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Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone!

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Home Appliances:  Technology that makes life easier and more beautiful

Home appliances relieve you of the cleaning work, make cooking easier and provide moments of enjoyment. The electric helpers cover a wide range – from baking bread to washing dishes.

What types of home appliances are there?

Home appliances that should not be missing in the home

Basic Home equipment includes electrical appliances for laundry care. A washing machine is essential for washing clothes, towels, bed linen and home textiles effectively and efficiently. If you don’t have much hanging space, we also recommend a dryer. You can stack the devices on top of each other to save space. If there isn’t a lot of laundry to do, you can also buy a washer-dryer. With an iron you can straighten business shirts and blouses, trousers and dresses in no time.

Electrical appliances for the kitchen: cooking, cooling, enjoying coffee

In the kitchen, the refrigerator, oven and hob or stove are used to store and prepare food. Depending on the size of the Home and the space available, you can also get a freezer for storing supplies and a dishwasher. Thanks to a uniform furniture front, built-in appliances fit harmoniously and space-savingly into kitchen units. Small kitchen appliances such as coffee machines, toasters, blenders, scales, food processors and deep fryers are not absolutely necessary, but they make life much easier and more pleasant.

Cook and bake like a pro with kitchen appliances

High-quality kitchen appliances are a prerequisite for saving time when baking or cooking and ensuring that the food turns out perfectly. Food processors in particular are particularly practical as they are real all-rounders. A well-equipped kitchen is a real must for every hobby baker and passionate cook. Find out which kitchen appliances you shouldn’t be without from now on.

Kitchen appliances that belong in every kitchen

There are a few devices that make your life a lot easier and should definitely be found in every kitchen. These are the ten most popular must-haves for your home cooking studio:

  • Food processors: The absolute all-rounder in every household is a food processor. Whether for baking or cooking, food processors can be used in a variety of ways with different attachments.
  • Hand blender/chopper: With a blender you can puree soups, prepare baby food or create healthy smoothies.
  • Kettle: A must for every tea lover. The kettle can also be found in almost every household.
  • Mixers: If you don’t have a food processor, you can also use a classic mixer for baking.
  • All-purpose slicer: With an all-purpose slicer you can cut cheese, sausage and bread into perfect slices.
  • Toaster: Make your bread slices crispy with a toaster or quickly heat up rolls.
  • Coffee grinder: Easily grind your coffee beans yourself with a coffee grinder.
  • Pasta machine: For pasta lovers, the pasta machine is an absolute must.
  • Juicer: With a juicer you no longer have to go without freshly squeezed juice in the morning.
  • Egg cooker: This means you can always get your breakfast egg cooked perfectly to the minute.

Discover high-quality kitchen appliances from leading brands

Kitchen appliances from well-known brands and manufacturers have, above all, outstanding quality. The products also score points with trendy design elements. For example, kitchen machines with a high-quality and colorful retro look have been very popular for decades. A minimalist design of kitchen appliances is also well received and harmonizes perfectly with any interior style.

Comfortable devices for large Homes

If you live in a house or a large apartment, there is usually more storage space and space for technology. A grill or smoker is a nice addition to the terrace, and an electric grill to the winter garden. Mulled wine machines provide guests with hot drinks in winter, and an ice cube machine for cool drinks is useful at summer parties. You can transform your own home bar into a small private pub with a beer tap. Garden owners who grow their own fruit and vegetables benefit from automatic canners and dehydrators to preserve the harvest.

Time saver for families with children

It is easier to care for small children in the Home with electrical support. With baby bottle warmers and baby food makers, milk, porridge, etc. are ready quickly. For older children, warm cocoa can be prepared in a microwave in just a few minutes without burning. Steamers and juicers help to produce vitamin-rich food from vegetables and fruit. At a child’s birthday party or family brunch on the weekend, you can serve popular desserts as handy finger food using waffle irons, cake pop and donut makers.

Home appliances for gourmets and do-it-yourselfers

If you like to prepare certain foods yourself, you can speed up the work with special kitchen appliances. You can make crispy baked goods with the bread maker without the strenuous kneading of dough, ice cream with an ice cream maker without constant stirring, tea with a tea maker that is always at the right temperature and creamy dairy products with the yoghurt maker without additives. Pasta fans lovingly make fettuccine and other varieties themselves using a pasta machine. You can easily provide snacks for TV or game night with a popcorn machine and sandwich maker.

Table equipment for sociable evenings

On New Year’s Eve and other occasions, the meal can take longer. Then Home appliances that can be used directly at the table are practical for individually preparing delicious food. Fondue, raclette and a chocolate fountain for dessert will spoil you and your guests with culinary delicacies and are fun. Are you looking for something special? Then set up a cotton candy machine and bring fairground flair into your own four walls.

Sustainable Home appliances that can save energy

You can save a lot of electricity with cleverly selected Home appliances. A microwave is more efficient at heating and cooking individual portions than the oven or stovetop. The kettle heats up faster than the stove. A large amount of dishes are cleaned more ecologically in the dishwasher than by washing them by hand – as long as the machine is running fully loaded. In all cases, electrical appliances with a good energy efficiency class have the greatest effect when it comes to saving energy. You will find these identified for each product.

How do I use Home appliances efficiently and sustainably? 8 tips

  1. Place the refrigerator and freezer in the coolest possible place in the kitchen, i.e. not next to the oven or hob. Sunny locations are also unfavorable.
  2. Do not set the temperature in the refrigerators too low. 7 °C in the refrigerator and -18 °C in the freezer are sufficient.
  3. When cooking and baking, use suitable dishes or molds and, if necessary, lids. Use the residual heat by switching off the devices a few minutes before the end of the cooking time. Tip: Pressure cookers can save time and money.
  4. It’s better to cook large quantities at once rather than many individual, small meals. This makes better use of energy because the devices only have to heat up once. Freeze leftovers if your freezer is running anyway and there is still room in it.
  5. The circulating air mode in the oven requires lower temperatures than top/bottom heat. You can also use multiple trays at the same time.
  6. The dishwasher’s Eco program works at a lower temperature and thus saves energy.
  7. Always load the dishwasher and washing machine full before running them. You can read the maximum filling in the operating instructions.
  8. Avoid using standby mode on home appliances such as the coffee machine, but rather switch them off completely. With power strips, this can be done quickly and easily using a toggle switch.


Making a beautiful home accessible to everyone and anyone