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The sofa bed: design and functionality combined

Whether it’s a small apartment in the city or a cute little house on the outskirts – we often don’t have endless space in our home. Multifunctional furniture such as sofa beds are created precisely for such living situations. Stylish seating during the day, a comfortable bed with enough width in the evening – a sofa with a sleeping function is a real all-rounder. But pull-out or folding sofas are not just a real asset for small rooms.

The sofa bed variants at a glance

Sofa beds are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and heights. From the compact sofa bed as a futon, to the convertible ottoman , to large L-shaped versions: choose what suits you and your home. Whether it’s a 2-seater, 3-seater or corner couch with sleeping function, depending on the space available and your needs, we have the right sofa for your home in our diverse range.

Small sofa bed

For smaller apartments or narrow rooms, 2-seater sofa beds with a sofa core are the perfect solution. During the day a pretty couch that invites you to sit and relax, in the evening the functional sofa can be transformed into a comfortable bed in just a few simple steps. Alternatively, there are folding guest beds that can be folded into a sofa bed measuring 160×200 cm or 140×200 cm. If you really have little space at home, there are our futon armchairs with bed function: when folded, they are only barely a meter wide and fit perfectly into every corner. The seating area can quickly be folded out into a single bed for spontaneous overnight guests or long-term sofa bed sleepers.

XXL sofa bed

Sofa beds measuring 140×200 cm or larger are particularly popular because they offer space for several guests to stay overnight. You can choose between a comfortable box spring couch or corner sofa beds, which go well with a living area, for example. Particularly practical: A corner sofa with a sleeping function usually has storage space under the corner part, which can be used for pillows and blankets.

Extra tip: A so-called permanent sofa bed is the ideal solution for cute 1-room apartments. Here you can relax during the day and conjure up your bed in the evening with just a few simple steps.

Find the right fabric cover for your sofa bed

When buying, it’s not just the choice of model that matters, but also the type of cover. On the one hand, personal taste naturally plays a role, but on the other hand, each upholstery material has its own special properties.

Here you can find all the important information about our materials at a glance:

  • Fabric: Many sofa beds have fabric covers, usually made of woven fabric, because this material has a decisive advantage – it is particularly easy to care for. At the same time, fabric sofa beds are soft, warming and usually fit well into the living style.
  • Velvet: The soft material is absolutely trendy and looks particularly elegant. If you are looking for an eye-catcher, there is a large selection of color options for velvet sofa beds .
  • Faux leather: If you like an authentic leather look but perhaps have a smaller budget, faux leather is a great alternative to real leather. This cover is also particularly easy to care for.
  • Leather: Leather is probably the classic among couch covers. And not without reason: the material is particularly robust and durable. Investing in a leather sofa bed is definitely worth it.

You’re right: sofa bed upholstery

After you have decided on a suitable fabric cover, you now need to find out which upholstery suits you best. There are basically three different types of springs that can be used for your couch:

  • Cylinder spring core: Individual springs are connected by spirals, creating a comfortable suspension.
  • Bonnell spring core: The slightly better version of the cylinder spring core. The sofa bed with bed box and Bonnell spring core reacts to different loads. The higher the pressure, the harder the seat becomes.
  • Pocket spring core: Box spring beds are unnecessary because their elasticity and adaptation to the body are particularly high. Each feather is individually packed in a bag. The bags also prevent noise.

So that the springs of the sofa bed with mattress cannot be felt when sitting and sleeping, they are covered with foam. Mattresses with spring cores relieve the strain on the spine and quickly return to their original shape when no one is lying or sitting on them.

Sofas without a spring core are usually lined with foam or have a spring base. If you don’t want a spring core for your sofa bed, you should pay particular attention to the density of the foam and a spring base.

Cold foam is very popular because it adapts to the body. However, seating and lying depressions can occur because the foam cannot bring itself back into shape. This is why a foam mattress needs to be replaced sooner than the spring core version.

Sofa bed functions: to fold out or pull out, with or without bed box?

The sofa can usually be converted into a bed in just a few simple steps – there are different variants of the mechanism. There are sofa beds that can be folded out or pulled out, lying areas with a box or sofas with slatted frames. We provide an overview of the advantages of the different models:

  • Fold-out sofa beds: The simplest variant is a folding sofa, where you can simply fold the backrest backwards to create a large lying area.
  • Sofa beds that can be pulled out: Another model is the pull-out sofa, in which the seat is simply pulled forward and the backrest is lowered at the same time.
  • Sofa beds with a bed box: There are also special models with a box that offers additional storage space – blankets and pillows can be neatly stored here during the day.

Tip: In addition to the question of the type of mechanics, there are also differences in the structure of the seating and lying surfaces. Large sofas that can be pulled out often have a slatted frame and a full-length mattress – good for frequent use, as this shape is particularly comfortable. If the sofa bed is only used rarely, a model without rust is sufficient.

The right sofa bed for every living style

Regardless of whether it is a stylish faux leather sofa bed or an extra comfortable XXL couch , you can now find the sofa bed in almost every model and in every color. And thanks to the wide variety of styles and colors, it is now easier than ever to find your personal dream sofa. If you are still unsure which color you should choose, we have a few tips for you here:

  • Sofa beds in neutral colors: Sofa beds in soft nuances fit harmoniously anywhere. A sofa bed in beige , gray or black is perfect for those who don’t necessarily want the sofa to be the focus. A good choice, especially for those of you who like things minimalistic. Muted colors are ideal for rooms where the sofa should be in the background, such as a study or guest room. Pastel-colored decorative cushions and side furniture with chrome go well with this.
  • Sofa beds in bright colors: if you want an eye-catcher, you’re in the right place with a colorful one. Colored sofas create great accents in the living room: velvet sofas in jewel tones, such as emerald green, are very popular at the moment and are ideal for a retro look with a glam accent. Sofa beds in yellow and orange serve as a fresh kick for the interior and immediately spread a good mood. Your new sofa will stand out especially in the children’s, baby’s or bedroom.

Useful tips: Clean and care for the sofa bed

  • Vacuum your sofa bed regularly, especially in households with animals or small children.
  • If you have a leather sofa or models made of imitation leather, protect it against dirt and moisture with special waterproofing agents. Small stains on the leather can be carefully removed with leather cleaning products.
  • On some textile sofas, the fabric cover can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine. If this is not the case, gently dab fresh stains on fabric sofas with a light-colored, absorbent cloth; use a little detergent for more stubborn stains. Be sure to avoid excessive rubbing!
  • When using the couch as a bed, use fitted sheets or slipcovers to protect the sofa. Before you fold up the couch again in the morning, let it air out to dry out any moisture that may have arisen during sleep.


Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone