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Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone!

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Sideboards or TV benches: Stylish & practical storage furniture

Are you looking for a new storage option that also looks stylish? Then we have just the right thing for you! Discover the world of sideboards, TV benchses let yourself be surprised by the practical all-rounders.

Differences & advantages of the models

Different names and different features, but what is actually what? While the TV is usually displayed on a low board, you use high ceilings and walls with a highboard. Discover the perfect piece of furniture for your individual needs below.


Sideboards are narrow cabinets that are mainly used in the living room or kitchen. The classic chest of drawers has a minimum width of 120 cm and a maximum height of 100 cm. The width extends up to 200 cm, which gives you a lot of storage space. A narrow sideboard makes optimal use of the available space and still offers plenty of space for your things. Here you will find our living room sideboards.

Low boards or TV benches

The lowboard or TV benches have a width of 140 cm to 220 cm and a height of 25 cm to 50 cm. So they are lower than sideboards. The models offer storage space near the floor, on the surface of which decorative elements or the television can be placed. TV consoles often also have cable routing in the rear wall, which allows cables to be elegantly hidden and the overall picture to be organized and clean. Discover all lowboards.


The chest of drawers differs only slightly from the classic living room sideboard. The latter has doors, while a chest of drawers has drawers. New variants are now conquering the interiors industry, connecting drawers and doors. You can find our living room chests of drawers here.

High boards

The highboard is 100 cm to 130 cm higher than a sideboard and thus also has a larger storage area. They are often equipped with glass fronts, behind which you can present your service and accessories. You can also hide other crockery and table accessories behind closed doors. Discover all highboards.


A showcase is characterized by its glass front and is mostly used to present decorative accessories and objects. So here you have the perfect mix of useful storage space and exhibition space. Especially in the dining room next to the dining table and chairs you can store additional serving dishes or stylish glasses. You can find all showcases here.

TV benches and sideboards for your living space

A true all-rounder: the new sideboard for the living room. Here, the additional piece of furniture usually provides a little more space for your books, technology and additional decorative items such as vases or seasonal pieces. But you can also use the new addition in other places in the apartment.

In addition to the bed, wardrobe and mirror, the sideboard can now also become a real everyday helper in the bedroom! Here you can store foldable clothes, underwear or additional accessories such as jewelry or belts. And the fresh bed linen will also find a new home here.

In the hallway, a sideboard helps you to keep a mostly narrow area in your home clean and tidy. So arrange your shoes that you like to wear in everyday life. And you can also store other accessories such as scarves, hats or sunglasses. Extra tip: save additional space in the entrance area and choose a particularly narrow chest of drawers!

And you can also use your new sideboard wonderfully in the kitchen. Additional serving dishes and textiles such as tablecloths or serviettes can be easily stowed away. You can also serve a homemade treat on an etagere on the shelf.

Even a bathroom always enjoys a little more storage space for towels and cosmetics. Due to the high humidity, just make sure you use a robust material that can withstand the humid climate well. Sideboards made of plastic or glass are particularly suitable here.

Sideboards are real everyday heroes in the children’s room or baby’s room. Pack all the toys and bits and pieces that you don’t use every day into the extra storage option. Choose a solid wood like oak, which not only looks timeless, but also improves the room climate.

This is how you choose the sideboard & chest of drawers that suits your household

Are you looking for a suitable storage option, but you are not sure which sideboard or chest of drawers you should choose? Then we have a small overview for you!

First, think about where you want the new furniture to be. Would you like it freestanding in a narrow hallway or part of a wall unit surrounded by shelves? So first measure the space you want to plan.

Also determine what you want to store in the dresser or sideboard and what purpose it should serve. A low sideboard, for example, is suitable as a TV bench, and a high chest of drawers can even be used as a desk.

Stay true to your existing interior when choosing a color. This is how your new favorite piece fits perfectly into your home. Models made of wood or in neutral tones such as white, black or gray are particularly timeless.


Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone