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Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone!


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Lightening: Bring stylish light into the dark

In a radiant way, lamps not only create a cozy atmosphere, but also bring flair and style to the room. The ideal lamp offers sufficient light and enhances every room with its design. Depending on where they are used in the home, different versions of lights should be used for different living spaces.

The right lamp for every living area

Find the right light for every area of life with us. Whether it’s a recessed spotlight, hanging lamp, mirror light or floor lamp – let our large selection of different lights in many beautiful designs convince you.

Which lamps are suitable for kitchens?

In the kitchen you need bright basic light for cutting, frying, cooking or baking. Modern designer lamps such as spots with halogen lamps or spotlights that illuminate the workplace with a focused beam of light are suitable above the worktop. Pendant lights are a good choice for the kitchen table, with dining room lamps in black being particularly popular.

Bathroom lamps: Which lights provide an even and flattering light?

A good lamp is a must in the bathroom, especially if the bathroom has no windows and therefore no natural light. In addition to spotlights or ceiling lights, you can often find mirror lights and clip-on lights that do not require drilling holes in the wall or tiles. Bathroom lights should be able to withstand high humidity – a criterion that is otherwise particularly important for outdoor lights such as balcony or garden lighting. For this reason, such designer lamps are often made of metal.

Living room: Which lamps create a warm and cozy atmosphere?

The living room is an important room in family life. In addition to beautiful furniture, the lighting in particular ensures coziness. The right lamps and lights make or break the room effect and atmosphere. Therefore, in the living area, care should be taken to ensure that bright background lighting, for example in the form of an LED floodlight, and pretty accent lights work together in a balanced manner. A multi-flame chandelier is particularly popular here. On the other hand, a pendant light is ideal above the living room dining table.

Bedroom lamps: Which lamps produce a calming light?

The bedroom is a place of peace and relaxation. The principle of basic lighting in combination with individual highlights also applies here. Wide, weakly radiating ceiling lamps or wall lights are preferred here, as they really guarantee comfort. To find the right outfit in your closet, we recommend special closet lighting or a bedroom lamp on the ceiling that illuminates the entire room.
Other important players are small light sources such as bedside lamps, delicate floor lamps or clip-on lamps that create a diffuse glow. Ideally even in different light intensities or colors. Daylight lamps with LEDs can also be pleasant in the bedroom, as they create a very natural ambience and thereby increase the feel-good factor.
Also choose similar components for a children’s room that create a pleasant and inviting ambience. Accessories such as a night light make it particularly easy for your little ones to fall asleep in the evening.

Office lamps: Optimal light for bright minds

Another room that should definitely be adequately lit is your office or home office. Depending on the layout and cut, hanging lights or wide ceiling floodlights make sense here. A desk lamp looks nice on your workstation or a designer lamp next to the wall shelf. This creates an atmospheric and productive atmosphere with little effort.

Which lamps are suitable for outdoor use?

If you are currently planning lighting for the outdoor area and the facade of your home, we can recommend additional light sources here. Recessed lights with motion detectors in particular not only make the driveway and access to your house look even friendlier, but also increase the security of your property. For additional information and requirements, you should contact an expert at this point who can help you with all components and requests.

Good lighting in every situation

A mix of direct and indirect light is required in your living area. That’s why ceiling lights can usually be found in the room, which are complemented by table and floor lamps, such as dimmable arc lamps. Designer ball lamps placed on the floor provide a cozy glow that can be turned on in the evening while watching TV, for example.
Ceiling lights with a color changing function are particularly popular, as they always present your rooms in a different way. When it comes to lamp colors, neutral tones such as white, gray and black are way ahead. But colorful lamps are also conquering more and more interiors. Above all, the living room lamp in brown, like the trendy rattan lamp, which can be easily integrated anywhere! It looks warm and cozy and can be easily combined – for example as a complement to black living room lamps or lamps in a vintage design.
Ceiling lights
Ceiling lights are the ultimate classic. A pendant lamp, a ceiling spotlight or a recessed spotlight provides sufficient light throughout the entire room – in contrast to floor lamps or designer lamps for the wall, which often only illuminate certain parts of the room.
Table lamps
Table lamps create pleasant lighting conditions and, thanks to their attractive appearance, are a wonderful decorative element for the bedside table in the bedroom or the chest of drawers in the hallway. Desk lamps also always look good.
Floor lamps
The floor lamp not only provides better visibility, it is also a decorative accessory that you can use to accentuate your living area. With their innovative designs, the lights become an artistic eye-catcher in every room.
Wall lights
Turn your wall into a real piece of jewelry and showcase it stylishly with a modern wall light made of concrete or wood. Wall lights are the ideal lamps when there is little space for an opulent hanging light but you still want to create optimal lighting.

What energy-saving bulbs are there?

Due to growing environmental awareness and the EU ban on light bulbs, energy-saving lamps have established themselves as an obvious solution in recent years. No wonder, because they bring unbeatable advantages, such as a long service life and very low power consumption with savings of up to 90 percent.
LED lamps: In addition to their longevity and energy efficiency, LEDs offer powerful light at all times.
Halogen lamps: When purchasing, make sure that you choose the correct base type. Halogen lights provide natural, almost daylight-like lighting, which makes them still very popular, although they have been in limited supply since 2018.
Energy-saving lamps: With the so-called compact fluorescent lamps you save a lot on electricity costs, as the old light bulbs have a proven higher consumption. In addition, energy-saving lamps convert electricity much more effectively, have a longer lifespan and do not get hot when in use.
Seasonal & festive lighting: There are also suitable lights for special occasions. For example, during the Christmas season, when atmospheric Christmas lights are indispensable. But beautiful solar fairy lights are also an ideal addition to the garden and balcony in the summer.


Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone