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Tips for purchasing your 2-seater sofa:
Measure the space you have for your 2-seater sofa beforehand: Depending on the shape of the backrests, the height of the sofa and the depth of the seat, the dimensions and therefore the space that the sofa takes up can vary.

Think about what requirements you have for your new two-seater sofa, for example an easy-care fabric or a special design.

If you want to give your 2-seater a little more comfort, you can create additional seating and storage areas for your legs with footrests, stools or poufs.
Two-seater sofa: Small sofa with great seating pleasure!
2-seater sofas are perfect, especially for small apartments, guest rooms or teenagers’ rooms or to match a living area. As the name suggests, there is enough space on the couch for two people because it offers a wide seating area but does not take up too much space at the same time. Nothing stands in the way of a relaxing evening watching TV. We will help you choose your new favorite seating furniture and reveal what you should pay attention to when buying.
The advantages of 2-seater sofas
2-seater sofas are cozy and cozy and therefore ideal for couples, for example. But it doesn’t always have to be lovers or married couples. Friends or siblings also like the closeness and feel really comfortable on a chic 2-seater sofa. A single person, on the other hand, can comfortably put their feet up and read a nice book. You can place the comfortable and space-saving furniture anywhere, not just in the living room. Maybe you like to spend time in your large kitchen-living room? Or is there a cozy veranda where you can relax from everyday stress? Use the new 2-seater to create an oasis of calm in your home.
The advantages of a 2-seater sofa at a glance:
The 2-seater sofas take up little space, but offer enough space to sit comfortably.

If you want to complement your existing living area, a 2-seater is the perfect option: you can choose a different material or color than that of the living area.

If you combine individual sofas such as your 2-seater sofa with a 3-seater or 4-seater to form a set, it appears less bulky and compact than an L-shaped or U-shaped sofa. You can also arrange the parts however you like.
Our selection of 2-seater sofas
If you prefer clear lines and furniture without frills, you will find your favorites among the modernly designed sofas. The couch can be very simple and box-shaped. The two-seaters appear a little lighter in their curved shapes with high legs. Minimalist models are almost reminiscent of chairs. Nevertheless, they are comfortable and comfortable. You can use these lighter couches for arrangements that you want to move around more often. On some models the cushions can also be removed. This makes cleaning easier. This should always be done exactly according to the included care instructions so that the cushions retain their shape.
Basically there are the following types of 2-seater sofas:
with removable back cushions and/or side cushions
as Chesterfield sofas with decorative button stitching and round armrests
as a sofa bed that can be folded down, with mattresses that can be pulled out or with a bed box
with relaxation function or adjustable backrests
as a daybed
Velvet sofas for the elegant vintage look
Retro sofas with round backrests without upholstery
Which type of two-seater couch you ultimately choose also depends on the intended purpose. You will find the right model for every room and every need on TUKA. In our buying guide, we introduce you to five sofas that are perfect for small rooms and also give you helpful tips from our experts.
Find the right material for your 2-seater sofa
When it comes to materials for your new sofa, you can choose the right one from a wide range: you are spoiled for choice between leather, imitation leather or fabrics made of cotton, linen, microfiber or velvet. Each of these materials has its own specific advantages and properties.
Here you can find all the important information at a glance:
Textile: Easy to care for, soft, warming, flexible
Velvet: Trendy, cuddly-soft, many color variations, elegant
Faux leather: Easy to care for, authentic leather look, cheaper than real leather
Leather: Robust, easy to clean, durable, high quality
Rattan: Light, stable, durable, unusual

Regardless of which material you choose: If you want to enjoy your small sofa for as long as possible, you must follow the respective care instructions. For example, you can protect leather sofas from dirt with special impregnating agents. In the event of mishaps, textile sofas can usually be cleaned easily with a soft cloth, a little warm water and a suitable care product.
2-seater sofas in many colors
You can find our 2-seater in a variety of designs. What immediately catches the eye are the antique-style sofas with curved backrests, quilted upholstery and delicately turned legs: the Chesterfield sofas. They are reminiscent of Rococo style furniture and their wonderful opulence invites you to relax. At TUKA you can order most sofa models in different colors. The romantic 2-seater looks simply stunning in pink, light green, turquoise or delicate purple. They go perfectly with an interior with white shabby chic furniture. For the daring, such a sofa can also be set up as a contrast to a modern ambience – yellow or purple, for example, set striking accents. If you prefer subtle furnishings, you can choose a 2-seater sofa in gray, beige, brown or black – classic and timeless. If you choose a white 2-seater couch, you should think carefully beforehand about how much wear and tear the seating furniture will be subject to, for example from pets or children, because the light color is extremely sensitive. Ultimately, when choosing a color, the only thing that matters is that you feel comfortable with it.
This is how you can combine your 2-seater sofa
With the right accessories and furniture, the 2-seater sofa becomes the perfect overall concept. Maybe you have a specific style that you want the sofa to match. Or you create a conscious contrast and break the prevailing style. You can further enhance the desired effect with additional accessories. Such home accessories are not just visual accents, but also invite you to spend a cozy time.

Create additional seats:

Floor cushion

The perfect storage:

Side tables
Coffee tables
Serving trolley

Where does a 2-seater sofa fit?
Whether as additional seating or as a focal point in the living room: think carefully about where you will place the 2-seater to achieve the perfect effect. Places in cozy corners and in front of the television are popular. If you own a house, a stylish 2-seater in the reception area or on a landing would be a nice idea. If you then have a view of the greenery or a well-kept terrace, everything is perfect. Sofas with robust covers that are easy to clean are suitable for a kitchen-living room. This means you can enjoy the beautiful sofa for a long time. As a sofa bed or sofa with sleeping function in the guest room or study, it does not take up too much space, but is functional at the same time.

Combine the 2-seater with matching armchairs and sofas from our range. On the detail pages for each product we show you further variants of the corresponding furniture series. Here you can also choose the color and material of the covers. In the preview you can immediately see how the furniture looks in a different color.

3 sophisticated looks with a small sofa
These three looks can be perfectly staged with a 2-seater sofa:

To create the “50s glam” in the living room, 2-seaters with a retro look, for example made of velvet and with curved backrests, are perfect. The smaller two-seater sofas are particularly popular with rounded backrests such as kidney sofas, as they are generally a little heavier to place in the room and against walls and, as 3-seaters, often require a lot of space. It’s best to combine accessories in pastel colors and add retro accents with Sputnik lights and other vintage favorites.

Do you like the pure look? Then style your new 2-seater couch in the “Natural Scandi” style. Here comfy meets clean, a light beige or white sofa is mixed with natural materials such as rattan, linen and fur. Perfect for living rooms that are not very large or have little light.

If you don’t want your sofa to be the absolute focus of the room, for example in the bedroom or entrance area, create the “Cool Gray” look. To do this, choose a 2-seater sofa that is not too expansive in terms of the width of the armrests and the depth of the seat. The cover is made of fabric, and gray is a subtle color in the background. With a few matching accessories in subtle beige or pastel tones, the look is perfect.

Special style tip:
Our 2-seater sofas conjure up a cozy atmosphere even in small rooms. Add a pouf in a matching color as storage space and seating!


Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone