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Outdoor Furniture in UAE

Buy The Best Outdoor Furniture UAE At TUKA Dubai!

If you have been looking for outdoor furniture that looks great, feels great and are available at a fantastic price, look no further! TUKA Dubai is the ultimate online destination for the widest range of outdoor furniture. From outdoor sets and garden furniture sets that create wonderful outdoor dining experiences and memories with family and friends that last a lifetime, to modular garden furniture that can be mixed and matched to create the perfect outdoor space, TUKA Dubai has it all. Whether you are in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, you can shop for your favorite products online in the comfort of your home or from the store.

However, there are a few things one must keep in mind when deciding to shop for outdoor furniture. Since garden furniture is going to be placed outdoor and will be subject to multiple weather conditions that could sometimes be extreme, it is important to look at how durable the build of the outdoor furniture pieces are. If there is a fabric element used in the outdoor sets, make sure the fabric is weatherproof and will not give you any trouble and can weather any storm. You will also need to check how much space you have in your outdoor area and decide on how you want to use this available space. Outdoor spaces can be designed to entertain friends and family, encourage children to get out of the house and play, or even to create a relaxing spot for some personal unwind time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Outdoor areas are full of unrealized potential and with the right designers, such areas can be transformed into the garden of your dreams! This is exactly where TUKA Dubai and the expert in-house design team come in.

There are a few factors one must consider when choosing outdoor furniture. The material of the furniture is very important as it must be able to withstand conditions like sun & high temperature, wind, mold, mildew & rot, rust & corrosion as well as be easy to clean and maintain.

There are a host of different options you can choose from for your garden furniture needs depending on the size of the space. TUKA Dubai has something for every space, whether it is a smaller apartment balcony or a large backyard, lawn or terrace. TUKA Dubai also has outdoor furniture sale from time to time so you can grab your favorite products at unbelievable prices too.

Here’s a look at the different products you can add to your outdoor space to transform it into the garden of your dreams:

Balcony Sets:

Balcony sets from TUKA Dubai are designed especially for smaller spaces and are a great fit for apartment balconies or any small outdoor space. These sets typically comprise of two compact chairs and a small table that’s just right to place your tea and snacks. With regards to the material of these sets, there are different options available like plastic, metal, wood and rattan. In terms of seating there’s cushioned upholstered seat as well as chairs that offer maximum support without cushioning, both boast of comfort and ease of maintenance.

Outdoor Sofa Sets:

Outdoor sofa sets offer ample comfortable seating for the whole family and are a great addition to outdoor spaces. Your garden is not complete without comfy seating and this is exactly what the outdoor sofas from TUKA Dubai offers. With different seating capacity options, durable build and stunning designs that suit the various design sensibilities of our customers, the outdoor sofa sets from TUKA Dubai are a must-have in your lawn, backyard, terrace, or balcony. Choose from fun and quirky stripes, stunning solids or vibrant tropical printed cushions that offer plush comfort while effortlessly making a statement. TUKA Dubai also offers Outdoor Sofa Sets that can be used as dining sets too making them a great multi-functional piece.

Outdoor Dining Sets:

Outdoor dining sets are perfect if you love to entertain friends or family over lunch, dinner or high tea. From two, four and six seater options to dining sets with built-in umbrella and foldable dining table and chair options, TUKA Dubai has something to suit everyone.


Swings are made for a relaxed lazing experience. You can sit and sway and feel the stress of the day melt away. With single, double and three seater options to choose from, you can decide whether you want a place for some alone time, a chill zone with bae or a family sway time.


Whether it is sunbathing by the pool or lounging with a chilled drink in the company of friends, TUKA Dubai has the perfect lounger for you. With vibrant colors and waterproof upholstery, the loungers are sure to grace your poolside effortlessly for many years to come.


Gazebos are the epitome of elegance and style. Apart from providing shade and privacy, Gazebos also enhance the look of any outdoor space. There are different designs, sizes and shapes of gazebos available at TUKA Dubai to cater to the taste and preferences of different customers.

Outdoor Umbrellas/Parasols:

If some shade from the sun while having your afternoon brunch is all that you need, then outdoor umbrellas are a great choice. At TUKA Dubai, we have sun umbrellas separately as well as umbrellas attached to dining sets that complete the look of an outdoor space.

Barbeque Sets:

Barbeque sets are a must have if you love to entertain family and friends over backyard barbeque get-togethers. You have the option to choose between portable barbeque sets that can be used in your outdoor space or carried along on camping adventures or stationary barbeque sets that can be installed in your outdoor space making you the perfect host.

Garden Ornaments:

Garden Ornaments effortlessly enhance the look of your garden while adding the finishing touch to a well put together space. Pretty planters, outdoor wall décor, hanging pots are all wonderful details that add personality and charm to an otherwise ordinary space.

Artificial Plants & Fences:

Not all of us are blessed with green fingers, which is why artificial plants are the next best thing to have. Owing to how lifelike they look, they give the feeling of being close to nature while being super easy to maintain. Fences aesthetically add privacy to your outdoor space.

Kids Play Equipment:

Kids deserve a space in their home that they can enjoy and have fun in. Playing outside is known to have several health benefits like improved motor and cognitive skills as well as getting their daily dose of Vitamin D from the sun. Aren’t these reasons enough to have a kids play area in your home?

Garden Lights And Lanterns:

Lighting is essential in any space in your home especially outdoors. Flood lights, landscape lights, pendant and bracket lights can all be used in outdoor spaces depending on the light requirement. Good lighting ensures that your garden is enjoyed even late into the night and not just during the day.

Artificial Grass Carpet:

Evergreen artificial grass carpet is one of the finest innovations in garden design in recent times. These grass carpets look like the real deal but is so much easier to take care of and maintain. Your garden will look green and wonderful irrespective of the weather conditions and with zero gardening skills. TUKA Dubai’s team of garden experts can use this grass to make all your landscaping dreams come true.

FAQs – Outdoor Living

Should I Buy Outdoor Furniture Online?

Whether you buy outdoor furniture online from the TUKA Dubai online store, make sure to do your research and choose the furniture that best serves your purpose and style. Buying online is the easier choice as you can easily browse through the wide range of products, compare prices and choose the one that you like the most while sitting comfortably at home. Be sure to measure the space available in your balcony, lawn, terrace or backyard and crosscheck it with the dimensions of the product you like, before making the purchase. This will ensure that the item fits perfectly in the space. For outdoor furniture to be used by the pool like poolside loungers, make sure to choose pieces with waterproof upholstery.

What Type Of Outdoor Furniture Is The Most Durable?

The type of outdoor furniture that is most durable in your area depends on the temperature conditions in the region you are in. Wrought iron furniture is generally the most durable as it has the heaviest frame. However, you will have to pay attention to clean and maintain it properly to avoid rust. Powder coated iron or aluminum furniture is more durable and easier to maintain as it is rust resistant. They could sit pretty in your lawn, backyard or balcony for decades to come without you having to worry too much about it. Considering that UAE is prone to heavy winds and sandstorms, it is always good to invest in good quality furniture covers to keep the dust at bay and increase durability when the product is not in use.

What Is The Best Type Of Outdoor Furniture?

When looking for the best outdoor furniture you will want to prioritize the following:

  • 1)Functionality: What is the purpose you wish to serve with the furniture that you’re buying?
  • 2)Durability: How often do you plan on using this furniture and will it sustain different weather conditions in outdoor use?
  • 3)Style: What kind of style or aesthetic do you want to create in your outdoor unwind zone?

Once you’ve decided on the above, you have to make sure that the material that the furniture is made of has a tolerance to heat, wind, and rain and is resistant to corrosion in order to use it for many years to come. Maintenance is also an important aspect to consider. Intricate detailing and cut work is elegant and wonderful in home interior but in outdoor furniture, this could be places where dust collects make it difficult to clean. Rattan is a material that is very widely used in outdoor furniture owing to its natural look. Rattan in itself may not be very durable but when combined with other elements, rattan pieces could grace your outdoor space elegantly for a very long time. However, wrought iron, cast iron, aluminum, and wooden furniture are also highly sought after for exterior décor.

How Do You Build Outdoor Living Space?

While many homes come with designated outdoor entertainment areas, not much effort is put into making it look pleasing. This is where the garden design experts from TUKA Dubai come in. Here’s how we go about building an outdoor living space:

  • 1)Laying the foundation: This means deciding on how you want your floors to look. Landscaping with a combination of artificial grass, natural stone, wood or other flooring options is the most sought after.
  • 2)Establishing functionality: Once the flooring is complete, we move on to adding the products as per the needs of the customer. Different customers use their space for different purposes and the designing is done based on the purpose. For outdoor entertaining, a bar or grill counter maybe added along with a dining set, bbq set and gazebo. For a place for the kids to enjoy, kids play equipment will be added.
  • 3)The final touch: The finishing touch is added using fountains and garden ornaments that make the space more inviting.

What Is The Best Garden Furniture To Buy?

While the best garden furniture varies from person to person and style to style, there are some pieces that are absolute must-haves. A charming garden can be created in just about any outdoor space in your home, whether it is teensy apartment balcony, bigger terraces, or sprawling lawns and backyards. The best garden furniture has to be carefully selected to suit different spaces beautifully.

Here are some of the must-haves for different spaces:

  • 1)Apartment balcony: Apartment balconies are usually smaller but it doesn’t mean you can’t unleash your creativity. Create an unwind zone in your balcony with a cute and cozy balcony set. You can even switch up the balcony set for a single seater swing to create your very own me-time zone. Add pots and planters with delightful greenery and an outdoor rug to complete the look.
  • 2)Terrace /Roof-tops: Terrace sizes vary from home to home. However, an outdoor dining set with inbuilt umbrella is the perfect choice to enjoy the open air during the day without squinting in the sun. For larger areas, you can even opt for an outdoor sofa set and a pergola for shade. Add garden ornaments and fountains to complete the look
  • 3)Backyards and lawns: There’s so much room for creativity in large backyards and lawns. Start with stunning landscaping using evergreen artificial grass. Create areas to entertain with a large outdoor sofa cum dining set under a gazebo and a stationary barbeque set. If you have children at home, dedicate an area to kids play equipment like trampolines, or swing sets.

Is Expensive Outdoor Furniture Worth It?

Buying furniture, whether indoor or outdoor, is an investment that you make for your home. However, it is important to know that expensive does not equal to quality, and at the same time cheap outdoor furniture Dubai doesn’t mean bad quality, which is why you have to do your research and figure out what kind of product, build and material etc. are the most durable. Unlike buying goods that are meant for a limited period use, furniture has to sustain years of use and when it comes to outdoor furniture, has to be subject to an array of different weather conditions too. Powder coated iron and aluminum as well as wooden furniture are known to stand the test of time. Shop during the TUKA Dubai outdoor furniture sale to find the best products in the best prices. They come in different price ranges and you can choose the one that suits your budget and style.


Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone