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The dining table: The heart of the dining area

At the dinner table we eat, laugh, read, work and learn. Since this table is the starting point for numerous activities in every home, it should be selected accordingly. In our guide you will find all the important information about purchasing.


The optimal length, width and height of your dining table

First of all, the size of the table is based on the number of people who sit at it every day. The golden rule is: Comfortable sitting together guarantees a width of 60 centimeters per person. With a large dining table measuring 200×100 cm long, there is space for up to three people on each side. If there is another person sitting at each end, an additional 40 centimeters must be allowed for! For eight people, the ideal table length would be at least 260 centimeters. Regarding the optimal table height, the following applies: A classic table has a standard height of between 70-80 centimeters. These ensure sufficient legroom. To ensure that this is also possible at the top, adjust the seat height of the dining chairs accordingly.


Dining room tables made from a variety of materials

The material is also an important aspect when choosing your dining table. You can choose between different colors. The color is largely determined by its materiality, which has a decisive influence on the character. Discover the most popular materials at a glance below:

  • Natural & changeable: Dining room tables made of wood & solid wood create a homely and comfortable ambience in no time. The type of wood largely determines the effect of the piece of furniture. Light wild oak and oak wood are suitable for modern furnishing concepts. The darker acacia wood, on the other hand, is particularly robust and ideal for retro looks thanks to its elegant grain. If the dining table is painted black, it will be a special highlight in your dining room.
  • Puristic & elegant: Glass dining tables appear avant-garde and modern. There is limited space in the dining room, but a small dining table is not enough? Glass tables are elegant classics and impress with their airy look. Due to their transparent surface, they are reserved, which is why they harmonize with a wide variety of furnishing styles.
  • Durable & easy to clean: Plastic dining tables are easy to care for because they have a smooth surface structure. They are also durable and weatherproof, which is why some plastic tables are also used in the garden. From the dining room table in white to the model in strong black, plastic models offer a wide variety of surface designs.
  • Luxurious & robust: Models made of metal and stone are robust and a must for glamorous dining rooms. Marble dining tables with fine-lined metal frames have become new classics. They impress with their exciting marbling, which makes each piece unique and therefore all the more valuable.


Multi-functional dining table: Many possible uses for the table

Eat, work, laugh and entertain – the dining room table acts as the central hub of your home. This can be placed in the kitchen, in the dining room, living and dining area, in the winter garden and in the separate breakfast nook between the kitchen and living room. Together with matching dining room furniture such as stylish dining chairs, harmonious decorations and atmospheric lighting, a room with a high feel-good factor is created. Some table models also surprise with useful additional functions. The extendable model also offers space for additional guests; a large dining table with a drawer accommodates kitchen utensils and cutlery for everyone present.


Maintaining the dining table: tips & tricks

The dining table is used regularly, if not daily. It is therefore all the more important to care for it according to its materiality.

  • Wooden table: Rub your wooden table with appropriate care oil, let it absorb and then rub the surface dry.
  • Glass table: Clean the glass surface with a little lemon juice, which not only removes dirt but also grease.

Tip: Tablecloths not only look beautiful, but also offer extra protection for sensitive table surfaces.

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Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone