if you also plan to use the chairs for special occasions, we recommend a comfortable (usually upholstered) design that you can sit comfortably on for a longer period of time.

Table height, width and shape

When shopping for your new chairs, also consider the respective table height, table width and table shape. This is important if you want the chairs to be flush with the edge of the table, for example.

Space available in the room

Similar to the number of people at the table, the aspect of the space available in the room should not be underestimated. Narrow chairs such as cantilever chairs are ideal for small dining areas. Make sure your new chairs can be pushed under your dining table. This makes the room appear larger and not cluttered. In a large dining room, lush swivel chairs with armrests or heavy leather models create a cozy atmosphere.

Chair height

In order to enjoy a cozy dinner, it is important that the chair dimensions match the height of the table. As a rule, the height of chairs for the dining room is 46 centimeters. The higher the chair, the easier it is to get up.

Chair upholstery

Chairs with padding prove to be particularly comfortable and bring warmth into the room thanks to the soft surface. However, since things can occasionally go wrong when eating, we recommend using a special cleaning agent for cleaning. This allows small stains to be removed in no time. Using a textile freshener from time to time is also recommended.

Arm and backrests

Chairs with practical armrests are perfect for tired arms. These not only support your back muscles, but also relieve the strain on the shoulder area. Armchairs combine the advantages of space-saving chairs with the comfort of an armchair.

Buy chairs as a set or individually?

If you decide to buy new chairs, you can not only buy them individually, but often also in a practical set. The latter is ideal if you want a uniform look for your dining room, living room or kitchen. Chairs in a set are a good choice, especially for a classic interior. Of course, you can also combine individual chairs in different designs. This creates an individual look that harmonizes beautifully with a living style in natural boho chic or nostalgic retro style.


Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone