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Separate the open kitchen from the living room: Best 8 ideas

Eat-in kitchens or open kitchens are becoming increasingly popular when designing an apartment. After all, there are many advantages such as more comfort and sociable moments with loved ones. Nevertheless, sometimes it makes sense to separate the open kitchen from the living room. The smell is often the main focus, even if new extractor hoods hardly produce any odors. But visually, demarcation often makes sense. We will therefore show you 8 beautiful ideas for your kitchen planning, with which you can cleverly separate the kitchen and living room from each other. Much joy!

If the size of the room allows it, a kitchen counter is a wonderful option for demarcation. At the same time it offers a nice communication element. A kitchen counter visually separates the kitchen and living room from one another without making the kitchen part seem completely isolated. On the contrary, the area looks more inviting, as there is room for a lot of people at the counter – even while cooking.

seperate kitchen living room ideas

Especially when converting old houses or apartments, living spaces are often merged by tearing down walls. In order not to risk the stability of the house, steel beams can then be pulled in to support the load. It is also a great and stylish idea to partially demolish an old wall and expose the old brickwork, if there is one. A unique eye-catcher and room divider at the same time!

A fairly simple way to separate the kitchen and living room areas is to set up a shelf as a “wall”. High and wide shelves provide good privacy and at the same time offer a great place for kitchen utensils or cookbooks. A nice idea to gain additional storage space in the kitchen! Despite everything, it doesn’t give the impression of a completely isolated room, as you can still take a look through or around the bookshelf. That’s why this type of room separation is very comfortable.

Color contrasts or different materials for the floor are great for dividing an open space into areas. While the living room often has wooden floors or laminate with a wood look, the kitchen area shines optimally with stylish tiles . The advantage: Both visually separate each other perfectly and the tiles are particularly easy to clean in the cooking area.

This variant exudes a beautiful lightness. By only covering part of the passage between the kitchen and living room with wooden slats , the open character is perfectly preserved. And yet the living area and kitchen are visually clearly separated from each other.

Pure lightness and an elegant overall look – this is what room separation with glass doors ensures. Models with black metal rungs are particularly popular. They are reminiscent of old factory windows and the rough charm of old workshops. A great eye-catcher, especially in spacious living and dining areas!

Sliding doors made of glass are just as stylish and particularly practical . They are narrow and take up hardly any space. However, smells don’t come through. They can usually be installed later without much effort.

half-height wall sets clear boundaries, but still allows views and does not completely block off the kitchen. It also creates a visual highlight and structures the open floor plan a little. This creates more comfort and peace in both the living room and dining room.

A window element with hanging plants, a trellis or a shelf with plants – this green version conjures up a charming urban jungle touch in both the kitchen and the living room. Absolute trend! Dirty dishes or untidy work surfaces disappear perfectly behind it and guests are offered a magical eye-catcher.


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