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Armchair: Stylish seating with an extra comfort factor

Armchairs are all-rounders that enrich every home: as a style element, feel-good place, practical seating or storage. Of course we would like to have them in every room. Why not? Because the comfortable models are now available in many different designs, so that they match all furnishing styles – or deliberately stand in contrast to them and thus become a centerpiece. Whether as an exciting solitaire, an addition to the sofa or a comfortable recliner: It is definitely worth thinking about a new design armchair for your own home.

Which armchair is the right one?

Do you just want to let go and relax? Then our upholstered furniture is just right for you. Thanks to its high level of comfort, you will certainly find it difficult to get up and go to bed, you would prefer to fall asleep right there, it is so comfortable on your new favorite spot. In addition to their functional advantages, our armchairs also impress with their pretty designs and unique colours. However, finding the right model for you is not always that easy. For better orientation, we have put together an overview of our variants for you:

  • Wing chair: A popular classic with comfortable headrests on each side.
  • Lounge chair: Here you can relax and linger. Comfortable armrest, spacious seat – make yourself comfortable!
  • Armchair bed: Space-saving way of offering your guests a comfortable place to sleep.

Are you looking for an extra large armchair? In our guide, our experts introduce you to the popular large armchairs. In the event that you only have little space in your own four walls, we recommend you the 5 best armchairs for small rooms.

Find the right armchair material

The right form has been found. But which material fits best into your own home and your own style of living? Our interior experts have a few tips for you:

  • Leather for the vintage look: Fancy a little journey through time? If you like retro, a Biedermeier-style leather armchair with curved legs and well-upholstered seats should not be missing in the living room. But the chic pieces of furniture are by no means conservative, reissued in the trendy leather version, they look very modern and at the same time antique-stylish. It’s also great by the fireplace and you quickly dream of other times!
  • Rattan for that special flair: Hanging in the apartment or on the terrace, rattan armchairs also lend a retro flair and are reminiscent of the popular colonial style. The swing is soothing after a long day, and children can also enjoy the peace and quiet in a hanging wicker model. Tip: For outdoor use, as with other garden furniture, it is essential to use a weather-resistant material.
  • Velvet for glamorous interiors: absolutely trendy and so cozy. You just have to fall in love with pretty velvet armchairs. By the way, velvet works as a nice contrast in combination with other materials. With a side table made of metal it becomes elegant!
  • Plastic and textile – true classics: Whether wing chair in the living area, sleeping chair in the guest room or executive chair in the study – fabric chairs are always an eye-catcher!

Find the right armchair for your living space

In the living room, upholstered armchairs ensure cosiness, in the bedroom they are converted into storage and in the children’s room as a place to cuddle, read aloud or play. We’ll tell you which models work best where!

 Living room

The living room is the core of our home – especially in modern apartments and houses, in which the living and dining areas are combined and flow into one another. This is where we get together with family and friends or enjoy a bit of me-time. Preferably, of course, completely relaxed! And that’s where the lounge chair comes in, which works well both as a TV chair and as a complement to the sofa. Best of all: With stools and side tables, you can quickly put together a small relaxation corner with lounge character with this upholstered armchair.

If you want the look to be more elegant, a glamorous shell chair offers a stylish change. Visually, this opulent, upholstered chair invites you to immerse yourself – and always reminds us a bit of vacation by the sea. If comfort is your top priority, a recliner or sleeping chair with a stand-up aid is a good choice. This seating furniture serves as a compact alternative to sofa beds and is considered the most comfortable of the armchairs.

Tip: To create a calm overall picture, match the color of the new armchair to your carpets and the other furniture such as sofas, tables and chairs. A model in gray is particularly timeless and can be easily combined and styled.


In addition to beds, wardrobes and chests of drawers, armchairs have become an integral part of the bedroom for many. Here they are used as a reading chair, as a shelf or as an alternative to the chair at the dressing table. In the bedroom, models with fabric covers are particularly popular, as fabrics such as linen or velvet radiate more warmth than, for example, imitation leather. Another advantage of fabric: the large variety of colors and patterns! This opens up many possibilities for your upholstered chair. And because the bedroom is usually furnished in a rather reserved way, you can create a real wow effect there with an extravagant designer armchair.


There are now special children’s armchairs for even the smallest favorite people, which are tailored to the size, temperament and design ideas of the offspring. Depending on the age of the child, pay attention to the durability of the materials and the color scheme when buying. A children’s armchair in timeless natural colors, for example, can be a loyal companion for years. With colorful cushions or a patterned blanket, it can be presented in a new way again and again. As an alternative or in addition to the classic armchair, children love crumpled beanbags that you can simply fall into. Tip: As an outdoor version, the beanbag is particularly robust and can even be taken into the garden or onto the balcony!

This is how you style your armchair to match your style of the living room

If you rely on a timeless a designer armchair, you remain particularly flexible. Because with a few accessories or other accessories, such as side tables, newspaper holders or a pouf, classic armchairs can be restyled again and again. With just a few simple steps, you can start the respective season or follow a certain furnishing style and interior trend. For example, are you a fan of the ethnic look? Then put decorative cushions with bobbles and fringes on your new favorite spot! Decorative cushions with velvet or satin covers plus cashmere plaids in muted colors such as grey, beige or cream go well with a classically elegant home. Let your creativity run free and become the designer of your new favorite place with a comfortable armchair and a few extras!


Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone